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Fire Rated Door

11.11 Mega Promotion for Digital Lock and Mattress call 93919772 Serena

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11.11 Mega Promotion for Digital Lock and Mattress 📷📷📷📷
1Nov until 15 Nov 2020
Since everyone is asking about our 11.11 promotion we shall launch it early so customer who purchase previously will not regret 📷📷
11.11 Promotions📷📷📷
A)11% store wide digital lock discount with 1 year warranty + $111 voucher to purchase My President Mattress
B) Basic function digital lock (11 weeks warranty)📷📷
EPIC CARD Digital lock $211
Epic popscan fingerprint lock $311
Epic k70 card digital lock $411
Epic 8000l fingerprint lock $511
C) Purchase door and gate from $1111 with free digital lock 📷📷📷📷
D) purchase any door and gate and usual price to purchase epic popscan at $111 only with 1 week warranty 📷📷📷
E) purchase kato 3D gate at a discount of $811
Top up $411 to get the epic card lock
Top up $511 to get epic pro fingerprint gate lock
Top up $611 to get Keywe damian gate lock
With 1 year warranty📷📷📷
F) purchase my president mattress at 11% discount with purchase of any digital lock 📷📷📷
G) when you purchase my president mattress
Choose one below📷📷📷📷
Spend $11 for my choice super single mattress
Spend $11 for designer vacuum cleaner
Spend $11 for deposit safe
Spend $11 for bed frame with delivery
All these is to match the best price in the market also promotion does not stack up
Visit our showroom to understand more and we guarantee u the lowest price u can get during 11.11
Order Now and get it today 93919772 / 87188880 Serena (24/7) speak English and Mandarin
Call our Mobile Showroom 98440884 and we will drive to show you today 📷📷📷
Free Taxi Rebate (Twice the amount) with Any Purchase 📷📷
**** 1st Yishun Showroom (North) ****
2 Yishun industrial street 1 #05-10
Office: 93919772 / 87188880






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