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    The wood becomes like that because of moisture, so if you are using wood/homogeneous tiles do use a tile sealer You can seal your tiles by using something called HCL89. I usually get it from http://hcl89.byethost10.com or http://hcl89.atwebpages.com What it does is that it removes any stains as well as polishes your tiles and seals it. The tile sealer is important because it prevents moisture from damaging your tiles in the long run Hope this helps you out
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    I noticed this as well, it very hard to try to find other types of woods
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    Ampquartz carries silestone, caesarstone, quartz in johor. A trustworthy one. visit www.ampquartz.com
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    Hi All My reno journey started about 3 months back when i sold my BTO and found a resale unit .. Life wasnt that simple as I had approx 5 weeks in between to shift The unit i bought was Cheap but badly maintained. I had a ridiculously low budget I was doing this reno solo as my hubby was out of town I researched countless IDs and contractors who told me that it was Impossible to do whatever i wanted ( Hacking , Tiling , Complete Kitchen and Bathroom reno , False Ceiling , Built in Carpentry , Replacement of Room Doors , Window and Grille replacements , Electrical and Plumbing works ) within 5 weeks. The shortest time line i had was 7 weeks and the bill was $48000 ( which was the average amongst most contractors) On a very late night in late August i happen to read to reno forum and got a contact of Mr Seah. I tried my luck and he said he wanted to see my lowest quote and he will try my best to help me. We met at about 9pm at the unit as i was delayed after work . He saw my lowest quote and through to his word offered me a much lower price. We signed the deal immediately as i had no time to waste if i need to move in by the 1st week of October. Needless to say i was a little worried and sceptical coz of the deal i got -- i was afraid i would be short changed or the quality would not be up to my expectation but Mr Seah never failed me. i went to several of his units just to be more reassured. Plus the fact that he owned his own carpentry factory was a plus point as he could offer direct carpentry prices. Right from choosing the tiles , to laminate colors and fabrics we worked together day and ( mostly nights due to my work schedule). He put in a 100% percent and hand to push me when i was too tired to make selections. He even gave me advise whenever i made wrong selections. After exactly 5 weeks and 2 days he handed over the house to me and i have no complains to date ( There is a reason i waited a lil longer to put up this post just in case his workmanship needed touch ups - but it is all good ) Renovating a home is definitely not an easy feat but if it definitely helpful to share if we have come across good contacts A little goes a long way **Pictures to be updated soon**
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    I believe there are many forumers on RenoTalk that are always finding for contractor, but why the hassle when the Interior designer helps you in every things to make sure everything goes on smoothly where their services includes the clean up , design and other stuff. Let us know your opinion so that we know and experience what you feel.
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    Getting my keys soon but couldn't see a single 2-Room design in Renotalk, or maybe my research is not detail enough yet. Any existing 2-room BTO owner care to share design / plan and some pictures? Much appreciate in advance. List of happy 2-room owners: mmoh - BTO 2015 H2 kyooko - BTO 2016 Q2 varying - resale Apr 2015 MsBunny - resale Mar 2015 (Blog: http://keepcalmandmeow.blogspot.sg/) coolbunny - BTO 2016 Q2 2Roomer - BTO 2018 H1 Tsunade - BTO (selecting soon) rainbow1979 - BTO 2019 BunniBoi - BTO 2020 ryanyth - BTO 2017 (TBlog - ) paulinepoh - BTO 2017 fridgebuzzz - BTO 2018 avidshuttler - BTO 2019 lildot - BTO 2017 Q4 andotang - BTO Jun 2015 (TBlog - http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/72213-2-room-bto-themeless-with-philips-hue-lighting/) oktopussy - BTO 2019 ahjack - BTO 2017 Q3 Ankle - BTO 2019 sendski - BTO 2019 Wild Ginger - BTO 2019 sagitarruss - BTO 2017 Q4 melmeow - BTO 2016 moldie - BTO 2018 evozero - BTO 2019 bunnywolf - BTO 2020 Michael Chua - BTO 2020 lost count... >_< simoncjy - BTO 2018 How to upload photos to this forum: http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/60248-guide-to-upload-photos/ Sequence of reno, contributed by MsBunny: 1) hacking / dismantling 2) wet works 3) plumbing (pipes) 4) electrical (trunking, points) 5) painting 6) partition / glass works 7) plumbing (sanitary ware installation) 8) electrical (lights installation) 7) carpentry 8) painting (touch up) 9) acid wash Contributed by MsBunny, decision-making for sanitary ware and electrical appliances: https://app.pub.gov.sg/WELSSP/ListOfProducts.aspx https://e-services.nea.gov.sg/els/Pages/Search/PublicSearchProduct.aspx Defects checklist http://zhuangjia.com.sg/detailed-defect-checking/ Home owner blog who shared the thinking process, consideration why certain decisions are made and review on the purchased: http://renovation-greencoal.blogspot.sg/ Space savings ideas http://www.renotalk.com/read/17-space-saving-ideas-for-your-home Ground Facts: Guide to Choosing the Right Flooring http://www.renotalk.com/stories/article/ground-facts-guide-to-choosing-the-right-flooring Guide to Mattress Shopping http://stories.renotalk.com/stories/article/guide-to-mattress-shopping Cool Secret Room Ideas http://stories.renotalk.com/stories/article/cool-secret-room-ideas Mattress Selection Guide http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/home-decor-furnishings-188/mattress-guide-101-thread-3923855.html Storage Tips https://www.mango01.com/articles/%E5%AE%B6%E5%BA%AD42%E4%B8%AA%E7%A5%9E%E5%A5%87%E7%9A%84-%E6%94%B6%E7%BA%B3%E9%AD%94%E6%9C%AF-%E6%8A%8A%E8%BF%99%E4%BA%9B%E6%94%B6%E7%BA%B3%E5%B0%8F%E7%AA%8D%E9%97%A8%E5%AD%A6%E8%B5%B7%E6%9D%A5%E5%90%A7%EF%BD%9E%E8%B6%85%E5%AE%9E%E7%94%A8%E7%9A%84 Getting Mold Out of the Shower–Before & After: http://www.thisblessedlife.net/2012/02/getting-mold-out-of-showerbefore-after.html How To Read Your HDB Floor Plan In 10 Seconds https://renotalk.com/sg/articles/how-to-read-your-hdb-floor-plan-in-10-seconds-762
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    Hi all, I am new to this forums but has been browsing here since i was looking for a ID/Contractor to renovate my resale flat. We all understand the agony of finding a good responsive & responsible renovation contractor. I just want to share some of my experience renovating my kitchen which includes hacking + re-tiling works from this ID. To be frank, we are all afraid of cutting chopped due to us doing very little reno as compared to others doing their whole flat so we thought the cost might be slightly more pricey. Then we came upon this ID we saw on this forums posted with their promo package, we decided to give them a call. We talked and set an appointment the next day to share our ideas/concepts of our home. Like most of the people would say, most of the ID is only keen on making more money but instead he would actually explained specifically some of the more complicated design of how it will be constructed that might be costly. He would then suggest alternatively another similar concept but at a cheaper budget. We thought, “That was great!” We told them that we don’t really need any fancy design and proposed if they could come out with one based on our needs and budget. At the same time, we also choose our laminate and material in their office (which happen to be nearby our place also). With many variety to choose from, he will also offer different suggestion of which material will benefit and which is more of within our budget range. As much as we are concerned, it was really a pleasant meeting with him as he accommodate us without trying to upsell anything. However, end of the day, in fact we still thinks quotation is the last key factor if it is a scam or not. After a few days, to our surprised, it was actually within our budget and during our second meetup, he would explained in details of how each is being charged accordingly. We decided to go with them and proceed with the renovation work. Overall, he also provided us with a free rubbish chute which we are alarmingly surprised. We thanks him so much for the work done in this 2 weeks to help coordinate and keep the works on schedule. I will let the rest of the pic talks. BEFORE WORK IN PROGRESS AFTER FREE RUBBISH CHUTE FROM THE ID
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    Actually my builder managed to find me a pretty good deal and I'm very happy working with him so far. We are scheduled to move in before Christmas and looking at the progress I am confident that will be achievable.
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    Thank you Actually I do still use the bomb shelter partly as storage for some non clothing stuffs. If i need more storage, I put some stuffs at the topmost cabinets in my kitchen cabinets. My platform bed itself has a couple of deep drawers too to keep stuffs Most importantly, i try to develop a minimalist mindset, not to buy too much unnecessary stuffs so as not to create clutter. From time to time, I actually go thru the list of stuffs that I have, and see if I can donate, give them away, or throw away. I enjoy coming home to a very de-cluttered home, feeling is like very relaxed lol.
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    it is very lucky to find good contractor and whom can settled your renovation problem, thumb up and keep up the standard
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    i have to agree having your own haven makes u wanna cook more... cos dun feel like going out liao so gotta ownself settle and after awhile, instant noodle lost its appeal... lol! btw, i used to boiled broccoli too but read somewhere that the mineral are all lost in the water. steam is actually a better way to cook broccoli so now I use steamer instead. just sharing.
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    Your contractor need some drawings? Isn't the contractor supposed to be the one producing drawings? Actually the grant is also not really grant lah, just to offset the extra amount that singles need to pay. I must thank the 3D drawing program I used for the ideas. Initially I also had no idea especially the bedroom. The more i fiddled with it, the more ideas it came to me. It definitely helps to browse thru Renotalk and other renovation forums to get more ideas. Oh for my weekday lunch preps, I tend to try to eat healthier. I don't use any sugar or salt. The only oil i use is Olive Oil and even that i use it quite sparingly. Here's my daily meal prep recipe. Feel free to copy lol. 1) Cook enough brown rice / red rice for 5 days. 2) Boil Veggies in plain water (mostly use broccoli / cauliflower) 3) Marinate chicken using Lemon Juice and Black Pepper and than pan fry them in olive oil. 4) Sometimes if supermarket got a good deal, or if price is cheap enough, i'll add salmon / fish. 5) Once everything is done, i'll portion and pack them in microwavable containers and freeze them. One day before I eat them, i'll transfer the container from freezer to refridgerator and when I'm in the office, its just a matter of microwaving them. This brings each meal to about $2.50+ which is definitely alot cheaper (and healthier) than buying from outside. I never used to do this in my old place, but somehow having my own home makes me want to cook more lol
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    How many homeowner has actually signed by with these 5 ID company, please share?
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    Sliding door bedroom wardrobe (2x6ft, 1x10ft) and Kitchen. No 3d drawing
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    Repair KDK SS30H fan The standing fan has not been working properly recently. Few months back, when i press the "Louvre" button, the fan will automatically switched off. I can live without that function, so i just let it be. Recently, when i adjust the speed or switch on the fan, the power cut off after 1 sec of operation. So it's officially dead and i tried my luck and did a google search to see whether there is any way to revive it before throwing it away. I realised that this is a cmmon issues faced by people that got KDK fans in recent years, and the main faulty component is a capacitor inside the circuit board. So i decided to DIY and repair the fan myself. Time to dismantle the fan, unscrew every possible screws attached! After remove the top cover, the circuit board is exposed. The culprit is the yellow capacitor. Bought the replacement capacitor online, you can also get it from Sim Lim Tower. Each capacitor cost around $3. Make sure the specification is correct! 1.0uF / 275 VAC. I bought some extra and if anyone wanted to buy from me just PM me. Use a test pen to pry the capacitorto remove it from the glue, and snip off the two metal legs. Placed the new capacitor carefully, ensuring the existing leg touches the new leg properly, before solder them together and snip off the excess protruding part. Before soldering After soldering Time to do testing by pressing the On/Off, Timer and Louvre button. Yay it works! Hope this post will be able to help anyone that encounters similar issue and would like to try repairing the fan yourself.
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    Indeed bathroom window is very different. In fact this harkens back to 80s style bathroom window Your sliding door looks good. Interesting HDB now don't use standard door anymore. DB-Box is also intelligently designed and positioned in a nice place. How I wish the architect who designed my place used abit of brain when designing position of my dbbox lol
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    Smart Home As the topic suggests, we are going for a Smart Woody theme. "Smart" refers to Smart Home. I (Mr) am personally interested in tech stuff and have been using several smart devices in my room now. Smart devices that I have include Google Home, Google Wifi, Philip Hue lights, Samsung Smartthings. Using a combination of these allows us to automate my home and makes our life easier. For example, I can use voice command (Google Home) to control my lights (Philip Hue). I can use voice command to control my switches (Samsung Smartthings). I can use voice commands to ask Google Home to set alarms, ask questions, play music etc. Feels like I am 1% Tony Stark. Am writing more as requested by readers. Implementing a Smart Home is an expensive hobby. Be prepared to fork out at least hundreds of dollars before you can start to see the effects of a Smart Home. I will list down the various level of home automation in my personal opinion. For most home owners, you switch on the lights/electrical devices manually by pressing on a switch. The highest level of smartness are most likely controlling the power/channels of your TV/Fans/Home entertainment devices via a remote. Some people may use several mobile apps to control their electrical devices (eg lights, switches, aircon). Some may also install touch-based switches to control their electrical devices. However, I believe that this is not smart enough; at least not for me. Picking up a phone to control your other electronic devices (which is similar to Logitech Harmony series) is also a chore itself. Instead, I went for a more convenient and futuristic method, which is via voice control. I can now command most of my electrical devices by speaking. If you are interested in using voice command to control your electrical devices, read on. Voice Controlled Speaker This is the brain of your Smart Home; they control the remaining smart devices based on your voice commands. There are 2 main Voice Controlled Speakers in the market today; Google Home vs Amazon Echo. <PS: for Apple fans, Apple will be releasing a Siri-enabled voice controlled speaker called HomePod in end 2017.> There are plenty of articles on the web comparing these 2 voice controlled speakers. I shall not repeat them here. In summary, I chose Google Home as 1) I am using a Google account (android phone, gmail, drive, calendar, etc), 2) Better AI (backed by Google search engine), 3) Aesthetically pleasing (personal preference), 4) There are plans for Google Home 2 to double up as a router similar to Google Wifi. Note that both Google Home and Amazon Echo are not officially on sale in Singapore. They are however, sold via many of the online shopping websites. Setting up the Google Home is easy. 1) Plug in the power socket (you need to buy an adapter), 2) Download the Google Home app, 3) Using the app, connect Google Home to your wifi. That's it. Once done, you can now explore the functions of the Google Home. To give command to Google Home, always start with "Hey Google, ..." or "OK Google, ...". As at point of writing, you are unable to name your Google Home, which would be a nice and possible future feature. Here are some commands that I usually use: - Hey Google, what time is it? ... Google will tell me the time. - Hey Google, play eg 933 FM. ... Google will play the radio.H - Hey Google, what is 4 feet in meters? ... Google will do the conversion for me. Very useful, especially when renovations lengths are always in feet and inches. - Ok Google, set alarm at 5pm. ... Google will set an alarm - Ok Google, tell me a joke... - Hey Google, sing a lullaby... - If you are in the US, you can even make calls, order food, shop online via Google Home! Really nice features. Almost like a real personal assistant at your command. For more Google Home commands, visit https://madeby.google.com/home/features/#?filters=answers,entertainment,manage,plan,home,fun. Integration with Smart Devices Now, this is the part where things get more interesting. If the standalone Google Home amaze you, this is just the beginning. The next step of achieving a Smart Home, is to integrate other smart devices to your voice controlled speaker (so that you can control them using your voice). There are many smart devices in the market today; Smart lights, smart wifi, smart speakers, smart plugs, smart TVs, smart aircon, smart locks, smart security system, etc. All these smart devices can be integrated with your voice controlled speakers. For Google Home, there is a small but growing list of partners whom have direct integration (https://madeby.google.com/home/partners/). This meant that your commands need not be specific; Google Home can understand your command as long as the meaning remains the same. For example, Philips Hue is a partner of Google Home. For you to control the Philip Hue lights, you would need to purchase a Philips Hue Bridge, which acts as the brain that controls all the Philips Hue lights. Normally, the Bridge would be sold together with some Hue lights as a base to kick start your smart lights journey. The basic Bridge + 3 Hue bulbs has a RRP of $289. You can get at a cheaper price during the Philip Carnival Sale or online websites. In our new home, we will be using a combination of "normal" lights as well as "smart" lights. So I bought a Bridge, several E27 Bulbs, 1 Hue Go, and 4 Hue Lightstrips. I am currently using the Hue Go in my room. The basic commands for lights that you can control via voice are: - Hey Google, turn on/off lights. - OK Google, change XXX lights to YYY colour. - Hey Google, brighten/dim XXX lights to ZZ%. In your Google Home app, you can rename your smart devices so that Google Home can recognise the specific device to control. For example, you can name lights as "Left TV lights" and "Right TV lights". Google Home is smart enough to understand the difference between "OK Google, change Left TV lights to red colour", compared to "Ok Google, change TV lights to red colour" (which will change both left and right TV lights). Other than Philip Hue lights, I am currently using Samsung Smartthings, which is also a partner of Google Home. Similarly, to control all the smart devices, you would need a "brain" device which in this case is the Smartthings hub. This must be connected to your wifi for it to work. Setting up is easy; just download the Smartthings app and create an account. After which, you would need to add the smart devices that you have. The most useful smart devices in my opinion would be the smart plug. It is the 3 pin thing that looks like a travel adapter. How it works is that you can control whether to allow electricity to flow through the smart plug; when the smart plug is off, means no electricity is passed through, and if the smart plug is on, electricity is passed through. Now, how you intend to use this device is up to your imagination. For wifey and myself, we are currently using it for our TV and Steam link. By default, this meant that we can switch the smart plug on/off via the Smartthings app. However, with the integration with Google Home, it means that we can now switch the Smart plug on/off via voice. To add the device to Google Home, you need to log in to your Google Home app and authorize Google Home to access/control your Smartthings devices. The authorisation is done by logging in to your smartthings account via the Google home app. Once done, you will be able to control the devices via your voice via Google home. Remember earlier I wrote about how you can rename your smart devices? By renaming my 2 smart plugs to "Bedroom TV" and "Steam link", Google home can understand the following commands: Ok Google, turn on/off TV. Hey google, on/off the steam link. Ok, google, turn on Fan. Conclusion And finally, my favorite command: "Hey google, turn on/off everything". This will turn all the lights and all the smart plugs on/off. I always use this command when arriving/leaving home, and when we rest for the night. To summarise, using a voice controlled speaker for your smart home is really convenient. However, the downside is that your have to speak clearly with good pronunciation. Voice control also does not work well in a noisy environment (eg, when the TV volume is high and/or there are people talking). To us, the pros outweigh the cons, and we would continue with our smart home project by extending it to other devices. My future purchases would include Logitech Harmony, Blinds control, and Smart Doorbell. These are "good to have" rather than "essential", and I would purchase them progressively. Good luck to those embarking on a smart home project!
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    ehhhh... i got my unit at my 1st try ;p did not apply in the jul 2013 bto cos dont have the estate i want. My q # is 51. Looks good hor. But only 47 units available. Lucky to get a unit. High floor too.
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    Soundbar good for movies because the array of 2.5" full range is able to create virtual surround. 1 of the best soundbar is the 2008 philips hts-8100. All the newer ones cannot make it. if you are playing music, try those Denon or Onkyo set, sound should decent enough.
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    As for now, these are the only furniture that I have for the living room. My 2 seater scanteak sofa! ">http:// My little sweet bench for me to wear my shoes before heading out! ">http://>
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    I have changed the previous bedroom doors to nyatoh solid doors as I found the previous bedroom doors too hollow to my liking! My nyatoh solid door! ">http:// My "naughty" poster on the door! waahahaha ">http://>
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    The past few weekends were spent in cleaning and washing the whole house... The ultra dirty window! How could anyone not cleaned their windows?! ">http:// After 3 hours of cleaning and washing.... ">http://> Despite more than 3 times of mopping the floor, the floor is still covered with dust. I am going to wash the floor instead of mopping the floor now. I will update with more photos later... Off to wash the floor now... Ciao...
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    I love that colour!! Before, when I painted our rooms, I would buy painter's tape, and tape out the edges that I did not want to bleed into. After the paint dried, I peel the tape off. It is A LOT of work though and it killed my shoulders. AND the tape wasn't cheap. Truth be told, only I could tell where I missed. I did not notice your edge as the colour drew my attention first Great job!
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    I bought my dining table and coffee table with them. For the dining table it was priced 1,600 for 1 glass table and 6 chairs but managed to get it for 1,300 only and for the coffee table priced at 288 became 280 flat . I was served by Winnie in Univonna Furniture Mall.