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    I hope this thread becomes the "database" where users of this site can access to know which are the IDs/contractors to stay away from. This is for IDs/contractors who cheat/ scam/ fraudulent/con, and not for bad services. The following is my experience. ID Gerald Tang Company: Pure Concepts
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    Hi Fiona, obviously she has no money to pay, this is what you can do, ask your father to create an invoice include all transport fee for running up and down, get all document ready, log in to small claim (SCT) to file your claim, and wait for her to contact you.
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    I have completed my house renovation without any hiccups and fuss free!!!! Highly recommend this contractor to those who wan to renovate his house... firstly, the contractor was recommended by my nice colleague... before engage this contractor, me and my husband had went to few ID Firm and request quotation from them.. of course, if u have idea of how to renovate house, definately you should goes to contractor as ID always charge higher price compare to Contractor... we also read some of the renovation forum and realized that quite a lot of people had cheated by ID firm.. they had paid sum of deposit but end up nothing was happen in their house.. instead of keep worrying, we make the decision to engage our friend contractor... we met him personally and discuss what are items that we want to renovate...we felt that the conversation quite comfortable and he has give us some of the recommendation of the overall design... We ask him to give us quotation and we review it 1st before do any decision... within 2-3 working days.. zhe had provided the quotation to us.. SUPRISINGLY, the quotation that we received is slightly lower than ID firm... without any consideration, we confirm the renovation package.... currently we staying in our peopl house, so we told him that we needed the house as soon as possible.. he work out the schedule... and tell us that he can meet our expectation... The renovation items includes demolition of all cabinets, rebuild new cabinets, redo all electrical works, repaint whole house, instal shower screen, install high end resilient flooring, change aircon, and do whole house cleaning... without any delay, he had compeleted the whole house for us!! We are very satisfied the job that he done... coz both of use working and no time to take care of this tiny things... he had done a good job and everything complete sui sui for us!!
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    This type of so call ID are no real ID, unless he proven his skill but did you see how he draw? these people have been there spoiling the design market, owner has to open up their eye by checking if they are dealing with a real ID or just someone who working in a renovation company that calling themselves ID company....? 20 Years ago we charged designing fee, today we were forced to provide free design fee, it all caused by these scam people. Alot of good ID already given up this Job, it is sad to see home owner simply calling their contractor as their ID because their namecard saying they were the ID, but yet design decision partly decided by owner itself and expected their ID do a good workmanship under their command. The owner is the ID or the ID is the ID
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    Thanks for dropping by. I have not been updating this blog for some time. Some things I am very happy with, like my vertical gardens and koi ponds. Some others like my Silestone counter-tops, they have all turned off white. I also wished I had more than one network point to each room, and more water points everywhere. I did only A&A, never touched anything structural. My roof is an open roof terrace. I merely changed some of the timber decking. There is a small roof where the staircase goes up, but I never touched that roof. p.s. I am surprised that the photos on my first few pages are still showing. I thought Photobucket already pulled the plug because I refused to pay?
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    hacking = ? granite flooring assuming 600 x 600 sized at $20psf (including laying) will cost you $11K quartz countertop would cost you about 1K kitchen cabinet (bottom part) for quartz countertop at $120 per foot run will cost you about $840 for 7 foot (2.1m) bay window cabinets at $120 per foot run will cost you $3600 for 30 foot (9 m) electrical = ? 2 x toilets at $5K per toilet will cost you $10K add up all above estimated costs already more than 26K. so your 30K budget is definitely not enough.
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    If you hired contractor, dun think you could expect much input from them. Toilet is a pain for me too when i did my reno. Why not cover up the hot water outlet and use the cold water outlet only? Maybe check with a plumber for advice? My experience is whenever my id told me cannot, i'll start to google for pics and show my id asking him why other ppl can but u cannot.
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    recently went to a friend's newly renovated house and saw this magicseal which is a net that is installed at the window to prevent insects from entering. it is basically strong magnet on the side of the window pane. quite good i would say.
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    the laminate sheets are printed with the wood grain pattern. the sheets are simply cut at an angle to create the pattern. with this said, you also incur higher cost since the wastage is higher.
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    @studioflatter how did you source your id? I've met id thru 5 random recommendation from renotalk and +2 from my own sourcing. No one asked for design fee except 1 who ask for 1.5k design fee. And the one who ask is the one that i source on my own. And the sessions i had with the ids actually gave me some design inputs and i sort of "steal" some of their ideas altho i didn't sign up with them eventually. It's quite important to know what you want because you're the one going to live in it eventually. And the id might chop you carrot if you behave like you don't have a mind of your own and don't know anything during your meeting with them. Also, beside knowing what you want, u also need to know what you don't want. Lastly, 2roomers are at disadvantage position when it comes to sourcing for id. In my case, the Id i've met with are all young and seems to start doing this for only a couple of yrs or so. This is probably because of the profit they can earn from 2rm is much less as compared to 4rms and above. I even have id that does not response to me because they don't do 2rm.
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    IC = inspection chamber. all the waste water pipes in your house will lead to an IC. the last IC in the house will be connected to the public sewer. if you have only 1 IC in your house, that will be the last IC as well. you mentioned your yard is fully sheltered. I believe this could be an illegal addition done by the previous owner. accordingly to regulations, there should not be any structure built within the 2 m setback from the rear boundary. what is allowed is a roof eave or ledge which can be built up to 1m from the rear boundary. your concrete ceiling should be this roof eave/ledge. so anything after this roof eave/ledge is actually not allowed. Officially, if you want to keep this illegal structure, you can write in to URA to seek permissions to retain this structure since it was erected by the previous owners. if not, you will either need to tear it down or just keep quite about it and hope no one complains about it. else if URA find out, you will be fined.
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    Hi @studioflatter, For Q1, I don't think it's worth doing it cause it's quite exp. Q2, I don't think you can install sprinklers at house cause need piping (Water) for the sprinklers. Instead of sprinkler, you can get a small extinguisher (1kg type) for safekeeping. If I don't remember wrongly, the insurer for HDB fire accident insurance (forget the name, haha) got give those for free when you sign up for the insurance (I'm not too sure whether still got anot). AND Yeah!!! Counting down one year to completion of my flat.. Haha.. But stressed over the renov fees, hahah..
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    hmmm... why is your contractor asking you to do waterproofing for the yard area? the yard area is supposed to be wet area but since it is outdoors, there's no need for waterproofing at all. doesn't make sense to me. also, there's no need to raise the yard level to be same as the IC level. honestly it's wasting $$$ on your side and more $$$ to be earned by the contractor.
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    Hi all, just want to bring up this thread so more people can see it. It seem that many users have pleasant/unpleasant experiences with different or the same movers. This site allows you to compare movers in Singapore as well as rate the movers. If you have had unpleasant experience, you can post it there. Some of the movers already have ratings and reviews, so in case you are hiring you can compare a few of them first. Directory of local moving companies: https://sghomeneeds.com/professionals/moving-storage/local-movers-transport Directory of international moving companies: https://sghomeneeds.com/professionals/moving-storage/international-movers-transport My advice is before engaging any movers, please at least compare 2-3 quotations. Some charge by per hour basis, others charge by per trip or by the size of lorry. Hourly means they are able to do things slowly (and you paying more), so be careful of these little tricks. Should you need additional help you can check out the website's blog for more advice on hiring movers. Hope these information helps!
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    It's not the stone part that you need to worry about. I have done a lot of testing with Quartz and KompacPlus (stain, heat etc), so maybe I can chip in. Even though this thread is super old, maybe someone will find this helpful. Quartz SURFACES are not 100% Quartz stone. The best ones (like Caesarstone) is 93% Quartz stone. The rest 7% are resins and other chemicals to give it the design (quartz on itself looks like glass). Most of the quartz surfaces are able to take heat upto 150 degree Celsius. Beyond which, the resins start to get discolored. I tested this on white quartz which eventually turned brown/yellow. Kompacplus and EDL Compact can take heat up to 180 degree Celsius. But beyond this, they get burned in a completely different way. You start seeing burn marks as if it is real wood that someone set on fire. Some even form boils and bubbles.
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    This is my personal experience with Sky Creation. They sell you everything you want to hear but please be hands-on with your renovation. My original intention is to have a go-to person who will take care of all the schedules for me since my job does not allow me to constant hang around to supervise the renovation works. Well, do not expect your ID to hand you the keys to a perfect house after all the work has been done. Once you pay up to 95%, you better be physically there to supervise everything that is done. Let me start with the first issue: I have grave suspicions on the credentials of my painters. I have no choice but to say this as I have numerous paint drips on every single wall in my flat and uneven painting on all my doorframes (excluding all the others that i have gotten them to fix). Plus none of them wear any shirt bearing a company logo and arrive only in the late evening to start the job which leads me to suspect that they are just cheap labour hired to get the job done. Next we go to cleaning. My contract mentions 'general cleaning'. Unfortunately, what you are not told is that the cleaner arrives with just a pail and a rag. So all the debris is left on the trunkings and window sils while anything that is above eye level is automatically ignored because no ladder what. How does that sound so far? Moving on to the schedule. You are basically given a piece of paper for show. After paying 95%, nothing will be adhered to. Just a couple of days if you bother to chase after your ID or wait maybe 6mths if you complain to the boss and let him take charge of your project? With so much done already, we can finally do touch ups. Gullible as I was, I actually followed the schedule and arranged for my furniture to deliver 4 days after the supposed completion. Of course my ID had to tell me the paint touch ups will be arranged after all my furniture has been delivered. If I did not insist on it happening before the delivery date, I am very likely posting pictures of my scratched tiles. During handover, i was also told that the delay for this project was due to my multiple requests for touch ups. Essentially, the problem does not lie in the workmanship and professionalism but on my 'pickiness'. Wow! Lastly, this is probably just my bad luck but my replacement ID is not a professional. Looking at the way my texts are being answered and ignored, the manner I am treated with no basic acknowledgement of hi and bye, I can only conclude that this person did not have proper upbringing to realise that this is still the service industry. It seems like my family and I are the IDs, instead of me hiring one. We are the ones doing multiple defect checks every single trip we make to the house. I have heard nothing but excuses and blaming others, there is no sense of ownership of responsibility with not a single apology given to me at all. Of course, this is merely my unfortunate experience and I truly believe this does not apply to all the IDs in the company but it is definitely not the first occasion that the original ID goes MIA and the replacement messes up the job. If you have all the time in the world to personally supervise To anyone who is reading this, please feel free to share my review so that it may aid friends and family considering Sky Creation for renovation. FYI You will never see any negative reviews on Sky Creation as they moderate it as such. And all positive reviews are bought just like the sellers on tb!
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    A bit of history here when I pulled back a post from Nov 13. But this is a feng shui journey that my family has taken and I believe a consistent alignment with feng shui will bring goodness to the family for many many years Fast forward to today: - My elder son is in his final year at NTU. Doing well, but most importantly anchored deeply on strong values and character. - My younger son, who was at JC1 failing to meet his common tests is now in medical school at NUS. Also strong values and character. I cannot imagine this, but the feng shui adjustments that we have taken, plus making the new home feng shui have benefited us. The feng shui master helped us to choose a home; she was meticulous as she has always been. Walked the neighbourhood, check ground, check orientation, check what the elements are around the house. Spent a good 3 hours. Then, when planning for re-construction, we made sure that the layout, location of rooms, fixtures were feng shui-advised. We wanted peace of mind. Again, just a personal sharing.
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    Review of my Maxden rubbish chute installation. http://maxdenrubbish...er.blogspot.sg/
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    Recommend to purchase KDK from JB. Cheap and good! Update on October 16, 2017: KDK fans suck. 2 years later after recommending KDK, I now agree with the rest of the Facebook reviews that KDK is NOW known for poor quality and service.
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    i just had roller blinds done today by Mr Chew. one word: FANTASTIC!!!! quality: rolls up and down smoothly and in proper alignment too. u cant see the edge of d blinds overlapping as they roll up. service: u knw hw installers hv to drill mounting holes into ur walls or ceilings n dirt & dust is generated n after they finish d job, u'll hv to clean up, vacuum and mop, plus surrounding furniture also gets coated wif dust? well, wif Mr Chew, thr's no need to. he's got a customised vacuum tt he uses to vacuum up d dirt & dust as he drills. for clean freaks like me, this is just perfect. those who call him, can mention Jason frm Jurong East. he'll surely rmb my newspapers....lol. price: blew my mind. unbeatable, given the level of service n quality u get. even my painter, and my ID also jawdrop.gif bowdown.gif when they heard his quote to me. obviously, both of them asked me for his contact. as far as i'm concerned, nx time, whenever anyone ask me for referral, or whatever house i stay in, all my curtains, blinds etc will be done by Mr Chew so long as he's still doing it. even if i hv to pay him a little bit extra to do....haha. for those who want his contact, PM me.
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    Hello Everyone, I'm new to this forum and have been troubled by some issues recently and would hope this is the right platform to seek for advise and provide everyone here with some insights. My father is a renovation contractor that does mostly aluminium installations as well as general home product fixtures. He was contacted by the aforementioned company in the title and installed a window for them under their directions. However, upon completion of said job, the ID decided to 'play' with my father by asking him to drive all around the region to look for her as well as wait for up to an hour for her to be 'free' to pass him a cheque. After a week or so, he managed to get ahold of her and she passed him a cheque with the amount written incorrectly. So on second attempt, my dad drove down to get her and he did receive a proper cheque, however, UOB contacted my dad and told him that the sender's account has been closed. A police report has since been made but we all know that that will lead to no positive outcome considering that the police are not debt collectors. Does anyone have any advise pertaining this situation?