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    Hi fellow 2 roomers here are some the pictures reno done by Design 4 Space ID more coming soon for the kitchen & bathroom.
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    Finallllllyyyyu reno is over. And today marks the 1st day of moving in. Its so tiring. Parents house, quite trendy isnt it. Excited to share a few of simple reno. Spacious and clean for family gathering and for my parents. Thankful for my id who helped with my own house reno few yrs bck lastly now my parents. Tiring but all worth it Share this happy day happy house tgr with you guys. Thankssss
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    you need to get the authorisation to apply to BCA for the plans search first. once BCA has completed the search, they will let you download all the plans for the house for preview. after previewing the plans, you can then choose which set you want to buy. the purchased plans are exactly the same as the preview plans just that the watermarks are different. you can't use the preview plans later for submission as the PE will require the BCA plans with the proper watermarks for submission
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    My reno budget was actually 15k (inclusive of cement screeding) but it went up to 19k because i hacked the wall & dispose the sliding doors and installed full carpentry to include 4 powersockets,ethernet socket in the wall for the tv console and other electronics(router etc) .They are hidden behind flip down panels plus a hidden door to bedroom.TV can actually rotate 360 degrees with a lock for privacy when facing bedroom.
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    Just for infor. Example an outdoor lap pool with internal dimension as 10M Length x 2M Width x 1.5M Depth, the cost (no profit) of material only (no labor & machinery as this varies between builders) for Architectural & Structural (meaning pool base & pool wall excluding pool decking) is already $29K to $31. Also to note this cost does not include Architectural & Structural for Balancing Tank, Assuming Balancing Tank takes up half the pool, You'll be looking at material only cost (No profit, no labor, no machinery) of $43.5K to $46.5K Pool Pump & Filtration System, in my 20 years experience database, quotation range from $15K to $25K. So the builder potential payout for material & pool sub-contractor range from $58.5K to $71.5K. Remember Labor & machinery cost not factor in yet. I'm just helping all who are not in the industry to understand the cost component. The pool size as mentioned above is based on reasonable conservative size which is suitable to be at the side of a semi-d house (Side set back 2 metre) Also to note if pool is build on soft earth, piling cost will be added which further increase the cost.
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    generally structural steel is more expensive than concrete. so the proposed steel staircase would cost more than having an RC staircase. in order to reduce the structure loading on the existing house structure for the attic, the builder is proposing steel column and beams for the attic roof hence also reducing the amount of reinforcement needed to the foundation or/and existing columns and beams. are you planning to have this as your retirement home? if your plan is just stay a few years and then sell, then don't bother wasting money to shift the stairs if you are not putting in a lift now. if you have been to industrial areas, you would see that most industrial areas have similar fencing. search online for BRC fence and you would know what I'm referring to. downside is slightly less privacy but if you are into gardening, then can plant some small trees or creepers to maintain the privacy. plants also have the effect of cooling down the environment as well. if fence is not your thing and you want high privacy, then just built the brick wall. wall finishes I can't comment too much as not sure how much coverage is needed for your house. sanitary and plumbing seems fair. just make sure that all existing waste pipes are replaced with new ones. electrical works seems fair as well. double check that network points are provided for in each room and the kitchen as well. kitchen is latest requirement from IMDA. if possible request for double network points in each room so that you can have 1 for computer/data and 1 for TV set top box. aircon 30k sounds fair assuming that all rooms have wall units and 2 ceiling units for the living room. don't think you are getting ducted aircon for 30k carpentry 50k sounds fair. but could be minimum works though and customisation could cost more. sanitary 14k sounds high though unless you are provided brands like Duravit or Toto. if you think the overall cost is too high, get quotations from a few other builders to compare. don't just settle on the first one you get before doing comparisons.
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    If purchase price is 2.7mil, and construction is 500k, total is 3.2mil. But if valuation of new similar hse in that area is 3mil, and loan is capped at 75%, the max loan u can get is 2.25mil. U might get 80% of the land purchase price, 2.16mil but that means loan for construction is capped at 90k, ie.. 18%.
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    bank valuation will differ from bank to bank based on their valuers' interpretation. for BSD, you will pay based on your offer price which is accepted by the seller. the bank which you are taking the mortgage loan from will then get a valuer to perform the valuation again and this value will be the agreed buying/selling price of the house. don try to get a higher valuation that what is the agreed price as this would mean you pay more BSD but your bank loan will still be based on the buying/selling price and NOT the valuation. remember that BSD is based on valuation or buying price whichever is higher. the only way your bank will grant you more loan is when your purchase price is higher which does not benefit you at all. when you need to do recon/A&A, your bank will loan you the money as a construction loan which is different from the mortgage loan. this construction loan will be at a higher interest rate during the construction phase until the TOP/CSC is obtained where it would then be converted to part of your mortgage loan at the lower interest rate. (this is from my understanding, check with your banker if this is the case or not) now, bank will NOT loan you the full 100% for the recon/A&A. the will loan you usually between 70 to 80 percent of the quotation for the recon/A&A. so this means you will need to fork out CASH for the first 20 to 30 percent of the construction until the milestone is reached where you will start to draw down the construction loan. the repayment for the construction loan will be based on how much is drawn down plus intereste. eg: if your total loan is 500k, and your first draw down is 50k, then you will pay for the installment for this 50k first. if your 2nd drawn down is 100k, then your next installment will be for the 150k which is drawn down and disbursed to the contractor. before the bank will loan you money for the recon/A&A, you will need to get a quote from the contractor as well as provide the architectural drawings for the house after the recon/A&A. the bank will then get a valuer to value the house again for AFTER recon/A&A based on the architectural drawings. the valuation of the house AFTER recon/A&A MUST be more than the value of the house BEFORE recon/A&A plus the loan amount that you are seeking. eg: current value is 2.7m. you are looking to borrow 500k for recon/A&A, so valuation of the house AFTER recon/A&A must be more than 3.2m. do note that the minimum value AFTER recon/A&A is determined by the bank. if the value AFTER is lesser than what the bank is looking at, that would mean the bank will loan you less money. in summary, you are looking at taking 2 loans. mortgage loan for you to buy the house and construction loan for you to renovate the house AFTER you officially take over the house.
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    What impressed me though, was the quality of the existing carpentry! you can be sure, after looking at the photos of the bathrooms, that the tenants didn't take particular care of the flat! Yet the carpentry was solidly built and stood the test of time! I didn't have to change the wardrobes in the three bedrooms, any of the existing cabinets, the study table or the kitchen! Just some slight remodeling of the kitchen, and some dismantling of built-in furnitures we no longer needed in the bedrooms and to accommodate 3 kids! It felt wasteful really to rip out such solidly-built stuff! I am SOOO thankful I found a good and reliable carpenter 16 years ago; he used top quality materials and his workmanship was great! To me, value is NOT about getting the cheapest price. It is getting good and lasting quality at a reasonable price. That is what I got with Yeo, my carpenter of 16 years, whom I have engaged on and off over the years, and of course I used him again when I decided to renovate and move in! Who else could I trust? And who knew the place better than him? After all he built my entire flat in the beginning! And by a pure stroke of luck, he turned out to be my neighbour so he knew the layout very VERY well and checked on his workers' workmanship every night! As a further testament, I recognise one of the workers from 16 years ago!!! So this time round, to show my appreciation and also cos he's the "old-school, not techie type", I decided to share him with all of you! Scroll behind for his contact! These are old pictures of my initial reno 16 years ago. We did our place in resort style. Some call it modern Asian style!
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    Hall is done!! Kompacplus is in. Niceeeee!
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    It's been 2 weeks since the apartment was handed over to me. A few minor rectifications to be made, but that hasn't stopped me from moving in. Moving house is back breaking work, especially for a soloist!! One tip: Get a steam mop - it gets rid of all the fine dust in no time, allowing one to focus on unpacking and moving in! Anyhow, here's a look at the current state of my Japandi-styled home! But before that, let's take a look at the configuration of the apartment pre-renovation! Pre-renovation photos The protruding store room limited what would otherwise have been a spacious entryway. A view of the kitchen and service yard from the living/dining area. Viewing out from the kitchen. Yes the size of the kitchen is small. The hallway to the various rooms and common bathroom. Post-renovation photos! If you have read this far, you would have seen the journey of structural changes this apartment has gone through over the course of the last few months. This is what is looks like now, 2 weeks after renovation! I work long hours, so when I reach home I need to relax and be greeted by the sights and sounds of nature.The water feature (from Fukai) and the lights here turn themselves on as soon as I step through the door. 😍 Water feature all lit up! Storage cabinets that have taken the place of the store room. A view of the living room area! The "cubby" below the soundbar looked messy 😅no thanks to all the devices placed there, so I covered them up with a few (inverted) baskets from Ikea! My open concept kitchen, the peninsula and dining area. A closer look at the dining area and peninsula. I am glad that I went with laminated countertop for the peninsula as it is more sturdy (scratch resistant, stain resistant and easier maintenance all around) compared to my cultured marble dining tabletop or my kitchen's solid surface countertop! A lot of people like to lament how kitchens in older (pre-2000) HDB apartments had very large kitchens compared to the HDB apartments of today. If that is true, then my apartment must have a truly "exceptional" layout with its relatively diminutive kitchen! Managed to squeeze a slim pull slide out cabinet baskets for condiments etc from Excel Hardware between the induction cooker hob and the fridge. No gas because I watched the Towering Inferno as a child and it left a deep impression on me. 😨 2 more pull out cabinet baskets from Excel Hardware, this time for plates, utensils and cutlery. On the countertop are what I consider absolute essentials for soloists - a Zojirushi rice cooker and a compact multifunctional steam oven i.e.. Panasonic Cubie. Not going to show my service yard/laundry room since I have not done much work on it yet, but just wanted to say that I really love how my Varlux ceiling mounted automatic laundry rack gets my laundry out of the way! Particularly useful when I was drying my bedsheets and mattress protector! Can't imagine having to hoist those on bamboo poles or pulling them up via a pulley system! What I now have a great appreciation for - a dehumidifier for laundry! Sucks all the moisture from laundry, and ensures no smells or mildew! Really essential if you have no choice but to dry all your laundry indoors because there is nobody at home to hoist them out into the sun (and take them back in when it starts to rain!) I use a combo washer-dryer machine, but I intend to use it only for washing to save on electricity bills and minimise wear and tear on my clothes! A number of relatives walked into the glass door of my study room when they came visiting!😵 I think I need to paste a suitable decal on it for safety. Makes me glad that I went with a 1m concrete wall for the glass wall next to it - any lower and there might have been more accidents! Managed to get my hands on a Gerton tabletop from Ikea for the computer table! Learnt how to apply polyurethane coats on it so that it looks better and is more stain resistant. These are Ikea's versatile Ekets with their optional wooden legs. I customised a woodtop order and applied polyurethane to complete the look! Cosy/reading corner in the study. A frameless and comfortable sofa bed next to my display shelf from Castlery..pardon my mish mash of anime and non-anime figurines😁 A view of the hallway to the master bedroom. It's also a great place for me to put up some art pieces! Opted to place art works on picture ledges from Ikea to minimise nailing of picture frames to the wall. This way, I can also easily swap out art pieces over time. The common bathroom. Those are Ikea Ostana lights above the mirror cabinet. Going with shower curtains instead of a glass wall for the shower area means that I can swap out different shower curtains over time to refresh the look of the bathroom! Not going to show the master bathroom because it is similar in layout and just has a different art piece and shower curtain design. And finally..the master bedroom. Not many changes since my last photos since I intend to keep the look of the entire room as basic and clutter free as possible so that I can fall asleep sooner! And that concludes a tour of my post-renovation apartment! Hope you have enjoyed reading as much as I have enjoyed writing about the process! 🤩
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    Contents Page/Helpful Links NEW!! UPDATED -- Our Home 3.5 years Later - Here -- Budgeting for your BTO, how much should you spend? - Here 1. Our Chosen Contractor + Reasons why - Here 2. Color Schemes we considered - Here 3. $9000 for all appliances! Only $930 for Hood and Induction Hob! - Here 4. $99 bathtub! - Here 5. Taobao purchases - Round 1! Stainless steel bathroom stuff for cheapssss! - Here 6. Taobao purchases - Round 2! $300 Sofa! $200 recliner! - Here 7. Our 3-D drawings! ALOT of carpentry for $25k! - Here 8. Our Renovation Begins! Bath Tub and Hafary! - Here 9. Carpentry: The Study! - Here 10. Carpentry: My Custom Built Table! - Here 11. Carpentry - Workmanship!! - Here 12. Taobao - Things you: MUST buy, CAN buy, DON'T buy! - Here 13. Final Pictures of our Home - GOODbuy! (haha) a. Study - Here b. Living Room - Here c. Kitchen - Here d. Bedroom 1 - Here e. Master Bedroom - Here f. Toilets - Here g. Final budget + Our moving company + Sofa pictures! - Here 14. Things that could have gone better - Lessons we learnt when dealing with contractors - Here 1+1=3 in our 4 Room BTO I refused, refused, refused to apply for a BTO before the hubbs proposed - no way was I going to go down the way of a 'HDB-proposal'. Practical? Not very, but maybe I'm just a old romantic at heart. So yes, he proposed, I said yes, we got engaged, married, and only THEN, did we send out our first application for a HDB flat. That was in 2012. We lucked out and got an excellent queue number for our choice estate in Tampines upon our first application. Fast forward 2.5 years, and here we are, proud new owners of a BTO fresh off the factory floor. Perhaps the timing was just perfect - our little couplehood has since, grown to include a pint-sized dictator, which means that we need not worry about how we would have to redesign the house when the little one comes along. Now that little Z is here, he is part of our plans. (Maybe it would be more apt to say that our plans are centred around him!) Hence, the first steps towards building our cosy little nook, for our family of three. Our Design Inspirations Here are some images of designs that inspired us: Too many people doing Scandinavian these days. We like the simplicity, but don't want to be mainstream lah. So we thought about it, and quite liked Zen. My ideal study! I absolutely LOVE to work from a bed, hence the L-shaped bedside table is a really awesome design feature. We also want to keep Ah boy's room clean and neat.
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    @d3n@nerrad@matchalatte, I feel like i am so suay! Not once but twice. yes holding off payment for now, and not really mentioning this for now. We don't want to sour the r/s as reno walks is still undergoing, and he was still nice in other areas... maybe when it's time for the final payment, we will then confront him again. pray it will go well man. Updates 1st coat of painting done, they will come and touch up i think, nearer to end of renovation. Carpentry mostly installed, awaiting my quartz table top to be measured. Box up all done. Curtains chosen. Left tiling of brick wall on my dining area... My taobao items came, mostly hits! Loving my green wall. Colour is less vibrant and more muted in reality. There's my husband holding the tapestry, considering to put here. Love this pink wall as well. It's like vintage rose if i am not wrong. not the vibrant sweety kind of pink. anyway i only painted the wall near the window, and the vanity area. after putting the blinds, doubt i will be seeing much of this pink >.< Bedroom accent wall chosen colour. Nippon Gray Knight. Love this! Kitchen taken at night! Sorry, no lights installed in kitchen and dining area yet ,so a little dim. yellow, because of the living room track lights. You cant really see the marble wall tiles from here though with the poor lighting. Overall, quite satisfied. A part of me wished my blue was darker. Oh well, note to myself in the next reno, always trust my own tastes. I was contemplating a darker blue actually but i changed my mind after Husband's and Contractor M persuasion. This is still beautiful. Actually what i think will make it perfect is the shaker style cabinets... HAHA. but never mind, decision made not to have shaker style, and i will not eat my words. Now awaiting the ledge area (facing dining area) to be tiled with brick wall tiles, and with my iquartz, it should be ready!!