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Troubles with Overlay Toilet wall tiles and Air Con Piping

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I bought my air con from MDS and the air con guy that came fixed the pipe in the main BR toilet in this manner.

We are overlaying the toilet with wall tiles, so he said there are 2 choices.


Choice (1): As attached in the image, the overlay of the wall tiles will meet the air con pipe, and not go under it.

In this way, if the air con pipe is gone, I can see the original HDB wall tile.


Choice (2): Install a white casing over the air con pipe, and the have the overlay wall tiles underneath the white casing.


My main contractor, who is doing the overlay of the toilet, said it might look ugly.

And I believe he hasn't done it before.

We are also not sure whether he would do a good job since he hasn't done it before.


Anyone went for this approach of using the overlay of wall tiles to slightly over up the sight of the air con pipe?




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people hide their air pipes under their shower curb, so i dont see why you cannot hide it behind tiles. Inf act, why not hide it totally behind cement and tiles? I dont think there is any reason for you to remove the aircon pipe, since it is only for the draining of water?


If oyu want to go for 2, you can paint the white casing to a color that matches your tiles so it blend in and will not be so obvious.


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