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Blink Wireless Home Security CCTV - Completely WIRE-FREE!

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Protect your home and loved ones with this innovative home security CCTV camera. Super-easy to install - no hacking, no messy wires and no trunking needed. Best of all, it is cheaper than the cheapest CCTV system you can find at Mustafa.

And it is so much better too. The camera is HD quality so videos are crystal clear. It records sound too, which is crucial for evidence gathering. Best of all, it has a bright LED light that tells any potential intruder that they are being recorded so they would think twice before trying anything funny.

How it works:
1. When the CCTV detects motion, the bright white LED light comes on and the camera starts recording.
2. Homeowners will get an instant alert on their mobile phone.
3. Open the mobile application and view the recorded video instantly.
4. You can download the video for safekeeping or even share the video online instantly on social media.

What are you waiting for? This totally wire-free CCTV is suitable for:

1. Homeowners who work during the day, leaving their homes empty for large chunks of the day.
2. Those going on holiday and wish to secure and protect their home.
3. Those who want to protect their homes at night from any burglary.
4. Those looking for a good and affordable CCTV
5. Those looking for easy to install CCTV.
6. Those who do not want hack or run wires across their home just to install a CCTV.
7. To check the home or the kids when you are at work.
8. Business or shop owners who want to monitor their premises.

This CCTV is made using US technology so it lasts longer than those made in China. 

Best features:
- Totally wire-free. The camera has no power cords. It runs on normal AA Energizer batteries that you can buy everywhere.
- Because it is completely wire-free, you can place it anywhere, even at hard to reach corners with no power points.
- Monitor your house from anywhere. Just use the mobile app on your phone and see live video from your CCTV.
- Built-in FREE LED intruder deterrent light
- Comes with FREE wall mount to securely hang your CCTV anywhere.
- Guaranteed to work in Singapore.

Other CCTVs in the market don't even have half the features of this innovative system but they cost so much more. Protect your loved ones. 

Get one today for just $299 nett. No GST and FREE DELIVERY islandwide!

Why you should buy from me:
- FREE delivery
- FREE setup
- Personally tested this CCTV system for my BTO flat

Get yours now just in time for the Chinese New Year Holidays. PM me if you are interested.







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