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We applied for BTO in 2013 and we were expecting to collect our keys in Q2 2017. Despite the long wait which we could have started brainstorming for reno ideas, we procrastinated: (i) wedding prep seems more exciting, (ii) we dont look forward to research abt tiles.etc. So definitely at the beginning of 2017, we were feeling jittery abt having to start planning for our reno! 

We started to look at various websites for inspiration and pinterest is definitely one of them!


Our pinterest boards shared between hub & me.

We started out wanting our home to have the Scandinavian feel...minimalist as well. We contacted about 10 IDs and contractors to meet up to discuss our plans and to see how much they quote us for what we wanted. After meeting IDs and contractors, we were burned out. It's really tiring to meet especially after work in the east (we stayed at the extreme west of sg) and to repeat what we hope to achieve for our home to each and every IDs/Contractors that we arranged to meet.

Some IDs seemed genuine and easy to talk to, while some...perhaps because of the many good reviews they have received, they came across as arrogant and doesnt provide any rooms for nego for their price. One of them didn't follow up with us at all after the meeting :wacko:

After discussing, we decided on Jade Cham from The Local.Innterior - (i) The quotation was comparable with other IDs, (ii) i have a friend who had contracted them for her house and she strongly recommend them for their great carpentry work, (iii) Jade was prompt in replying to our emails (iv) we seen her designs and love it and last but most importantly, (v) we spoke the same frequency...she was able to relate to what we wanted for our home and provide many suggestions to improvise our ideas. So we signed the contract with her in March!

On the day of signing the contract, we started to discuss about the table top materials for the 3d design! *EXCITED*


so while waiting for our key collection, we went pinterest to look for inspiration. One of the crazy ideas we had was to have a service yard basin! Subsequently, we also shifted from scandinavian designs to nordic designs! We also decided to switch from vinyl to wood grain tiles! THANKFUL for this decision...although tiles are more expensive than vinyl, but it is more durable and especially when we have gotten a new pupz..it was a decision we didnt regret!

Prior to key collections, we had many discussions with Jade on the types of design we wanted and we also went for tiles shopping tgt! Tiles shopping can be a headache! And so glad that Jade was with us to help us shortlist the tiles that fit our home style.

On our part, we also try to visualize our home using the 3d app and working out what we wanted for our kitchen carpentry. 
Furniture shopping at Castlery, Taka, Taobaoing our furnitures (e.g. basins, lights, bedside tables). Jade also send us the 3d design and we were really impressed!



Choosing our tiles with Jade

Fast forward...we collected our keys in July and we were so excited to enter our new home! Jade came down to do defect checks with us.


Key collection day!


Jade helping us with defects checking!

And BSC settled within 2 weeks. RENO STARTS! I shall let the photos do the talking!


Tiles delivered on the day when reno started!


Kitchen wall hacked!


Alt MBR wall hacked!


MBR toilet tiles!


MBR toilet tiles laid :)





Mortars up!


Efficient tiler laid the whole house within 3 days! Loving our wood grain tiles!


View from main door with cardboard laid to protect our tiles!


Aircon installation


Carpentry discussion! We were so glad that the carpenter who is working with Jade is so capable and provided expert advice to us on what we should/should not fabricate for our kitchen, shoes cabinet and wardrobe! The discussion went for hours cos' carpentry is not as direct as it seems to be! There were many considerations and so glad that Jade highlighted some practical issues we need to take note of!


First layer of painting!


MBR wall with taobao light :)


Carpentry up within 2 days! Concealed bomb shelter with settee


Painted pipes and hidden away!


Requested from Jade that we wanted to fabricate this for our jewelleries!


too excited hence we visited at night to check out the carpentry :D



Glass screen up!



Kompacplus table top


THIS IS SO USEFUL! Service yard basin to soak clothes as we didnt want our toilets to be filled with pails!



Settee with led light


Built in plug to store & charge our dyson vacuum 



Guest room toilet! 


We converted the original MBR to a wardrobe & study area


Pull out mirror


Study table with led lights installed


MBR toilet!




Overall, we were really satisfied with our new home! I'm in love with both of our toilets. One of our initial discussion with Jade was...to make the toilet don't feel like a toilet. I'm kind of a clean freak...so i wanted our toilets to give off the cozy feel as well. It felt surreal that we have moved in to our dream home! 

I thought i should also add this here. When i went to look up on reviews about Jade before signing contract with her, I came across a negative review about her. It kinda made us contemplate whether to engage her but we thought to be fair to her, we should clarify with her although it was a bit awkward to bring up the issue. I must say...we are so glad that we hear her side of story and went ahead to engage her. No regrets! Jade was really devoted and professional in making our dream a reality. Thankful for the advices given to us and her candid feedback esp when we chose furnitures/decors that deviated from our home style hahah. Jade took the extra mile to assist us in many ways, for instance making extra trips (at no extra costs) to help us install our taobao loots. Greatly recommend their carpentry workmanship as well! Although there were minor hiccups, Jade helped us to resolve them all immediately and we don't have to worry at all! Jade also constantly update us about the reno progress with photos! 

SO GLAD OUR RENO JOURNEY IS OVER :) ALL THE BEST TO THOSE WHO JUST STARTED!  If you have any questions, feel free to ask, we are more than happy to help :) 



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