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    7 Aug 2020, completion of my renovation Hi Everyone, so sorry for not updating my blog for super long time. I didn't manage to take any picture for my renovation (due to CB). So, here's my completed renovation pictures. A new chapter of my life have start on 8 Aug 2020. Stay Healthy, Stay Safe & Stay Positive everyone. Living Room Dining Area Bedroom Kitchen Toilet Previous Topic Back to Content Page
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    Congrats! Nice! I like the wood + white combination. just like mine :x lol! I am ready for another trip to the northeast ; )
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    Wardrobe sliding doors is not a big problem I think that can't be handled. Maybe check by google or YouTube videos? When it comes something to do in our house we first try with my husband to do by ourselves. We do many things together, and I try to support him. When we have a new case or need some opinions and guidance we use https://guides4homeowners.co.uk and know how to fix something in our shower, or even outside the house many topics are available, very interesting and helpful! There are hundreds of articles and I think your case is available there also!
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    extending your house from 2 storey to 2.5 storey means it would be a reconstruction project. Fee payable to URA is $6420 (including GST). you will need to find a QP (architect or professional engineer) to do the submission for you. as you've been staying in the house for so long, I supposed you have the original building plans. talk to a PE or a builder (who would find a PE) on whether it is possible to extend your house to 2.5 storey or not. A lot depends on the existing foundation and whether the foundation can support the additional storey. If foundation needs to be strengthened, then it would mean extra cost. Then the PE would need to design the structure for the new attic storey. Whether to use steel structure or RC structure for the attic would be up to the PE and costs would be different. Redo the wiring and sanitary would be another big cost especially if the existing pipes are all concealed. this would mean the existing pipes need to be hacked out from the walls and new conduits/pipes inserted and walls re-plastered. this could be easily 80k to 100k in costs without the sanitary fittings included. If your existing house does not have 3 phase electricity and you wish to upgrade to 3 phase, then need to pay another 5K plus to SP Group to run the new cable to your house. The electrician would also need to run new underground cables from the meter compartment to the distribution box in your house. All in all, expect to spend at least 300k and up to redo your house. Construction cost is evolving and may go upwards depending on how the COVID-19 situation pans out. Currently all construction workers need to undergo swab test every 2 weeks and this cost is being borne by the government until 31 Mar 2021. If there is no vaccine for COVID-19 by then and government decides not to fund this testing anymore, this cost would be borne by the contractors and passed back to the owners/developers. Assuming the cost of testing each worker every time is $200, if the contractor has 10 workers on hand, this would be an additional $4000 every month. So if your project is estimated to take 12 months to complete, this swabbing cost would most likely be passed back to you and your construction cost would increase by $48k. If you add in the cost recovered by other subcons, this additional cost would be much higher. While it is good your you to start planning the works now, I would suggest holding off the works for 1 year or so if you can until at least the COVID-19 situation stabalises in SG. Currently even though construction industry has restarted and BCA had allowed many projects which were paused during the CB to resume, I still see many landed housing projects not restarting due to the lack of workers.
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    It has been more than 2 years since my last update. Recently I painted the recess area of the wall in my master bedroom to make it like a feature wall.
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    Layout of Bidadari Alkaff Oasis is similar to punggol bto, with the Bombshelter constructed on the opposite side of the hall. Layout ideas are be found from Renovation; 15 Concise layout Design for Alkaff Oasis Bidadari & 15 Brilliant Layout ideas for Bidadari
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    M Aluminium & Glass Pte Ltd Window Grilles are a necessity for the security of your home. Having grilles not only acts as a preventive measure for burglary, but provides a form of safety for young kids and pets. We offer an extensive range of aluminium window grilles for HDBs, Condominiums and Commercial properties with locking mechanisms- all to your home's measurements. Aluminium comes naturally in Silver, Bronze or Black. Other colors are powder coated and can be customized as well. BTO PACKAGES AVAILABLE Type 1: Half Height Aluminium Grilles (Height not more than 1m) Colors: Silver, Bronze, Black (A1 Design) 3 Room - $580 nett 4 Room - $680 nett 5 Room - $780 nett Type 2: Full Height Aluminium Grilles (Height not more than 1.3m) Colors: Silver, Bronze, Black (A1 Design) 3 Room - $730 nett 4 Room - $830 nett 5 Room - $930 nett Add On Service Yard 3-Way Track Sliding Window: Bronze, Silver, Black $400 Powder Coated $500 Additional charges apply for powder coated grilles Contact us at 9851 4223 for a quotation or visit our website at https://www.magworks.sg/collections/window-grilles-catalogue for more information
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    There's a lot of tiny bugs on my walls. No matter how much I clean the walls the bugs jus keep appearing. Can anyone tell me what's wrong and what can be done? Is it the paint?
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    As the old drying rack on the ceiling has been removed, I installed a foldaway drying rack in the kitchen. This drying rack has a total length 4.2m of clothes hanging line. But it is not strong enough to hold heavy clothes like wet jeans. Do take note that kitchen windows have been changed to Bestview windows with invisible grille to bring in more sunlight.