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After seeing the frustration to get a good and keeping the damage low is a quite challenging thing I've decided to share my journey with you all.  As me and my wife doesn't want to take a bank loan, so we decided to keep within our budget which is around 20k.  I've gone to a few ID before choosing the finale which I settled off with. I didn't have a specific theme to go with me as y'all if you want probably a modern resort theme then you have to splurge more right. We just want something clean and simple. The first firm I went to was some random ID office around my parent's area. I expected something from HDB area their quotes would be much cheaper compared to more "brandy" firm. But to my surprise, it was kinda out of budgets even we are not doing flooring. The second contractors we went to, WOW a huge mistake, the first meet up everything was normal he even design suggested how we should design our living area, themes etc so on and so fore. Definitely was hoping for his quotation as we click quite well and seems knowledgeable but one thing we have to consider that he's a one-man show and there is no showroom only images to illustrate, (of cause la, there are always pros and cons in everything). We wait UP TO TWO WEEKS but still haven't received any quotation or calls from him??? We even leave a message a few times but come to think of it we wouldn't wanna give someone who is so irresponsible to handle our house right? We were planning to get our house done asap as my wife will due in late July, early August and we make a really fast decision after we found the "budget" and someone who could understand our needs. So finally, we have decided to settle down with this ID that I came across, why do I choose her?

Firstly, I feel that an ID should understand your situation, honesty, and be daring enough to voice out opinion and the after-sales service.

Well, I happened to come across her email and decided to leave her mail (I mean like no harm of comparing rates and proposal ), after emailing her a copy of my floor plan and l listed a few items that I need to do basically are windows grill, kitchen cabinet, wardrobe less than a week, approximately within 4 days she have come back with proposal which is within my budget). So we decided to do a meet up to discuss in detail and finalize everything. The first time we met her was near my area, she has come up with 3 proposal that includes layout plan, ceiling plan and carpentry work everything was very detail. So to make our home a more cozy environment she suggests we can do some cove light at ceiling area (warm white) to make the environment feel different. I will attach a few photos below. All the "needs" for a house will be done within the set budget. 


Carpentry work for kitchen, 2 bedroom wardrobe, ceiling, box up DB, feature wall and console. I think her rates are affordable and her service. 

We are thankful to have appointed her as our designer for our new home, What impressed us, other than the designs which go without saying, is the understanding, patient and accommodating manner in handling demanding and meticulous customers like us. Renotalk-3.thumb.jpg.f52b151a17da2202a93fc26b6f523cad.jpgRenotalk-4.jpg.d1d1a866d3d289d8885aef4f199d8f65.jpg


I shall end my short post here. If you're keen to know more or have any enquiries you can drop me a mail at chandraashwin89@gmail.com

I will update once everything has been completed. 


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