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    I actually had some mould problem in my master bedroom and i gave the HCL89 from http://hcl89.byethost10.com a try as it seems to give the best promise to get rid of the mould from what i read around and after i had used the HCL89 about a year back the mould in my master bedroom has completely disappeared and has never appeared again Its a product worth the try because for me it got rid of my mould issue permanently and it would probably help as it did for me as well
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    You can use something called HCL89 to clean your homogeneous tiles. What it does is it cleans the homogeneous tiles and helps to remove stains/restore it to its original self I usually get it from http://hcl89.byethost10.com or http://hcl89.atwebpages.com One thing i like about it is that it creates a protection on the homogeneous tiles so that it will always remain new Hope this helps you out
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    1. To URA, reconstruction or new erection have not much difference in fees as you still need to pay $6420. They are more concerned for reconstruction being hidden as A&A as A&A fees are 50% lesser. When a building is constructed, there are columns and beams (i'm excluding the underground foundation beams, etc for now as they are not relevant for now) above the ground. the beams have rebars which are tied back to the columns and the floor is usually cast together with the beams as the floor rebars are tied back to the beams. these columns and beams are the main structural components of your house. if you want to change the height of the storeys, there must be a way to create new structural beams to tie back to the existing columns so that the new floor can be cast. unless you want to create a new set of structural components around the existing ones to create the new floors in which case it would be better just to tear down the entire house and rebuilt. Whether you can reuse the existing columns for the new beams and floor slabs, etc would still need to be determined by a PE which would need to look at the existing plans for the house's foundation, etc. honestly speaking, if you are looking at such drastic changes as in changing the height of the storeys, you might as well just do a complete rebuilt. Because once you are done tearing down the floors, stairs, etc, you are basically left with some columns and underground beams, etc. If you want to want to add mezzanine floor to your new house and/or lift shaft, and if the existing foundation cannot support the new structure, you would need do built new foundation or strengthen the existing foundation which adds on to the cost. Another important point to note is whether the neighbour's house was built at the same time as your target house or not. if the 2 houses are built at the same time, there is a very very high chance that both houses share 1 set of columns along the shared party wall. this means that if you choose to redo the floor heights, you have no choice but to create a new set of foundation and columns for your own house as you can't hack the shared columns for you to tie the new beams back to it. 2. not sure where you got your 15m from. below is a picture from URA guidelines from 2011 which indicates the max allowed height of the storeys for a 2 storey landed house. The current max height limit is 12m. there is no way URA would allow you to retain the current height of the house once you change the roof profile. Their answer to you is that you have to follow the existing regulations. it doesn't matter what was done in the past as old regulations can't be applied anymore. If you want to "flatten" your roof, then you can only keep it within the red dotted lines which I've indicated in the 2nd picture as this is the current building envelope that URA allows for landed houses. So you can have a flat roof on top and then have open balconies at the areas where the slopping lines are at. Assuming the existing attic is 5m high from floor to the peak, you would need to drop it down by 1.1m. but your attic would still have a height of more than 3m internally which would be more than comfortable. When you do house hunting, you should have a clear idea of what you are looking for. The problem with houses which are neither here or there is that they are at a price point where you are paying for a "move-in" condition but you cannot afford/unwilling to rebuild the entire house. With these type of houses, you should either just have the mindset of doing a simple renovation and move in or just forget about it and move on to another house. If you have dreams of having a "perfect" house that fits all your needs, then you should be looking for a run-down original condition house and just pay for the land and do a rebuilt after that. Work out a proper budget to include expenses AFTER you sign the OTP. To do a decent A&A, you may need to spend 100k or up depending on your needs. A reconstruction could easily cost 400K and up. A full rebuilt could be 900K and up for a inter terrace and more than 1M for a semi-d and corner terrace.
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    Parquet seems to always turn out this way although it may look rather nice but there is alot of maintenance going into parquet floorings too
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    I noticed this as well, it very hard to try to find other types of woods
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    Was having some issues about the homogeneous tiles in my bedroom as the grouts had become blackened and the tiles were becoming dull and I had used the HCL89 from http://hcl89.byethost10.com and it really helped to clean my tiles, recommended.
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    The wood becomes like that because of moisture, so if you are using wood/homogeneous tiles do use a tile sealer You can seal your tiles by using something called HCL89. I usually get it from http://hcl89.byethost10.com or http://hcl89.atwebpages.com What it does is that it removes any stains as well as polishes your tiles and seals it. The tile sealer is important because it prevents moisture from damaging your tiles in the long run Hope this helps you out
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    I don't know why but i seem to like click viny alot, lol
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    If for delivery and price the best is still from those in aliexpress or tabao, very few local shops do delivery from what i know, also when buying check the maximum load
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    Why the sudden love with click vinyl? Any particular reason for this?
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    Hi All, First of all a big thank you to all the contribution and sharing of the blogger here, I'd learnt whole lot of useful stuff for my Reno hence will like to share and contribute back with all of you. As this is a resale flat, the existing Reno of all the rooms are acceptable. I didn't do much so I just did 2 x toilet, kitchen and living. I'd engaged a contractor on my own and start off with the work without much delay here are some pic before the Reno
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    Finally i have time to pen down the renovation journey so that i can recall in future. i remember i have also left the review 5 years ago when i got my BTO but i couldnt find the post anymore. To begin with, we purchase a resale Condo 4 bedder. the intention is to extend the master bedroom bigger so eventually it will become 3 bedroom with ample space in master bedroom with working desk as well. We read the blog many times but given the time spend and hacking works involve, we decide to get a ID instead. from my last BTO, i rem the ID didnt do a good job and end up i have to do the liaison on my own. we (my hubby and I) debated and we decide that we should get a ID more experience so that same issue wouldn't happen again Selection of ID: with the past experience and given time, i carefully select the ID and i meet each and every one of them. i have meet at least 10 (from all sources like website, FB post etc) we finally come down to 3. really have to put the quote side by side. Why? coz some got quote here, some never quote there. those put 0 not we don't want but it says on the spot then can discuss the price. Hacking Axxxxx - Feaure wall hacking should be 20ft, missing wallpaper hacking Dxxxx Axx - missing kitchen wall and floor tiles hacking Mansory Works Axxxx - no hollow block Dxxx Axxx - no kitchen tiles and floor tiles, no hollow block, washing machine kerb Nxxxx- to remove rubbish chute Polishing Pumbling works painting works Capentary works Dxxxx Axxx - Living room feature wall 9ft A7x 9. Axxxxxx and Nxxxxxxxx 6 x 8ft Axxxxx and Nxxxxxxxx master bedroom feature wall 6ft, Dxxxxx Axx 5ft Axxxxxx waredore 9ft, desgin 9ft, Nxxxxxxxx 8.5ft Nxxxxxxxx Tall unit 1 ft only. The rest 2ft Axxxxxx Kitchen Top n bottom 20ft, the rest 19ft Axxxxxx no backlash Axxxxxx island 8ft; Dxxxxx Axx 4ft; Nxxxxxxxx 10ft Dxxxx Axx Alter 2ft; the rest 3ft Nxxxxxxxx Mirror 6 ft, the rest 5ft Ceiling works Nxxxxxxxx never quote Axxxxxx - Mastebedroom Glass Panel, kitchen glass panel Mich Nxxxxxxxx free Extra - PE engineering
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    The idea is interesting. Can you help me with a schedule? I need a new schedule for my employees. I've made one just after I started my own business, but now I see that it's not effective. Not so long ago one of my friends told me that he've found an ideal schedule template for employees and now he's telling me that I need to use it too. I've decided to let him do it first. If it works, I will use it too. But this friend of mine is telling me that he saw some positive results already.
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    The Definitive Kitchen Guide 2018; A biblical guide on kitchen design and renovation! Everything from DIY to immaculate self centered design choices, we’ve got you covered. Check out our roundup on all the “HOW-TOs” to your kitchen curiosities. HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST STONE FOR YOUR KITCHEN Which natural stone is actually the best option for the kitchen countertop? Check out this to know 8 Pros and Cons of materials used in making the countertop. Choosing installations for your kitchen that could give rise to a contemporary aura has always been a challenge. In fact, the most significant elements in the kitchen are the ones easily neglected. Back in the days, the kitchen was always designed to be a confined and isolated space. Today, people want a spacious and comfortable kitchen not only for cooking, but to allow a better flow in spatial change between the rooms of the house. Contemporary kitchens are the trend to follow and it is what the world is looking at right now. A minimalist layout with the simplicity of the color choices for the room defines a contemporary room. But to create a functional and modern kitchen is not as easy as it sound. Here are a few essential elements to emphasize while designing your desired contemporary kitchen. COUNTERTOPS Your countertop covers most of the surfaces in your kitchen. So it plays a big role in the overall design and the functionality of the kitchen. A high quality of countertop will not only make your kitchen chores more enjoyable, but also liven up your kitchen with style. Great countertop surfaces such as the high density quartz stones also possess intrinsic characteristics of being non-porous (thus resistant to harmful bacteria), making it a safe hygienic choice for your family, especially if you have small children. Credits: Tedid.com.sg WALLS The walls contribute the base color of the room. So the choice of color is critical, a slight change in color will leave the room with a totally different visual impact. Light colors are typically used as the base color to provide the simplicity and minimalism. But there are people who prefer to give some sophistication to the walls with the choice of wood series walls. Aside from the visual aspect, the qualities we find in kitchen walls are their resistance to stains and moisture. It is important to choose walls with a warm, appealing ambiance while being sustainable. FLOORING Like other elements in the kitchen, the qualities we desire for the flooring are also its resistance to moisture, scratches, and stains. The practical usage of the floor is important but it does not have to be dull and boring. With the right pattern and color of flooring, it will give your kitchen a refreshing and clean look. The color of the floor decides the mood of the room. Darker colors prompt a more classic presence while lighter colors achieve the effect of minimalism. In addition, the right flooring allows a smoother interconnection between the rooms in your home. Credits: Decorpad.com CABINETS Both cabinets and countertops act as the highlights of the room, bringing a strong visual impact. The choice of colors for the cabinets and countertops are usually countered to further strengthen the visual shock and create the contemporary atmosphere. Black and white are mostly preferred, but the combination of gray or dark brown wooden series and white also produces an impressive yet welcoming ambiance. Practically speaking, storage is the main purpose of installing cabinets. Although some might neglect the usage of the cabinets and care only for the appearance, but they will soon realize its importance when they want some basic parameters to separate wines from knives. SINK Any chef or home cook will know that the pre and post cooking take most of the time. So a practically designed sink will really come in handy during food preparation and cleaning. The maintenance aspect is what we should be considering while choosing a sink for your kitchen. The sink must be easy to clean and does not retain moisture, hindering the growth of algae and clotting of dirt in hard to reach spots. The appearance of the sink must also be modern to match with the whole room. A coupled marble or quartz countertop for the sink will be a perfect choice for a contemporary kitchen. Overall, the sink has to be spic and span, as well as stylish and sophisticated at all times. Before designing your kitchen, the first thing you should do is budgeting. Fridge and cabinets are what you really need. But if you cook very often, go for the best installations, and take that as an investment in yourself and your family. A feature wall or an accent wall is a wall that’s made to look unique from the rest of the house. Through the use of a wide range of materials, feature walls are an amazing way of making a space feel truly special, embodying the persona of the homeowner that few other ways can. HOW TO GET THE RIGHT WALLS FOR YOUR KITCHEN & HOME 1. WOOD VENEERS FEATURE WALL Made from thin slices of wood glued onto a core panel, wood veneers have always been a favorite with homeowners looking for a warm and natural look. The quality and durability of wood veneers vary a lot depending on the material used. Some individuals prefer wood veneers because of its low ecological impact and non-toxicity (unless treated). Credits: Wood veneer feature wall, 27estore.com 2. WALLPAPERS FEATURE WALL The most inexpensive option on our list, wallpapers are highly customizable and can be used to fit a wide variety of styles. Some wallpapers even come with textures and do a decent job at mimicking more expensive materials. Wallpapers today are made using a number of techniques including gravure printing, surface printing, rotary printing and digital printing. Exceptionally high-quality prints, sometimes called graphic panels, can look really impressive. There are a few downsides to wallpaper, however. Fancy as they are, wallpapers look pretty dull compared to other materials. To make matters worse, wallpapers don’t stand up well to moisture and hot climates and will start peeling or fading quickly. 3. MARBLE FEATURE WALL Elegant and classy, thin slabs or bricks of marble are the perfect feature wall material for kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms. Marble gives off a clean but dramatic look that’s impossible to achieve through any other way. The catch? High-quality marble is expensive and requires special maintenance to keep its shine going. Goes well with ceramic bathrooms. 4. SLATE/STONE VENEER FEATURE WALL Stone veneers are made by either pouring a lightweight concrete into a polymer base which is then coloured to look like real stone, or manufactured by layering a thin piece of stone onto a composite base. They are relatively inexpensive compared to natural stone and come in a variety of designs and colours. The disadvantages? Stone veneers aren’t as tough as natural stone, and eco-conscious individuals will not be happy with the amount of waste that’s associated with its production. 5. FIBER METAL FEATURE WALL Typically made by bonding metal layers to a composite base, fiber metal panel laminates combine high durability into a shiny package and are highly resistant to metal fatigue, impact, corrosion and fire. Fiber metal panels are also lightweight which helps them stay attached to the walls better. 6. SOLID PHENOLIC PANELS Made from paper soaked in heat-resistant resins and reinforced with cellulose fibres under high pressure, solid phenolic panels are a solid choice that will not disappoint. Non-porous and resistant to damage from moisture and heat exposure and affordable, solid phenolic panels are the go-to choice for practicality. In addition, solid phenolic panels are excellent noise barriers and provide a decent level of noise reduction in closely packed apartment spaces. 7. FABRIC FEATURE WALL Often overlooked by the average homeowner, fabrics are another highly customizable option that can be super personalized. Sharing some similarities to wallpaper, fabrics vary greatly in cost, aesthetics and durability depending on its type. Keep in mind that fabrics, however, that fabrics can be difficult to clean if they get dirty and have a tendency to grow moldy if exposed to moisture and humidity (the number one reason why it’s not too popular here). 8. VENETIAN PLASTER FINISH Made from a mixture of slaked lime and marble dust, Venetian plaster finishes, when done right, look absolutely stunning. The material attaches itself well to drywall, wood, tile, cement or brick walls and dries to a solid hardness. It is also easy to maintain: plaster dries quickly and its color comes from the pigments mixed into itwhich doesn’t fade like paint does. Non-toxic and all-natural, plaster is also eco-friendly choice that’s naturally insulating and anti-bacterial with its high pH. Feel free to give us a call or email for any inquiries! Visit SevenKonzept to get services and tips of Interior Designs. HOW TO ARRANGE YOUR KITCHEN NEATLY You’ve gone through the hassle of hunting, designing, and bargaining for the perfect kitchen top. You enjoy cooking and baking for your family every day, and showing off your gorgeous kitchen to your friends and relatives during their short visits and special occasions. But we both know there’s the other side of the coin… the tiring housekeeping to keep your luxury kitchen top in perfect condition always. Well, if you’ve been spending too much time and energy daily trying to keep your kitchen spick-and-span, here are 13 nifty storage hacks to keep your kitchen top tidy and beautiful always… 1. SPICE SHELVES UNDER YOUR UPPER CABINETS If you cook frequently, one of the biggest sources of clutter on your kitchen top would be the spices. Instead of scattering them around, or just chucking them into a drawer, you can actually have a simple shelving to store them right under your upper cabinets. This way, you’re making full use of the empty space between the upper kitchen cabinets and your kitchen top. It is so much easier to reach them while you’re busy cooking — and in fact, when placed nicely, they’ll become part of your “kitchen decoration” too. 2. CURTAIN ROD WITH HOOKS FOR KITCHEN UTENSILS Now, this is a handy kitchen storage hack we love. You can DIY this very easily by repurposing an old curtain rod and some simple hooks to hang your arsenal of kitchen utensils, and even some mini pots and pans. It’s a great way to save space on your kitchen top and make full use of your kitchen backsplash. Plus, it’s definitely easier to grab the utensils you want from the hooks – than from a messy bunch in a dish basket (whether it is to rush a quick meal, to fend off a villain – or to intimidate your mischievous kids). 3. FLOATING SHELVES AT THE SIDE OF YOUR KITCHEN CABINETS This is one mini kitchen storage hack that most homeowners would not think of — the simple additions offloating shelves at the side of your lovely kitchen cabinets, whether you have a minimalist or luxury kitchen cabinet set. In fact, when done properly, these floating shelves can truly beautify your kitchen cabinet. While giving you highly useful storage space, whether it’s for your cooking pots and pans, spices, recipe books. Or even just for you to place some pots of greenery for a soothing ambience (or even some art pieces to give your kitchen more character). Now, if you’re renovating or remodeling your kitchen soon, be sure to include this in your design… and let your friends and loved ones marvel at your ingenuity! 4. PULL-OUT UTENSIL BIN Know that awkward and irritating space at the corner of your L-shape cabinet? Well, you can actually make good use of this pesky corner by building a pull-out utensil bin. No more blood-boiling moments of struggling to reach for your stuff in the dark corner, no more accumulation of dust and infestation of cockroaches… because now you’ll be happy to keep your frequently-used utensils there. 5. KITCHEN CABINET LAZY SUSAN Another alternative of fully utilizing your pesky L-shape kitchen cabinet corner is to use the Lazy Susan there to store your cookware for easy retrieval. We’ve known a number of homeowners who prefer to hide their cookware than displaying them, whether it’s placing them on the kitchen top or hanging them on hooks. Of course, instead of storing your cookware, you can choose to keep other stuff like your dry goods here (but no tidbits, please — you wouldn’t want to risk the invasion by rodents, insects… and of course, your sneaky little kids). 6. THE HANDY WIDE SHALLOW BASKET Well, sometimes keeping things stupid and simple is the best way to go. No need for fancy ideas to show your organizational prowess, or European designer racks to show off your taste for great style. That said, having a simple rattan or bamboo wide shallow basket on your kitchen top allows to you chuck your frequently-used utensils, spices, and garnishing all in one place. Besides being a quick and easy storage, this nifty basket can also add a rustic feel to your kitchen. 7. OVER-THE-SINK DISH RACKS This next kitchen storage hack can literally save your time (and your family’s lives). Besides saving you prep space on your kitchen countertop, these elegant over-the-sink dish racks can eliminate the hassle of wiping the dishes and ,of course, you’ll have fewer chances of breaking any dishes. More importantly, (now this is the life-saving part) you wouldn’t have a mosquito infestation problem (compared to chucking your dishes in a regular rack on your countertop). 8. KITCHEN WINDOW SHELVES This next storage hack is another mini ingenuity. But use this only if you have another window or a back door for fire escape ya… Because it involves installing a few shelves inside your kitchen windows to provide extra storage spacefor your cookware and dishes. This hack alone can save you tons of space on your kitchen countertop — you’ll love this if you’re a minimalist. In fact, it is a splendid addition if you have some beautiful china or fancy European cookware you wish to flaunt. If you have little kids, these simple shelves can drastically reduce the chances of them playing with your fragile dishes and causing a havoc when you’re not looking. 9. KITCHEN ISLAND WITH OPEN STORAGE If you are planning to have a kitchen island, make full use of the space by installing shelves inside the island — so you can stash your cookware, recipe books, and other kitchen items easily. You can even place your favorite tropical fruits like bananas, pineapples, watermelons, or dragon fruits there, to encourage your kids to love fruits more and also add a touch of nature (and splashes of colors) to liven up your kitchen. 10. KITCHEN APPLIANCE GARAGE If you have quite a few appliances such as the coffee maker, blender, mixer, or toaster, then you should consider installing an appliance garage. Because this mini garage will help keep your kitchen top clutter-free in no time, and it’s always wise to keep these dangerous appliances from your kids. You can choose to conceal them entirely — or if you have a small kitchen, go for the classy translucent design which will make your kitchen look more spacious. 11. OVER-THE-SINK CHOPPING BOARD This is a no-brainer for savvy housewives, but it’s worth a mention since it’s a great hack to expand your countertop space, albeit temporarily. There are a variety of designs for this type of large over-the-sink chopping board, and you can get them easily (and cheaply) online from Amazon or Aliexpress. 12. ADDITIONAL SHELVING FOR MICROWAVE OVEN This is another useful hack to free up more space on your kitchen top… the perfect placement of something that you don’t use that much (though some may say it’s something they can’t live without) – the microwave oven. As most of us rarely fill up our upper cabinets, it’s a wise move to allocate a small portion of it for the microwave oven. It looks great, you get to look smart for using this hack, and your little kids won’t have the chance to put any metal cutlers inside and blow up your kitchen! 13. MAGNETIC KNIFE STRIP Ok, we’re down to the final kitchen storage hack here – the magnetic knife strip. This is a great way to avoid bacteria infestation (compared to keeping your knives in a wooden knife block). Plus, it’ll look super cool on your gorgeous kitchen backsplash. And best of all, it’s so much easier to grab (and return) your knives. Just make sure you place them at asafe height where your children cannot reach them. Alright then, we hope you’ve enjoyed (and will be using) some of these hacks to free up more space on your kitchen top and in your kitchen cabinets. Now you can keep your kitchen clutter-free and beautiful always with much less effort (and frustrations). That means more time and energy for tender loving care ya! If you need any super cool advice on home improvement, kitchen renovation, countertop selection, marble polishing, or anything at all… feel free to contact our friendly kitchen top consultants at Stone Amperor. We’re always here for you ya! We are excited to announce the launch of our customer loyalty program that comes with some awesome perks you’ll love. Hit us up at +65 8816 4404, or visit us at Primz Bizhub #02-06 to find out more today
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    1. you can't reduced the height of the various storeys without a complete rebuilt. usually people opt to have a high ceiling for the ground floor to make the house look more spacious (luxurious?) and also provide more ventilation. this is why many houses are built with first storey up to about 4.5m high which was based on the old regulations. 2. not sure what you meant by many split levels. if you are referring to the 50mm drop between the bedrooms and bathrooms, then this is actually normal. of cos you can opt to top up the bathroom floor to have it flushed with the bedrooms. but the 50mm drop is there to prevent water from flowing into the bedroom just in case there are pipe leaks or overflow from the toilet/shower. 3. whether you can extend the attic or not depends on the current building height. for a 2 storey landed housing zone, you are limited to 12m in total height for the entire building. so if the house currently already exceeds 12m (old regulations for 2 storey is up to 13.1m, 4.5 first storey, 3.6 2nd storey, 5m attic), then you will lose space for your attic if you choose to redo your roof. of cos if the existing building height is less than 12m, then you could extend the roof up until the max allowed to gain the space. Old regulations require a pitched roof of which one end touches the edge of the top of the 2nd storey which is why the design eats into the 2nd storey balcony. The current guidelines don't require the roof to touch the 2nd storey but the roof still needs to be contained within a 45 degrees profile at both ends. However do note that when you touch your roof, it will be termed as a reconstruction instead of an A&A which means you pay $6420 instead of $3210 to URA for submission fees. 4. no limit on redoing the layouts of the interior. only limit is how deep is your pocket. do note that doing major shifting of any bathrooms, kitchen could mean running new waste pipes and water pipes. 5. if you want to remove the root tiles, not an issue. just that if you want to maintain the colonial design, you need to find a new roofing material and design which still looks good with the current house overall looks. so you may need to get an architect to advise you on this. 6. refer back to answer 3 above on the extending of the roof.
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    I'm so excited to finally get my digital smart lock! Ordered online and got Mr Lee to install. Was hesitating for a long time cos my gate was stiff after changing a few broken latches and repainting the gate. Didn't know how to fix the problem. Thought it'd be silly to fix a new lock on a creaky stiff gate! Well, Mr Lee detected the problem straight away and fixed it without additional charge! I'm super chuffed my gate is now sooo smooth, swings out silently, and I don't have to play tug-of-war with it anymore! It's also fun to swipe my finger to unlock the gate almost instantaneously! No more carrying bunches of keys!
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    Bathroom Reno Hack and retile was my 1st option to redo the bathrooms but it'll cost 5 digits for 2 bathrooms.... Overlay was another and it was half the price. I've no experience with tiling but I've heard many people say there's a possibility tiles will pop up over time and overlaid tiles are not as durable... Then, I came across an article on EPOXY PAINTING Intrigued, I decided to find out more. You can Google "epoxy painting" or "polyurethane painting". It was almost perfect! I had no cracks on my tiles, they were just discoloured, stained, porous, and I hated the original light blue anyway! So painting seemed a good and very affordable way to change the colour and waterproof the tiles at the same time! Here's what I found out: epoxy painting is waterproof, mould-proof, doesn't discolour etc! In my painter's text to me: "polyuretane epoxy paint is weatherproof and waterprooof.very durable.use for painting ships and metal bridges..can wash with detergent,clorox everyday..can last long for toilets except cannot push or pull heavy furniture on the paint coz it can scratch.." So for $370/bathroom, walls and floor, what more could one ask for? My total cost for 2 bathrooms came up to $3000 including all WC, basins, cabinets, shower sets, lights etc. Basically changed everything except the heater as it was still good and this brand with stainless steel tank is now defunct (it's so good, nobody changed their waters heaters!) Oh btw, I had a great plumber. Really nice young chap and affordable & reasonable rates too. Fixed up everything in my bathroom incl WC, wash basin, cabinet, mirror, except the lights, shower which we DIY-ed using existing holes, and towel racks which my carpenter fixed. If anyone needs, here's his contact. Alvin: 9247 7110
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    Coloured grouts may be nice but when it comes to maintaining these grouts it becomes difficult
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    Correct those green wool are similar to steel wool will just make the issue worse
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    part4 Vainty area opp the showers View from rear of kitchen
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    Coffee-table or Dinning table? Molecule, located at Great world city & Orchard central, carries an array of these furnitures. I had my eyes fixed on one of the space-saving coffee table convertables from the Orchard Central branch. remembered they are retailing the 'yoyo' for $2,300 and one of the coffe-tables for $3,700. http://www.resourcefurniture.com/space-sav...e-saving-tables The price is too steep to my liking despite the 15% GSS off. A bit more digging and seaching leads to a plesant find; XZQT offers a similar furnitures from calligaris, also from Italy. Located at ION, Kaki bukit & Pandan Crescent. Visited the ION branch, and was pleased to find the similar coffee table convertables that are offered at a lower price. E.g 'Flexy' for $1988 & 'Magic-J' for $2488 (prices before GST+Delivery). With GSS, most products are gng for 30% less + additional 7.5% for Amex cards. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJAV3E8DdTE...feature=related Eventually I got the Flexy during the GSS (Yes, it was that long ago xP ) at 50% discount from the Pandan Cresent outlet from a display model (due to a 50 cent indented marks on the table, thought I could live with that flaw). I added 6 x olivia foldable chairs for dinning use. Flexy as coffee-table complimenting the Sofabed. The same Flexy as dinning-table When the olivia chairs are not in use, they are stowed away under the sofabed storage compartment. All 6 of them.