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Avoid Aircon Arena -- They damage WALLS

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Helping a friend share bad experience with Aircon Arena when aircon servicing. Cross-posting from original post at Hardwarezone. with pictures




I've used Maxicool before about 2-3 times. they are good and efficient and so far their pricing seems reasonable. only downside is that they are usually quite full and need to book them quite a few months in advanced.

recently I had an aircon leak problem in my master bedroom, tried to get Maxicool but they were already fully booked and can't help me this time round. I went with Aircon Arena based on good online feedback on FB but it was a nightmare working with them.

they are more expensive than most companies that I've used ($200 compared to usual market rate $100+) and they were very rough with the aircon. they even crack my wall of the master bedroom where the leak is and didn't bother to patch it up.


they only came back 2 days later to patch it because I complain and the aircon was also less cold than before the service. the technician who came to patch it did such a slipshod work that I will probably need to get it redone at some point and the aircon was not colder after the service.

This is their idea of patching my wall...


They also did not vacuum the aircon (which is standard service right?????) that was left dirty and disgusting even though vacumming was included in their package. When I ask the technician why they didn't vacuum, he actually said "I no need to vacuum because I BLOW away." Professional, right?

for both trips that they made for the servicing and the follow up, they change the appointment timings a few times during the day of the appointment and still end up coming late for both appointments. at the end of the day when I wanted to leave them a feedback on FB only to realized that they block me for leaving a feedback. I really wonder why...


anyways, for my next servicing which will be soon because this recent one with Aircon Arena is a total waste of money, i'll probably go back to Maxicool

my 2c worth...






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