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    Hi guys, in end of March HDB came for resale inspection. Officer said all windows not pass, need get contractor to do and completed the what Form B before can completion day. And also ceiling spalling concrete kitchen and room area. He said will give contractor contact to repair the windows and need to come one more round to see the ceiling again. After that, HDB said in april this are not essential work, so have to wait till after 1st June. Looks like timing cant completed by handover day. Do anyone know, usually how much to do the windows and the spalling concrete? Thank you.
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    I downloaded, I also click about the handyman, they really replied within mins. Quick responding. Great, Thanks.
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    Hello. Do i need to fix up my spoilt window when im selling my flat? Ie. Cannot open outwards or sliding problem. If the buyer did not ask or check and they sign the OTP, am i still liable for the repair? As well as spoilt cabinet doors or toilet doors. Due to wear and tear. Likewise, i like to know my rights when im buying a resale flat later. 2) The kitchen sliding door and bedroom wardrobe door are specially designed to my liking. Also, the ceiling fan. Understand that I cannot remove them when I sell the flat. I really like to retain them in my new house, what can I do?
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    window, I will worry HDB inspection more then buyer. HDB officer come down for inspection, they might want you to make it good. Inspection fail, cannot sell. as above. Unless you know the buyer want to change every single thing. resale flat - sold as it is except those been spot during HDB inspection. Buyer right ... don't have.. buy "at is it" condition those are FIX item, By right, cannot be remove. BUT you want check with buyer.. does they want it? If yes.. then you have no right to remove it. If they don't want, then you can ask them, can you remove it. Ask nicely. Do take note, some buyer want to buy a house with min reno, to save $$ Ask before sign OTP
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    Hi I would like to seek some thought from all the owner of resales unit, what is your understanding of the job scope of the HDB inspector who will usually "inspect" the unit before 2nd appointment. I have a very bad experiences with HDB over this.
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    HDB would usually checked :- - room alteration whether any illegal "not approved" changes, eg. hacking away one room needs approval - Modification like increasing the height of kitchen, balcony will also be inspected - Windows grills screws and nuts safety, need to ask window contractor to access for safety
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    No case. See HDB InfoWEB Flat http://www.hdb.gov.sg/fi10/fi10322p.nsf/w/SellFlatAppointments?OpenDocument Inspection by Branch Office Prior to the First Appointment, the resale flat must be inspected by Technical Officers from HDB's Branch Office to check for any unauthorised renovation. The seller will be informed of the inspection date in the Letter of Appointment. The purpose of the inspection by the Branch Office is to check for unauthorised renovation works in the resale flat which may damage HDB property and affect the structural stability of the flats/building. The inspection is not to ascertain the value of the resale flat, the condition and safety of the renovation works or compliance with any legislation in respect of any installation of fittings/fixtures in the flat eg. window legislation.
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    Hi All, i was advised to have a 2nd inspection ard 2-7 days (provided seller move out liao) before my 2nd appointment. the 1st inspection was done before my OTP & the seller is required to fix the windows. i was informed it was done (as required by HDB before the 2nd appt.) when i called the HDB Tech Officer (HDB branch T.O.). regarding the 2nd inspection before the 2nd appt, was told the area had not have a 2nd inspection requested by anyone before. has anyone gone through this procedure before...?? pls advise... Much appreciated...
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    When the HDB officer pops by your place, he'll basically inform you on what you need to get done by a certain date. If you need, he can also recommend you a few of the HDB contractors to call and get a quote for the rivet replacements. Essentially, they will charge by per window panel. So of course, the more casement windows you have, the higher the cost. Once you confirm with the chosen contractor, they will pop by and install and certify and endorse on the BCA form that they have installed the required rivets as per the regulation. Once this is done, you bring the form to the HDB Officer so that they can proceed with the processing of your resale transaction.
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    hi, just to share, i had my inspection done recently n the window we did at our balcony got problem, only got 3 rivets instead of 4. our hdb officer was very helpful and even pass us a copy of the permit submited by my contractor for us to contact them to rectify. another problem was our bomb shelter. there's supposed to have a rubber ring or what on d hole but duno why ours went missing or what and we have to contact this supplier to replace. this rubber ring is not cheap, about $25. however, we have been trying to contact this supplier for 2 weeks and no reply at all.
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    there is the regulation that all home owners must change their rivets to SS ones to prevent rust and leading to the fall of the window down.. i've seen a resale flat and the owners have changed the rivets to SS screws... is it ok with this? or need to change to SS rivets? i know the cost of the rivets isquite a sum.. will the HDB inspection look into all this? thanks.
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    This info is to help homeowners have an additional contact to call and ask for quotations. I was held up in a traffic jam, and a van on my left had his own van painted and advertising rivets retrofitting. "Rivets Retrofitting" Call 9191 6259 I have no relationship with this fellow (in case some DUH person thinks I have) and I am purely putting this info here for forummers who are looking for someone to call. Make sure you ask all the questions and get your prices before you ask for a site visit. If your home is newly renovated, these contractors just might want to try their luck and ask for ridiculous prices. You'd be real silly if you don't bargain.
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    it's actually BS - SS rivets are cheap. it's the labour charges that is expensive. the aluminium frames are not meant for screws(cos there isnt any screw thread to hold, except for the arms). which part of the window did you look at?
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    DON'T BUY CRESTAR. Terrible quality. Bought 4 ceiling fans for my house, within a year 2 died and by the 2nd year a 3rd one died. Read many reviews that sales service is great but repair service is bad, also cost of repair is the same as buying a new fan, so am taking my business to KDK instead.
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    Still available. View without obligations.
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    Hi guys, i have a few question that would like to seek advise.. during inspection, the technical officer only point out 2 things to be settled before 1st appointment. 1) To fix up window stopper for all my sliding window. from the photos above can someone tell me if my sliding windows has got "angle strip"? above picture are my actual windows. the technical officer has asked me to fix stoppers, but in the "Declaration Form" that HDB sent to me, there's delcaration option on sliding windows that mentioned "sliding windows are provided with safety stoppers AND/OR angle strips or any other safety features". Can we just ignore the technical officer request to fix stoppers on my sliding windows and just reply the declaration form by selecting the option my sliding window is safe?? Also below are the picture of my casement window.. i do not see any aluminium rivets but only screws.. the screws are not corroded. Can i also select the option my casement window is fitted in accordance with BCA requirement? 2) to settle complains of downstairs neighbour water leakage. i got to know from the technical officer that my below neighbour lodge a complain to HDB regards to water leakage in their unit. He passed us the "Letter of Undertaking" ask to sign so to agree to share cost with neighbour to settle the leakage problem. I have not sign yet and ask for sometime to get back to him. Now.. i just got to know the leaking problem during inspection, no knowledge of it watsoever during sale of house. Buyer did not know about this. I also did not receive official letter from HDB stating there's a complain lodge against my unit for leaking into below neighbour. What should i do? My 1st appointment is on 20th August 2010. Doesn't really want to go into hassle of engaging contractor, hack both my toilet tiles, etc.. also my house was newly renovated inclusive both toilet about 4 years ago. Buyer bought my unit is because he wants to retain my reno style or prob just minor reno to touch-up only. So if we were to re-do the toilet, then i understand from the technical officer that HDB contractor will only do back HDB original state and not to our current design... So how to tell buyer if we were to do then upon 2nd inspection, both toilet design all gone and looked different from the day they sign OTP. Im at loss..
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    Your unit fitted with both sliding & casement windows. - The casement window is ok - picture showed fitted with screws, no more rivets. Law requires these screw to be ss304 grade or higher. - Sliding window got angle trip, but cannot see the round white-color stopper. Check http://www.hdb.gov.sg/fi10/fi10324p.nsf/w/...ocument#Sliding which shows the pictures of various parts. - Suggest you to tell buyer about the leakage case, also work with neighbour below you. You & neighbour to absorbe cost 50:50. May be can delay the repair till 2nd appointment, after your seller start reno. Can ask seller's reno contractor to do the repair, etc...need to coordinate between 3 parties.
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