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    Had used the HCL89 from the http://hcl89.byethost10.com site before. I had an issue with my grouts from my resale flat where the grouts were black due to dirt. Tried using the above product and it managed to turn back my grouts back to the natural white grouts. Also tried to use the HCL89 on my kitchen backsplash tiles/grouts and it basically rejuvenated the backsplash tiles/grouts for me back to its original self The HCL89 product seems to work much better than others that i have used before and seems to have to have solved the stained tiles and grouts problem for me My 2 cents
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    I will never recommend anyone to use kerosene to clean anything as kerosene is extremely flammable and quite corrosive to tiles, there are much better products in the market
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    I don't think you can grind parquet from what i remember as parquet is basically wood, grinding it will cause alot scratches on the parquet
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    Had managed to use the HCL89 product from the http://hcl89.byethost10.com site. I used it polish some granite floorings i had in my living room. Previously my granite floorings had become dull over the years of usage but after using the HCL89, it had managed to repolish my granite tiles to their original lustre. Really extremely happy with the outcome of the product which had made repolishing my own granite tiles a breeze An easy to use product if anyone is thinking of doing any granite/stone polishing diy
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    You can clean the tile using some something called HCL89. I usually get it from http://hcl89.byethost10.com or http://hcl89.atwebpages.com What it does is that it cleans your wall tiles and also helps to create a protection for it so that always remains new. Hope this helps you out
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    Hi, can share his contact? i just got my house keys,do pm me
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    Look at the details of those who give positive reviews for Sky Creation. Purposely create a new account to comment and last visit after posting. Obviously these are fake accounts and I hope admin can at least do a clean up, otherwise just close this thread. FAKE REVIEWS! SCAM!
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    All reviews and photos look fake. Not trustworthy at all. Buyer beware!
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    Have you ever thought of doing some countertop replacement? Well, as strong as your countertop is, it will show some aging eventually. The surface may not be as smooth as when you bought it, scratches will show, burn marks will be left from burning pots, and so on. Furthermore, scratches will make your kitchen top prone to bacteria, so it’s not safe for foods and of course your children. Rather than risk your family safety, countertop replacement is one of the options that you can consider. However, before you replace your kitchen top there are some things that you need to take a note of. 1. CHECK FLOORING AND CABINET Before you start installing the new countertop, check your current cabinet and flooring whether it can hold the additional weight. Especially if your previous top is a plastic laminate countertop and you want to change to stone material. You can also consider to change or upgrade your cabinet as well when you decide to do countertop replacement. Better starts to replace it now and saves a lot of trouble in the future. https://www.renotalk.sg/kitchen-backsplash-material-glass-tile-cement-screed/ 2. CHANGE THE BACKSPLASH One aspect that some people forget when they want to do countertop replacement is changing the backsplash as it generally mounted on top of the countertop. You can try to find the backsplash that matches or have the same material with your countertop to make it look seamless. There are a lot of materials and ideas that you can choose from here, to help you create your perfect kitchen. 3. PLUMBING REPLACEMENT When you want to replace your countertops, take note of the sink as most of the time you need to replace the sink too, unless you have an under-mount sink. You need to change the faucet as well as it’s connected to the sink. So you need to take this into a consideration while replacing your old countertop. 4. YOUR OLD APPLIANCES If you care about aesthetics, which I believe you do, you might want to change your old appliances. However, if your appliances are quite new and still in good condition, you can still use that with your new tops. Only replace the one that not useable and not fitting the style of your kitchen. 5. SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE The last and most important thing is shopping with confidence with your trusted seller. Not every shop provides service for countertop replacement, or even if they provide, it may not the best service that you can get. Well, I can assure you that we here at Stone Amperor will be able to replace your old countertop and install the new one effortlessly. We also have a wide selection of countertop material and brands that you can choose according to your needs. You can contact +65 88163033 or email us at sales@stoneamperor.com.sg for more information. Our consultant will be more than happy to help you choose your perfect countertop.
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    I think you should still consider that marble flooring. With modern tech, I doubt it will stain as easily as it was stereotyped. Moreover, marble looks classy and elegant in your home too! Read more here: https://www.stoneamperor.com.sg/marble-floorings-pros-and-cons/
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    You can visit Ha Noi, Viet nam
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    Just as a dot symbolizes the very beginning of the design process, at First Dot Design we start with you, our customer. We believe in producing interior design work that is specially designed with your precise needs and wishes in mind. We endeavor to create interior spaces that not only match the design brief but also making a unique statement. All interior space has its own character & identity. We aim to create the best experience for all users of interior space. We believe in helping our client achieve their desired results through creativity not only in the design aspects, but also in how we manage the available budget and resources. In short, we commit to put our heart and soul into designing the dream home that matches your needs, budget, and lifestyle! Contact us for a discussion today First Dot Design Pte Ltd 3A Geylang Lorong 7 Singapore 388787 Email: enquiries@firstdotdesign.com.sg Tel: 6717-5885 (10am – 6pm) Mobile: 9338 2889 (24 hrs)
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    He also advertise his services in Carousell. This is him
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    Anyone can advice if stack 15, 16 and 20 are facing sky crack sha? From the balcony, can see the entrance of the condo but not the entrance to the car park.
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    I could use this for my future preferences, Thank you!
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    I don't normally give reviews, but to newbies out there. Please be careful of this interior design company, that they do not honour their deadline and not even complete the job although we have given them 3 months and a half. Patience is out for us. Very unprofessional, and this person who is called Leslie, always give empty promises to timeline. I want to have it recorded so anyone googles this company or this person, will not be victimised by it. Please don't be deceived by their attractive pricing, considering the outcome and consequences later. Pictures of my HDB apartment are the evidence for convincing you.
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    Starting my renov after HDB HIP upgrade. Going to try going direct with all vendor. After months of research, homework, asking for recommendations etc, phew, almost all done. Found and shortlisted direct: - Hacker - Tiler - Tiles (importer, not Balestier retailers) - Painter - Electrical - Plumber (Hmm...) - Carpenter - Window, Doors & Main gate - Curtains More decisions pending: - Kitchen CounterTop, which company Quartz better - Sink (SS or Silgranite), Under or over mount - Kitchen cabinet 2 rows of bottom or 1 side up and bottom and 1 side dry cupboards - Kitchen whether need to have cupboard to hide PVC pipes or leave it raw... so many things to research and decide, almost like endless..... When will i see light......
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    Hi, any recommendations on Qualified Persons? Looking for one as well, thanks!
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    Finally we open up the house with the pineapple rolling, we got the contractor up to the house to take some measurement and discuss some of the design. awaiting for the revise quotation.
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    Looking back... It has been a fun and exciting journey to do our renovation. Overall, it was smooth and there was no major hiccups. We are very happy with the end result of the renovation. Now that the renovation is over, it's time for us to look at everything again and share our judgements and recommendations: ID (Nick):Cons: he has a 'blunt' character. Sometimes he did not reply my messages because he did not know the exact answer (well, we did not really expect an exact answer though). The workers did not pay due attention to protect our tile and parquet floors and some areas were damaged by paint drops (not really the ID's fault though, but maybe he should feedback to the workers).Pros: Most important of all, his price is reasonable AND he can deliver the end results, and is willing to rectify defects when it makes sense. His quotation is very clear and simple to read, and I find that most of his itemized price is lower than other quotations that I've seen (for that reason he does not offer much discount or give away 'free' things like what other IDs seem to offer, if you know what I mean - in the end you are the one to pay for those 'free' things anyway). He also never pushed us to sign up or pushed for payment. He always recommend practical things, so if something is not necessary and just waste your $, he will advise you against it, instead of just doing it to earn more. During the renovation, some of his advice was very good and we are glad we followed them. His carpentry is also of good workmanship. There were some minor hiccups during the renovation but generally we are happy with the final outcome. Update: good after-sale service. Though our renovation has been over, he is still willing to rectify some more defects.Recommendation: Yes, recommended! Lights (LightInTheBox):Cons: 2 lights have defective parts (chips, scratches in the glass panel). One light has 1 missing screw, for 1 light the screws were not long enough (???), and 1 light is not bring enoughPros: fast shipment, and very good customer service. They agreed to send replacements for all the defective parts, and gave some coupon to compensate for the screw-not-long-enough issue. All lights look good.Recommendation: Yes, but please monitor the price to make sure you buy the item when it's on sale (I bought one light for 99 usd and now it's 49.99 usd! ). Also compare with taobao to see if you can get a better deal there (but of course please take note that you cant get the same after-sale service from taobao)Downlights (Gary): very nice and bright. Price is lower than other shops. Recommended! Kitchen/toilet accessories, lights, and other decoration stuffs (taobao):Cons: 2 lights are not bright enough as what they describe. 1 bidet spray has water leak. 2 lights have dents at the cornersPros: Most of the items look good and work well. The shower set with rain shower is fantastic!Recommendation: Yes, recommended. But you should do some calculation to make sure it makes sense to buy there (shipping cost, agent cost, risk of damage, etc.).Sink and mixer (Hoe Kee): the Blanco silgranit sink is awesome. Recommended! Furniture (Cellini): Items as expected, deliver on time, reasonable price. Recommended! Appliances (Mega Discount Store): friendly people, good price for Bosch brand, willing to match price, delivery on time. Recommended! Door-arm replacement (uniarm - Kelvin): friendly guy, and we are very happy with the new door arm. Recommended! Data points conversion (BTO Home Networking - Kok Hua): friendly guy, and helped us fix the faulty data point foc. Recommended! Curtains (Vincent): good price, service, and workmanship. Recommended! Storage Shelving (Sim Win Liang): fast delivery, very nice shelf. Recommended! Movers (gethsemane care ministry): reasonable price, no hidden cost, fun guys, on time and quick. Recommended! This post concludes the main blog, but we will keep updating it. Thanks for reading and we hope you can find some helpful information in our blog. Happy renovating!
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    Master Long Tian Xiang just did the feng shui audit for my place today. First, he did the door opening ceremony for us, quite a simple ceremony, without any need for incense or prayer. He just asked me to buy 1x pineapple and 4x orange and 1 packet of sweets. He rolled the pineapple into the middle of the living room and the oranges to the 4 corners of the living room. Then we entered the flat and he proceeded to do the fengshui audit. Asking us to throw sweets into all rooms before we leave. Then, he accessed the direction of the door facing and rooms using his luo pan. And accessed our ba zi. He advised us on the location of the "Wealth Corner" which he said ours is leaking as it ends up outside the 3 bedrooms and the wealth have to be split to the 3 bedrooms. But we already have the intention of placing our altar at that corner so he said its a good decision since altar is the best way to stabilize the wealth corner. He also taught us how to prepare our own "Wealth securing object" to be placed in a drawer on the altar. It can be done using cheap stuff readily available at incense stores. Not necessary to buy from fengshui shops. Which he said would cost a few thousand. I took the liberty of asking my ID along for the audit. So he started grilling the ID on the design and give advices. Basically, our design conforms quite well to fengshui and no changes are necessary. He also asked the ID on the color schemes and gives advices accordingly. Then he accessed the 2 bedrooms which i left empty, telling us where to place the beds/tables if the room is used by elderly/children. Then he provided us with a guide on how to do the moving house ceremony. We already had a auspicious date booklet from him from our wedding dates selection so he said we can just use any of the dates in the booklet for "Renovation Start" and "Moving house". He also accessed the surrounding area of my place, like the corridors and the garden outside (which he said doesn't affect us much since we are at lvl 16). Basically thats what happened during the FS audit. Hope it helps.