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    Im pretty happy with my contractor which I've decided to go ahead with after hearing friends recommendation. Here is the finished product!
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    Normally precon survey is done to document the existing conditions of neighboring houses so that claims which are made can be verified. Whether illegal structure or not is covered I’m not too sure. But if the structure is already there and damage is a direct result of the construction, the builder should rectify the damages. survey is not needed unless you want to confirm encroachment and such. Even then, there’s no need to submit to URA if you are just doing an A&A. that’s why I had advised you to find an experienced builder instead of relying on your contractor. Normally people who had not done landed houses before do not known the processes required
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    Hi, i just want to share my simple renovation for 2 room BTO which I collected my keys in July 2018. Yes, I am quite a bit late to post, but I still hope to share with people though the current floor plan might be very different for new home owners. I met up with two contractors, and was deciding between them until I met my chosen contractor by fate. I went several floors, hoping to sight any home doing reno works. And I chanced upon my contractor who was there. I brought him to my unit and we discussed the details and what I wanna do. At that time, i had already finished painted my house within four days. Started the renovations in August 2018, and by end Sep it was ready. Relatively fast because being 7th lunar month, no one wants to renovate so time is on my side. Here is my floor plan... In all , my renovation costs around 10K (based on year 2018), excluding electrical wiring as I engaged Mr Sim to do it for me. Overall I am very satisfied though there are hiccups here and there. But with a call, it was resolved by my contractor who was very busy with his other bigger projects. I will like to highlight that it is very important to request to see the projects that your contractor is handling. You will be able to see the workmanship and materials too. I wish everyone a happy and smoothly renovation and if you have any questions, do drop me a line. Thank you for viewing!
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    Have finally moved into my humble abode recently and decided to warn anyone here who is looking for renovation contractor because I had the worst experience. I am not revealing the company name here because my problem is quite unique and I think the Contractor himself can easily identify himself. So PM me if you want to have the details, I know it is an inconvenience but I seriously do not want to invite trouble since I'd be living alone and am powerless against someone with deep pocket like him. Yes, consumers are no longer the kings these days. HDB ought to do something about these errant contractors.
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    Rental management software for real estate properties can include end-to-end functionality such as marketing, rental applications, tenant screening, property management, payment processing, and accounting.
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    hmm...then does it mean my builder not that good coz he said in 2010, he built (i think he means erection, A&A, reconstruct) slight more than 100houses! Before i sign up with my architect, i was in his office and i saw his 2010 projects (on his computer) also look like more than 50 coz they were in folders on his computer I think i'm going to hijack your thread and post my builder and architect's contact coz i'm sick of replying to countless pm on contacts. Every time i'm out of town i receive PM then don't reply feel bad. Reply like waste my sleeping time. Details of my project 1) Reconstruction (hack everything except pillars and staircase) 2) New walls for entire house using red bricks (even boundary walls) 3) 2storey become 2.5storey 4) 4rooms become 5rooms 5) 2toilets become 4toilets 6) land size 1846sqft buildup (i think it's 2800sqft,never ask before) before was about 2000sqft 7) no piling, did new footings 8) Did not share projects with others or neighbors etc. 9) No tender done SL Goh Builders Ben Goh 6447 9703 9693 7064 Design Archcrylic Kelvin Quah 6570 9856 93878056 Kitchen Koncept William Teo 6270 8548 9296 2518 My ++ Interior (friend) Ronnie Lin 9746 7020 generally happy with all of the above. I can work peacefully without having to worry about them communicating with each other and i don't have to keep going down to check on the site. Pleased that i'm able to solve issues through the phone! So i guess this means project management good?
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    Try the shophouses at 277 Kranji Way... plenty of hardware shops selling....make sure you check with your carpenter what is the depth of the drawers and get accordingly... I'm using the 560H (tandem plus blumotion) series, make sure the dealer sells u one pair of runner and the locking device as a complete package; if the locking device is missing, the runners will not be firmly seated at the drawer base. More details are available for PDF at their Blum website.
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    Up till now, the sequence is like this: - Demo (9 Sept, 13 Sept) - Clearing (14 Sept) - Upload materials (14 Sept) - Tiling bath/WC floor, kitchen wall, install door frame (15 Sept) - Tiling living room/bedrooms, grouting, cementing door frame (16 Sept, 17 Sept) - Rework tiling living room/kitchen, gas-meter relocation, grouting, touchup (18 Sept, 20 Sept) - Delivery of sink, taps, etc (21 Sept) - AC rewiring (22 Sept, 16 Oct) - Windows (23 Sept) - Plumbing/aircon piping & condenser installation (24 Sept) - Ceiling works (28 Sept, 29 Sept) - Painting works (01 Oct, 02 Oct) - Installation of aircon FCU (02 Oct) - Lighting and switches installation (05 Oct) - Acid cleaning and touchup (06 Oct) - Carpentry (07 Oct, 13 Oct, 16 Oct) - Glassworks (07 Oct, 12 Oct) - OpenNet installation (13 Oct) - Installation of window grilles (13 Oct) - Installation of doors (13 Oct) - Handover (30 Oct)