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    Hello all, Just want to contribute my experience with y’all as I have been a silent reader and have benefitted from all the tips and recommendation here. Earlier this year. Before covid, my parents got the keys to a DILAPIDATED 4RM resale unit FROM **** [THE PREVIOUS OWNERS MUST BE SOME SLUM LOVER] and I was put in charge to source for ID/contractors to restore the unit to at least LIVABLE CONDITION. As a young adult with zero experience with ID/contractors and first time doing renovation, I set out this journey by engaging my colleagues to seek their recommendation on ID/contractor they had used. After looking at the condition and budget (approx. 45k), I crafted out the main area to work on which are, rebuild the 2x toilet, kitchen, doors, gate, windows, flooring, re-wiring and re-piping! With this plan, I approached the first 2 ID (Company A and B) which were recommended by my colleague and I WAS ASTONISHED and HORRIFIED when both company came back with the quote. Company A Company A came back with a quote of $68,000 and they were quoting me on every single item such hot piping, cold piping, door stopper, toilet trap etc etc. It was way way out of my budget as I always thought such works cost around 30-40k because I always see those ALL IN RESALE HDB PACKAGE @ 35k from FB advert. So I met with the ID and had the 2nd round negotiation to remove some stuff and in the end we managed to reduce to around 38k but the catch is only do whole house vinyl, refurbish the kitchen with tiles, change doors and change new set of toilet accessories cause the ID had the cheek to suggest that toilet can wait for HIP and the windows and the rest can live with it. OF COURSE I was UNSATISFIED and decided to wait for 2nd opinion from company B. Company B Company B did not give me a good impression when I first initiate to book a site visit because the ID gave me the reply of, “OH WHEN DO YOU PLAN TO MOVE IN? BECAUSE I HAVE TOO MANY PROJECT ON HAND, IF YOU CAN WAIT 3 MONTHS THEN OKAY” but I still decided to go on as I wanted a second opinion but it seems that the ID wasn’t as keen to take up my project as the site visit was delayed and delayed. Nevertheless, the ID did came and proclaim to be a FENGSHUI orientated ID, so we ran through the conceptualization routine and also made known my budget to the ID. ID promised that everything we want can be done within our budget and promised to send us the quotation the next working day. So after a few days, I have not got the quotation and I WhatsApp the ID, TO MY HORROR, the ID was so busy that she did not have time to get back to office to do my quotation and floor plan! Finally, I was quoted a whopping $61,000 (SO MUCH FOR WITHIN MY BUDGET, but at least this quotation includes doing the toilet!). Also, I engaged a FengShui master to take a look at the floorplan and my FS master told me it was CRAP! All the positions and placing are wrong and if I were to follow it, IT IS DESTINED TO DOOM. ( so much for Fengshui oriented.) Overall, I was not impressed by the 2 ID as they gave me the “TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT, I DON’T NEED YOUR BUSINESS” vibe, that’s why maybe the quotes were so high? By now, I was feeling down and devastated, the thought of having to live in the UNIT FROM **** is driving me crazy. Then one day, I found out that one of my colleague recently completed her renovation and she recommended me the 3rd ID, Renoguyz. RENOGUYZ Having gotten the contact from my colleague over lunch, I WhatsApp RENOGUYZ and made an appointment on the day itself. By now, I wasn’t having much hope on this project. However, this turned out to be the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE AND ALSO ONE OF THE GREATEST THAT COULD POSSIBLY HAPPEN TO ME. At 6PM, a guy casually dressed in flip flop, boxers liked shorts and t-shirt arrived and I invited him into the unit. He introduced himself as Nicholas, the owner and CHIEF ID of Renoguyz. First impression was he's a chill dude because he was armed with a pen and a piece of scrapped paper seemingly torn out from some old mail. During my explanation, he doesn’t seem to care or listen to what I’m blabbering but he would occasionally scribble some notes to show he’s working on it LOL. No measuring etc. So I casually popped the question,” how much do you think this will cost, 68k?” and at that moment I saw the light at the end of the tunnel when Nicholas replied: “SIAO AH, 68K?! THE PERSON WHO QUOTE YOU THIS PRICE IS OUT TO CHOP YOU!, THIS KIND 40K++ CAN SETTLE” So we ended the appointment with me sending him the blueprint and Nicholas promising to send me the quote by the night. Material selection Before the start of project, Nicholas will take the initiate to meet up for material choosing. So first stop is to HAFARY for the selection of tiles. As I am not a artistic person, I tend to leave everything to Nicholas and from our conversation, I know that he is a COLOURIST EXPERT. So I’d tell him, I want this and this, Nicholas will be able to immediately visualize the colour pairing and get back with NO OR YES. Which is what I like about him, because he is honest and will not sugar coat to please his customer, if it’s ugly and doesn’t match, he will tell you in your face but will provide EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS and not just leave you dangling there. I mean that’s why you engage an ID right? To provide expert views and effective solutions doubt yourself if you have engaged the right designer LOL! Right here, we proceed to select the design and material for the kitchen and also finalized the concept we talked about during the site visit and also proceed to apply for the renovation permit. Next we proceeded to the select toilet accessories at his friend place, I find the price reasonable and also great service provided by them, one good thing about it is that you can change your items anytime you want and as the plumbers are provided by them, they will transport your items over when they are installing. Also i can add new orders conveniently by whatsapping the stuff I want and just paynow them. Project Halt So as I thought everything is coming into pieces, just 3 days before the start, the govt announced that we are going into circuit breaker and all project are put to halt. During this period, Nicholas will update me on the progress and showed eagerness to resume work. When CB was lifted, he quickly set up the required procedure to ensure works are restarted ASAP. Renovation start After months of waiting, the renovation has begun and first to go are the tiles in the toilet and kitchen. Photos
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    This is the price i got for renovating my home Sharing of this price is for forumer to aware of direct electrical pricing. Don't let your contractor/id to over price you Lighting point $45 Switch Point (with big gang switch)$40 Single Power Point $80 Double Power Point $90 Data Point $110 Hood point $120 Oven point $120 Air con point $120 Heater Point $120 Installation Down light $15 Ceiling light $20 Hanging light $30 Cove light $20 Ceiling fan with light $55 Conseal Work (Hacking and make good with plastering) From $80 to $150 depends on length per conceal ptn This is the most reasonable price i got after getting more then 15 quote from id/contractor Think this is the contractor cost, i got this price because my contractor got his own team of electrician, at time he even hand on the job himself. Despite offering me at a bargain, his workmanship and coordination of work is fully satisfied by me and hubby. Anyone wish to have his contact, can pm me (I'll do my best to reply asap)
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    it's not illegal but your neighbor will not be happy that your rain water is being directed to their house. the worst thing that can happen is to be at loggerheads with your immediate neighbour. retractable awnings shouldn't need to involve a PE. if needed, the supplier's own PE should be doing the design and calculation instead of you engaging one directly.
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    The bottom pipe is just a go thru pipe by HDB for what reason I not sure, probably some emergency drainage, I attached a pic. So much rubbish dropped onto my aircon ledge, very frustrating. Buying a long rubbish picker can solve but troublesome to keep the picker, waste space. The top pipe u mentioned comes with HDB and I think it is because some water heater needed the discharge pipe, it just goes to the floor straight down, however I prefer it to go straight down the drainage and since i am doing a overlay of flooring, i made a copper pipe extension which hide under the tiles and goes to the drainage, my heater does have a small pipe which they just insert it inside without sealing, it is just a discharge pipe for them to drain water for cleaning the drum i think . I also realised the black mould on the silicon of the aircon piping cover cannot be remove even if I shrub very hard with anything cleaner. Need to buy silicon mold cleaner to get the black stuff off. I got it from supersteam which sell very useful cleaning stuff at affordable price. I love their Ultra33+ wash cloths, cheap at $10.70 for 10 and very absorbing. Ultra88 at $2 each for cleaning glass, I dry dry clean my shower mirror and all the watermark is gone even though the cloth is dry it is able to remove all watermark. Buy it if you getting some stuff from them. I also bought magic bright 503 from them which remove the limescale stain on my shower tiles which I have trouble cleaning. Very strong cleaner which is bad if u touch marble or granite will damage it but gets all floor stain on tiles very clean.
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    Always check the service company before you buy any home products. Akaz International Pte Ltd service Hobz and their service is terrible. They are never on time. They made me wait at home and did not appear. Not one time but a few time. They are disorganized and very rude to customer. They do not care if you have waited at home for them. They says to be considerate, just wait at home. The best part was the staff did not appear, they do not even bother to call to say that they are not coming. Very extremely poor service and rude company. Please, i advise that we check the service company before we buy anything. It is the worst experience. Do not get anything that is connected to Akaz Interntional. Thank you.
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    JS Carpentry: Wei Jie (project manager/designer) has been unresponsive. We hired JS to build a new kitchen. The team damaged our gas pipe during hacking, and we only found out through CityGas. Despite calling Wei Jie, he has been difficult to reach. The team of contractors (hackers, electrician, plumber) have not been punctual throughout the renovation. The hackers did not lay protective sheets and we're now delayed because of the damage done to our gas pipes. Irresponsible project manager and team of subcontractors. Wei Jie called back and told us to remove this feedback. Disappointing and stressful.
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    Hi, I want to share my experience with all. Last year Feb 2013, I started my house reconstruction project. Its a inter corner terrace and I did a complete tear down and rebuild. It cost me about $275 psf based on GFA. Its 2.5 levels, 20m by1.8M swimming pool, with widening of gate entrance. Cost includes, central aircon, kitchen, sanitary ware, auto gate, flooring, plumbing works, staircase, security cctv and intercom. My house is TOP already but many things are left unfinished. The defects are many, water leaking at windows due to no waterproofing, windows seals broken, auto gate broken, painting only done 1 coat, bathrooms leaking, water heater burned, 3 years old water heater installed instead of brand new, no warranty documents provided, no verification from architect, architect / engineer caught lying on contract costing supporting contractor, ....... and the list goes on. I am now in the process of taking legal action against my architect / engineer and main contractor. I also just found out that my main contractor has been sued before in Jan this year by another client of his. Things I learnt the very very painful way. 1 MAKE SURE ARCHITECT/ CONTRACTOR and MAIN CONTRACTOR do not know each other. Its better that you find both parties yourselves. 2 When architect / engineer tenders out the project, you should on your own source for contractors to bid and if the contractors you do not know bid a lower price, you must check carefully and understand why. 3 make sure the quotations are easy to compare, meaning the scope of supply and pricing are presented in the exactly the same format. This will help you as the layman to make comparisons on the price variance. 4 read the contract prepared by the architect / engineer carefully and thoroughly. Points to note: - late completion penalty per day should be $1,000 as per industry standard. - start date may not be the contract sign date. Start date is the date whereby BCA issues the approval for project to start work. - whats is the definition of completion date. This is important because penalty starts from completion date. As much as possible, avoid certificate of practical completion as completion date. Instead use TOP, or use a fixed date based on your completion date requirement. - define what is the definition of PC sum. If PC sum is not used or 100% used up, will balance be deducted from the contract lump sum value. - if you buy PC sum items by yourself and deduct this against the contract sum, will the contractor charge you a time and attendance fee and how much. Industry practice is 5%. This is to cover the contractor to take over delivery of items and be responsible for damages if any. 5 You will need to have close supervision when the building structure is finished and the contractor starts to do the tiling. From here on, you need to be at site everyday if possible. 6 if your house already has singtel fibre optic (open net) connection in place, inform architect / engineer and contractor to protect and maintain the connection when doing the construction. This will cost you at least $5K to be paid to singtel if you asked them to come and relay the fibre. 7 make sure you are on site to check the materials being used for your house are as per contract specifications. Ask for certificates of authenticity or quality as this should be included in the contract requirements. 8 Make sure your architect / engineer present to you the certification of the progress works, material authenticity and quality is in accordance to the work schedule and contract specifications. MAKE SURE you keep a copy of this certification. 9 MAKE SURE YOU KEEP SOLID DOCUMENTATION ON ALL CORRESPONDENCES WITH ALL PARTIES INCLUDING BCA, NEA, URA, LTA. 10 When communicating with architect / engineer and main contractor, always document, especially changes against drawings, contract, costing...etc 11 Make sure your main contractor has good coordination and control over his sub contractors. This is very important and critical to your completion time and quality of finish because the house construction works according to the various trades coordination. For example, plumbing works before tiling, sanitary ware after tiling, aircon before ceiling and flooring, ceiling before wood flooring.... You will be able to know how good your main contractor is by being on site to see the sub contractors present. 12 the following sub contractors are usually involved in a reconstruct project. civil and building works, tiling, plumbing, wood flooring, staircase, windows and doors and glass, painting, auto gate, security, swimming pool, swimming pool system, aircon, kitchen, and electrician. On separate topic, renovation vs A&A vs Reconstruct. 1 Renovate is cheapest. No change in structure outside. Reshape internal of house. 2 A&A. Change in house structure but no change to super structure meaning foundation, pillar and floor remains the same. 3 tear down everything and rebuild. Differences A&A cannot change height of ceiling, and GFA remains largely the same. Cost is about 70% of reconstruct. Time to completion is faster. Reconstruct means major GFA. You can maximise this in accordance to BCA. Height of ceiling changes. More costs involved and more submissions to BCA, URA and NEA and LTA also involved if changes to gate and boundary walls. Also you will need to build a bomb shelter. If you want the names of architect / engineer and main contractor NOT TO ENGAGE, pm me.
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    Thanks Jackwolf for the word of advice
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    i feel that if the seller can help the buyer it will be better. esp when the buyer need to do hacking. in the indeminity form. the renovation date can be after the 2nd appointment. this will put the seller in a safe spot. why can't the seller help in this???? i have a nice seller whose helping me to do that thou i have a super bad buyer for my unit. before submiting the actual copy, i email them a copy of the form too with the reno contractor company stamp on it. approving the form from the PE usually take about 4working days or more...
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    Hi Froggy, actually, this is very common and most buyers will be careful during the reno period since they are buying over the flat, then they wouldn't want to do any illegal reno in the flat etc and land themselves in trouble. The idemnity form covers the seller and if you have it in black and white, no big deal to let the buyer do early reno. I signed one last year so the buyers could move in during cny. The flat is vacant anyway so no big deal. To further cover yourself, you can also get a reno agreement from your property agent and get the buyer to sign it.
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