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    We arranged to meet up with JJ to amend the details and colour tone. #1 Amendments: - change colour scheme/tone - change to black mirror for bomb shelter - added cutlery "pull out drawer" for the dining table - requested for re-designing of the TV Console/Display area - remove top cabinet for common toilet (previously was on top of the toilet bowl) - shift the wardrobe to a L shape layout - amend study table to house a tv console/feature wall Again.. whatever we discussed during the meetup wasn't fully "absorbed" Errors #1 found: - Overlaying of my MBR toilet tiles are omitted - Display cabinet @ Living still not able to display our lego despite telling JJ multiple times the dimension and number of lego we want to display the displaying of our Lego are a main concern, as we want to display these Legos below, therefore definitely need to factor in the space (height, width) and also designs: This is the biggest headache, the Lego Modular series. They need to be displayed side-by-side to create the "shophouse" / Street feel. It's because of this sets, We need fresh, creative ideas from our ID. If we can do it ourself, we would have looked for contractors on our own. There are more Legos, but we try our best to only display the bigger sets... Had no choice, but to schedule another meeting with JJ to discuss on what we want again.. #2 Amendments - re-design display cabinet to display Lego (AGAIN..) - colour scheme too dark and plain for our liking - swop the fridge and oven position as i prefer the fridge to be outside - re-arrange the MBR wardrobe layout - added bay window bay area - due to space constrain, will be using 3 seater sofa + window bay - amend the study table to be parallel to the window instead our 3D came out as below: Error #2 found: - not sure why my black mirror bomb shelter became chrome (i didn't mention i wanted chrome at all...) - Colour theme seems to be back to the #1 3D design, which is not what we wanted - display cabinet still not getting the feel we wanted, therefore have to re-design again. This layout is just too boxy and "standard" not that we are demanding... but if we are paying money to get interior designer to do up the design, especially for the Lego displays..can't they do something better? This isn't any designer worthy kind of work.. No choice. Had to schedule another meeting to discuss this again.