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Review - Smart device that every home owner should own (Igloohome Mortise)

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As a new home owner, i was on the hunt for smart locks, looking for an upgrade to traditional locks. All i wanted was keyless access since i'm super forgetful and have the tendency to lose my keys. 

I came across this gold mine while hunting for cheap smart locks,  the igloohome mortise. Definitely an upgrade to the traditional lock. Why?

1) It has a total of 4 modes of access - Bluetooth keys, access PIN, and RFID tags and stickers. (RFID tags are basically tags that you can use like hotel key cards, you tap it and enter your home) 

2) Product works offline, which is perfect for my home, since we live in a cluster terrace and our main door is at basement level, meaning it doesn't get any Wifi connection. So any smart lock that requires wifi connection wouldn't work for me. Another plus is that since it works offline, is that there is greater security!! it is less prone to getting hacked over the internet.

3) My family doesn't have to worry about losing keys anymore. Previously, my kids and I lost many many keys and we had to get a lock smith to change our locks which is a HUGE hassle. But now keys are a thing of the past. With this new smart lock, I can create PINs and Bluetooth keys remotely through the igloohome app. My wife prefers to use the access PIN while my 2 kids use Bluetooth keys.

4) I can check whenever my kids come home. I always worry if kids get home on time from primary school, but now i can check if they've reached home as the app sends  notifications when they enter. That's a life changer for kan chong Singaporean parents like us. 

5) One time pin. Really comes in handy when someone needs to enter the house but no one's at home. I have a cleaning lady that comes every week to tidy my place. I'm able to create a one time pin for her which works for a specified period. The best part is i don't even have to be at home to let her in!

6) CHEAPER than most global brands like epic, Samsung and Yale! (definitely a plus) Besides, if you'd like to support local brands, igloohome is a start up from Singapore :) 

I am a strong advocate for this product as it definitely improved the quality of life for me and my family and i highly recommend it to all homeowners (old or new)!


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