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    The heat penerated through the glass panel is no joke and especially worst as my orientation faces west, hence decided to add a teak trellis under it. It looks better than expected and more importantly it reduces the heat by at least 1 to 2 degree.
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    A basement shelter frees up option / space in your 1st storey for other purposes (ie: space planning for living room, dinning room, kitchen, etc). Not to mention the asthetacical appeal benefits as some people may feel the steel door or the steel vent opening unsightly. You also don't have to based your interior design around the shelter's unsightly doors, vent, etc If you have the budget, I strongly encourage it. You can have one of the shelter's walls to double up as part of basement wall. You should be aware of the requirement by Civil Defense on the internal floor clearance area & the volume in relation to type of housing / occupant's number. Google the "Civil Defense bomb shelter handbook" & download it for additional information.
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    hi all, had a good experience with both my Soil Test vendor (Geospecs) and Surveyor (Lee Boon Haw). Having experience them, i have the confidence to strongly recommend.
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    Cube Movers (or Moving Cube Pte Ltd) is really the worst movers. We've recently engaged them for home moving service and we really regret it. They doesn't honor the agreed price despite giving you a quote prior confirmation and they never intend to meet the timing as agreed. The moment we paid them the deposit, we realised that something is not right as their attitude started to change. We confirmed the date of moving at least 3 weeks earlier and booked for 9am, but movers came only at around 1030am and this was after texting to Marcus (apparently the boss of Cube Movers). Upon arrival, the Malay guy (apparently the supervisor) started to behave like a gangster and talk in a threatening way saying that today's moving service has to be charged at 2 full load otherwise they will only make 1 load trip and then stop moving, though the quote was done by Marcus and we agreed for a price of 1 - 1.5 load based on his assessment. Obviously I have to agree otherwise we can't move as planned. After agreeing, they started to stack and wrapped the boxes as well as some furniture, which was fast but then the movers disappear without telling me leaving my stuffs and furniture, some along the common corridor and inside the unit without shifting down. I was really puzzled, contacted Marcus his standard answers are "will check with his guys", "the lorry is on the way and will reach within 15mins / 30mins". I went down as well to check and saw the movers were sitting around downstairs playing with phones. Ask the Malay supervisor what happened, he will raised his voice very rude reply with the similar answers. So actually ONLY the movers came and not the lorry. Due to their answers given, I have to wait there and skipped my lunch as i trusted their "reaching in 15 mins / 30mins". But after several hours of wait, there is still no update of the situation so it was really worrying as condo have very strict timing to move, which is cut off at 5pm. Until 3.30pm, I became really panic as i worry the lorry can't make it and will spoil our moving plan. So i went down again to talk to the Malay supervisor asking whether do he knows where the lorry is and whether they can move my things ASAP as we are getting really close to the condo's cut off time, if not I have to find another mover urgently since I need to move today. My family already waiting at our new place since 8am. The Malay supervisor, who has a serious attitude problem, again raised his voice and behave like a gangster, as though it is not his problem and I have disturbed him playing with his phone. After some talking, he called Marcus and after their long talk over the phone, the Malay supervisor told me that lorry is on the way and will be reaching within 15mins, if I want to look for other movers i can do so but they will still charge me the full price. Again i have no choice but to believe them for the last time. The lorry finally arrived at 4.10pm, after 7 hours of waiting from the agreed 9am appointment for moving. Nonetheless it was really a relieve. However, the worst thing is to come when they were working at my new place, the Malay supervisor can be heard constantly swearing vulgarities while working. He doesn't even bother to think that there are children around and he is NOT in his home. At around 8ish pm, while we were standing outside and talking to our new neighbour as they are friendly and welcoming, the Malay supervisor started to shout and demand for the payment from inside our place as they have completed the moving. We politely asked him not to shout and step out to talk rather than shouting as it is already late and he is disturbing others. He again behave like a hooligan, cursing and swearing vulgarities and security was alerted. This makes us so embarrassed being the first day there. We immediately PayNow to Marcus in order to make them leave. After so many hours of waiting and bearing with the bad attitude, we still talk to them nicely as i know that movers are doing a tough job. However, they were not apologetic at all making us wait so many hours and the supervisor's behavior is just incorrigible, being intimidating and threatening. Although their advertisement can be enticing due to competitive pricing, I would strongly NOT recommend anyone to use their service at all.
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