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    You can try something called HCL89 from http://hcl89.byethost10.com or http://hcl89.atwebpages.com for cleaning and maintaining your parquet flooring What it does is it cleans it and renews your parquet tiles so that it will always remain new Hope this helps you out
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    Outside your boundary? If you say it’s from scv/ StarHub, then it will be where the lead-in coaxial cable for your property is tapping to. However it may not be just for your house and might be serving a few households. Currently cable services are until 30 June 2019. You can try contacting StarHub to see if they are willing to remove that after that date. But chances is unlikely unless IMDA requires them to remove all the cable infrastructure around Singapore which will cost millions of dollars. The most updated regulations does not require any coaxial cables in the lead-in pipes anymore. Even coaxial cabling in household shelter is no longer needed as well. However IMDA still requires every house to have internal coaxial cables being run even when there is no lead in coaxial cable. But I managed to obtain a waiver for the coaxial cabling by indicating that I would be providing additional cat 6 network points in place of the coaxial cables
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    One year into the new place and we are still loving our home. Just sharing some of the lived-in pictures as things progress...
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    It’s been Long since I log in. My tblog are missing the last few pages...it was suppose to be completed... strange.... The window panel are board up by the air con man in the end.
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    Yeah, I agree that you call up Starhub and check. That is the best. I assume that the box is in a public area. So moving the box might affect the residents around the area. Furthermore, if it is built on a public area then I'm sure prior approval was sought from the relevant authority. But hey, thanks for bringing this up.
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    Problem is moisture will always be there and moisture is an issue that is very hard to avoid
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    I have some granite flooring in my home, but after many years, i see that the granite stone is losing its luster and it is also abit stained My question is how do you guys normally maintain granite stone floorings? Thanks
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    Hi Sheena, Can you share Mr Seah's contact? Thank you in advanced.
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    Marble flooring are like that if you spill anything on marble its better to clean it up fast
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    Never knew this as i always thought only those unvarnished woods will shrink
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    For granite stone which is rather tough so spills should not be much of an issue unless ofcourse you have marble
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    The shop is called Art of Tree. You can find them on Facebook. Look for Jeffery, very nice chap to work with. They will pass you the contact for a delivery company to ship the wood to Singapore. Better you head down to KL to choose as they have a wide selection. My cost was $2.3k
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    i spent only $14k.... I think if u want an Original design that nobody has, then you need an ID. But honestly, how many of the ID in Singapore are capable of that? They also copy from others....most of the time you need to show them what you like and they will adapt. As for contractors, you are right. As long as you can show them a picture or a sketch or drawing, they will be able to produce it. All request for contacts have been sent!
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    Parquet is always the nicest, but the most difficult to maintain
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    Hi, You can call 92712863 for Ah Zi (hokkien speaking) to enquire for the repainting of your detach house. Let him know you were referred by me. Btw, he is a good friend of mine, very reliable and very competitive price. He is in this business for 30 years. Regards, Simon Choo
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