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  1. Ok, I have done the tests. All 3 do not immediately induce the sound. I'm quite certain that the sound is very random, and comes on regardless if the 3 is on or not. Could be my mind playing tricks but the frequency of the sound increases when water is being used. I climbed up and put my hands to the pipe (circled in red). I noticed that before the sound come out, the pipe would vibrate slightly with a soft gurgle. I'm 90% certain that the sound is coming from the pipe of the water tank or the water tank itself.
  2. It is a 2 year old Ariston.. I called the contractor.. he say he can take down the water tank, and we can see if the noise is still there.
  3. Ok will do thanks for the advice. Will report back..
  4. Yes, but the noise also comes on when no water is being used at all as well.. Does this indicate that it is from other unit?
  5. This is the difficult part. I can't! It happens on its own perodically, but I think it happens more frequently after the taps are used. It could be just my brain playing with me though. I don't know where the sound is coming from, it happens too quickly for me to follow the sound..
  6. Thanks for the reply. I found a hand soap dispenser that can replace the kitchen spray..
  7. Hi just did my reno, and to my dismay, the kitchen fridge is only 1 cm away from the oven. The contractor didn't give enough allowance. I called the fridge salesman and he said it is fine, but I can't help but feel worried. What are your thoughts on this? Should I bring war to the contractor or just live with it?
  8. Hi all, need your expertise to this. My toilet is making a weird honking sound. The sound comes randomly. Sometimes once every minute/few minutes, sometimes loud/soft, sometimes when I on the taps/didn't turn it on. I just did my reno and retained the water tank. Before the reno, there was no such issue. The contractor doesn't have a clue what is wrong. I have uploaded a video to youtube. It is around the 6 - 7 second mark..
  9. Hi all I need some advice on kitchen bidet spray. For the kitchen, I did an undermount sink with quartz countertop. I bought my sink and tap from taobao and it came with a free kitchen bidet spray. The contractor drilled 2 holes, 1 for the tap and another for the spray. Unfortunately, the bidet spray can't be secured as the quartz is too thick for the screw to be screwed on tightly. The groove is covered by the quartz so the screw can't be tighten.. I asked the contractor to make the quartz thinner underneath but he refused to.. Are there any shops in SG that sell a kitchen bidet spray? i don't need another tap..
  10. Update: The reno was supposed to finish before christmas. Unfortunately, now we are nearing new year and it is not done yet. There are alot of minor problems that came up along the way. Main ones were: 1) There is a strange horn sound coming from the toilet every once in a while. ID says it is either the water tank or the neighbours' taps. Still unsolved. 2) We bought a sink from taobao, which came with a kitchen spray. After drilling a hole in the quartz, we realised it is too short to install as our sink is undermount. ID sourced a soap dispenser to replace it. We haven't tested it yet, but hopefully it will fit. 3) Minor issues with paint and carpentry work. ID says these will be rectified by 29 Dec. 4) The kitchen light cover broke. ID says when the workers opened the box, it was already broke. Spoke to taobao about it and we bought replacement covers. 5) The MBR toilet wall tile. One tile is sunken in as compared to the rest. ID says it is due to the cement that the tiler used. He volunteered to change it, but we opted not to as we didn't want to drag the reno longer. It is a minor issue that we can live with.