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Application of outdoor flooring in impressive exterior design and unique

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Execution of outdoor flooring is an extremely hot trend in modern exterior design. It brings the difference with a completely new and eye-catching space. Outdoor flooring will be indispensable material in the architecture.

The use of materials in exterior space design is also an art. This requires the architect to carefully select the elements to be harmoniously combined. And outdoor wood flooring is a great choice. It makes a point in a beautiful picture. With outstanding advantages, wooden floor is a creative application in the design of outdoor space and garden landscape.
In exterior design, materials such as bricks, granite are too familiar. However, they are very limited in creating the break and novel. With outdoor decking, creativity does not seem to be limited. Outdoor spaces feel softer, cooler and more impressive thanks to the use of wooden flooring. The rest is how we will apply this material in the designs.
Wood Flooring - Improving living space

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Currently, construction of outdoor wood floor is used a lot in villas, beautiful resort as dream. From materials to colors, wood floors meet the strict requirements of works requiring aesthetic.

Outdoor wood floors bring warm, warm space

As soon as you set foot in the garden space outdoor flooring application, you will feel completely new. No hardening of brick, stone, concrete. The soft, cool and close to being here. The soft color of the wood floor is harmonious with the grass, flowers and leaves will bring you feel relaxed in the soul. With creative decor, you can create an impressive living space.

Application of outdoor flooring in garden landscaping design

The garden corridor is designed as well as an art. Entrance to the house is the connection space indoors with garden. It is also one of the important factors that make up the overall beauty of the home. Therefore, the need to select the ingenious design materials here.
With many advantages such as excellent resistance to weather, harsh, no warping, not warping, not fading. Using wooden floors for garden walkways is a perfect idea. It not only brings beautiful space but also is very friendly with people and nature around.

Garden walkways use wooden floors to create a break


Use of outdoor wood flooring in swimming pools creates a modern and luxurious space
The pool area is most affected by the environment, especially the water. The requirement for floor design here is to ensure non-slip, waterproof. In addition, the pool at the villa, the resort also requires high aesthetics, especially the luxury and modern. Parquet is a material that fully meets these requirements.
With the current production technology, outdoor wood flooring is a durable material, not affected by the weather. Usability is very flexible for us to be creative. Especially the color of the wood bring both the feeling is cool both close and friendly. In addition, the floor is not colorless when exposed to water.

Wooden flooring provides modern space

Application of wooden floor when designing garden fence

Parquet is produced in many different formats. From wood to box or sheet. So you can freely design your living space. It is not only used for flooring but also as a decorative material for garden decoration.
You will be fascinated with the fences around the garden made of industrial wood. Unlike concrete fences, iron or steel, fence designs from wooden flooring make it unique from color to space. This is the style of modern design is applied more and more in the exterior space.
The advantage of the wooden fence is that it removes rigidity, brings a rustic simplicity but no less luxurious. Especially it creates an open space close to nature, safe with people.

Wooden fence with unique impression
Applying wood flooring in the garden landscape design

The advantage of laminate flooring is that it can be applied flexibly in many cases. You will be surprised to know that this material is also designed by designers to decorate ideas to combine in harmony with the wood flooring, wood flooring walkway.
With small garden, wood floors are used to design flower pots, flower trusses, chairs, ... All create impressive space, romantic and attractive.

Wooden flooring is used in the design of flower basins, bowls
Currently, outdoor wood flooring is the first choice of investors. In addition to decorative purposes, wood flooring is also applied according to Feng Shui principles. It also contributes to g






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