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    Hi guys! I'm late to this thread. Finally created an account to post here after lurking on and off over the past few years. I haven't had much luck getting a good bto number after several tries so I ended up getting a resale unit earlier this year. My reno started in early Oct and it's about to be completed. Though along the way there have been quite a few bad planning, mistakes and hiccups. Anyway, I am currently facing abit of a issue and wondered if anyone has any input to share. So, I hacked off the wall seperating the living room and the bedroom and installed sliding glass doors with the tracks running through a partial partition wall built down from the ceiling. Curtains will be installed on the ceiling in front of the sliding doors. Now I'm facing abit of a dilemma on where I should mount my spilt unit aircon. I sealed the bedroom entrance to the toilet to build a wardrobe along that wall. The plan was initially supposed to have the aircon mount next to the wardrobe on this wall but turns out there's not enough space, so my aircon ended up moved to the wall above the bed facing the sliding doors with the aircon trunking running through the entire length of my wardrobe. I'm really not very comfortable with this as in the event the aircon leaks and also pipe sweating could damage my carpentry. I'm looking to see if I can move the aircon to the partition wall facing my bed but because the curtains needed to mount on the ceiling, the aircon unit will be in the way. I was wondering if I could build a curtain pelmet and then mount the aircon unit on this pelmet instead. I have attached a picture of how my aircon is mounted at the moment and also a picture of what I'm thinking of doing with mounting the aircon on a curtain pelmet in front of the curtains. Anyone has any idea?
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    Hi all just wanted to share that I had received pretty good service from Singapore Carpentry for the renovation of my company's offices, the quote they offered was far more economical than what other companies quoted. the quality and concept really exceeded my expectations, and project was completed much faster than expected. their team was really helpful and answered to queries efficiently, it was great working with them.
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    note the part of RC roof. if you decide to do RC roof, then submission can't be avoided.
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    No need submission but you still need a PE to draw up the design, etc. as long as the extension is done according to regulations, should not affect future sales even without submissions. Just don’t extend all the way to your rear boundary line as this is illegal and will affect your future sale of the house as buyers can use this as reason to back out of purchase.
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    Not sure which sub-forum is more appropriate - original thread here
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    I think this is a better idea. Aircon trunking hiding behind carpentry is a no no for me. yup, bought a resale, reno~ing
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    Hi Melody, Not sure this is what you've looking for. I've place an L-shape table that serve as work desk and dinning table (could sit 4ppl when necessary). Had also custom built a large book shelf for my books and barang. Had attached my layout and living room photo for your reference. Layout Living room Book shelf beside the L-shape table
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    Let me know if it's still relevant. I choose a dish rack for the kitchen, and at the moment I have not decided on the final version. I just can not choose among 3 options. And yours looks the most like what I need.
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    Err...I only move piano with them b4. Rate I think was around $100-$120. According to my sis (I shifted to her place temp) they did quite a good job. Only thing is they were very late and called to apologise and offer to give 1 free tuning (worth $50). Never move other items b4 so cannot be certain about their service.
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    About 6.5 years after I started this thread, exactly 6 years 4 days after I had collected my keys to my first house, I am handing out the same set of keys to its new owner. Hope the new owner will take good care of the house. I will definitely miss this unit, which I had spent hours and hours to research and decided how I wanted the unit to be. Time to say good bye. 😢
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