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    Mould are always the worst because they always keep coming back and you have to make sure to kill all the mould spores so that mould never comes back on your tiles or walls
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    Homogeneous tiles are like that they look very nice but have to be maintained
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    Had used the http://hcl89.byethost10.com before to clean some of my toilet tiles as well as the grouts and so far the grouts have reverted to the original colour when i first bought the tiles. Very good product if you want to refurbish your grouts or tiles
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    Hello to all members here! I have been following this forum for 2 years. This is my very first post. Expecting my keys this Dec/Jan. Location: Eastcreek@Canberra Type 2, 47sqm @studioflatter: Really sorry to hear your horrifying reno experience. Hopefully, everything unpleasant will be over and done with and you can settle down nicely in your new home. @CaseBlue: I plan to put up insect screen too. Could you share your experience in sourcing for the suitable service provider for insect screen? Thanks in advance!
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    I noticed that too especially if you have homogeneous tiles
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    Since Christmas is coming soon, so I thought i'd decorate my Computer area to make it a lil more festive lol. The wire mesh thingy and the wire shelves were from Daiso, and I hanged them up using 3 x 3M Hooks. RGB led strips i bought cheaply from online shopping sites. Decided to not have a traditional big xmas tree and change to a mini one because it takes up less space, easier to store, i think it looks cuter too lol. 😄 Christmas is the perfect excuse to let loose and enjoy an explosion of RGB rainbow colour don'tcha think? hahahaha 😂 Merry Christmas Everyone!! 🎄
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    Just wanted to share my personal experience here. I recently got my new BTO flat with my husband and 5 year old daughter. Everything was going well for us and we were excited to move in. Before we started on the renovation works, we did the "Door Opening Ritual" as being told by my husband's parents. (Rolling of pineapple, sprinkled rice and salt on the floor and we also placed some offerings on the floor, as well as some joss sticks and candles.) After the renovation was done, we moved into our new home but little did we know that strange things started to happen after that. I started to hear strange sounds from corners of my house whenever i was alone at home with my daughter. My husband works on night shifts and i was alone with my daughter most of the time. Initially i tried to ignore the strange sounds and i thought that i was thinking too much.. or perhaps the sound that i heard was coming from my neighbours. Things started to get worse when my little daughter started to tell me she saw a "big sister" wearing in white, standing at a corner in our house, sometimes appearing in my room and sitting on my bed! My daughter would then ask me where does the "big sister" come from? Why is she in our house and i am not talking to her? I freaked out.. there was no "big sister" in our house! I told my husband about what our daughter saw and he also shared that on some occasions he felt his hair standing while he was trying to take his nap, even in broad daylight. On some other occasions, he would saw shadows flashing past him from the corner of his eye. We had an altar at home and a "Guan Yin Niang Niang" statue inherited from my late mum but it seemed like the spirit(s) in our house wasn't afraid of the deity although we have been praying everyday? How could that be possible? I was quite puzzled by this and this whole thing lasted for quite a few months until we felt that we couldn't take it anymore and decided to seek help. We also surveyed around but it was really hard to find a master that could help us. One of the master we found, who offered supernatural cleansing services wanted to charge us like $588??? We were lucky enough, my husband went around to ask his friends and we got introduced to this Taoist master that does supernatural cleansing for free. Yes, free. We invited him over to our house to take a look immediately. When the master arrived at our house, he felt that our house was very "Ying". This master has "阴阳眼" (3rd eye) and was able to see the female spirit hiding in our master bedroom. He started to perform the ritual and invited the female spirit to possess one of his disciple's body so they can negotiate with the female spirit. The master then asked the female spirit why was she in our house and she answered that she came over to our house because of the "offerings" that we placed on the ground before we moved in! Throughout the whole negotiation process, the female spirit was quite aggressive but my husband and i could tell that she was very afraid of the master. In the end, the master captured the spirit away and ensured us we will be safe from now on. After that, we got to know from the master that we had did the door opening ritual wrongly. 1) We shouldn't have placed the offerings on the floor and offered joss sticks and candles in the first place as this actually meant that the offerings are for spirits instead of deities. 2) We did not engage any professional master for auspicious date selection for our door opening ritual as we thought that by doing some research online, we could save that bit of money and hassle. 3) We did not pick any auspicious date for renovation works as well. The master told us this is very important as we might never know, if any of the renovation workers hurt themselves in our house during the renovation process as we are not there to monitor. And moreover, accidents will tend to happen sometimes and it is not within our control. It is also considered very "unlucky" if accidents do happen in the house before the owner shift in. 4) Although we had an altar at home, our "Guan Yin Niang Niang - Goddess of Mercy" was not being "Kai Guang" properly after we shifted house. The master told us that the spirits can enter our house though the "香炉“, especially if the deity statue has not been "Kai Guang" properly. 4) The master also advise us that the area we are staying in was actually a forested area previously hence it is easier to attract spirits and unclean stuff. Since what was being done cannot be undone, we asked the master if there is anything we could do to improve the situation as we do not want to have any more trouble and any other spirits from entering our house and disturbing us. The master advise us to "Kai Guang" our Goddess of Mercy deity properly and he also help to "cleanse" and "seal" our house by performing some rituals. We went ahead with it. Surprisingly, my husband actually strike 4D starter on the same day after the "Kai Guang" ritual was being done. But the main point was not about striking 4D. We just want to ensure our daughter is safe, our whole family is safe. My daughter also did not mentioned about any "big sister" anymore after the whole ritual was being done. We are really thankful for what the master did for us. Hope to share the story with the readers here so will not commit the same mistake as me and husband did.
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    Hi, to all, Here's my floor plan. I do like the squarish kitchen. But I am not accustomed to having the bathroom door in the living room. @evozero: I tried balloting for eastlink but obviously I didn't get it, eastlink so much nearer to the canberra mrt, unlike eastcreek at a far flung corner, but I'm still glad to get an unit just that I need to travel a bit more to the mrt station😅
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    renovation more or less done some 360 photos below, paiseh, due to some renotalk forum bug, when i post links, it makes the post hidden. so to view the 360 photos, u have to copy the url below and paste into a browser, it should then show the photo Entrance s.insta360.com/p/cc1a288051dfe349ad53892549e29d73 Kitchen s.insta360.com/p/c0db7349689be3978070646a23601f18 Toilet s.insta360.com/p/71a2226b2181e08da83515122818dbf0 Living/Bedroom s.insta360.com/p/2849c940aefcc301de7e8907eae40dc4 question: just discovered that aircon cold air is slightly escaping through the bottom gap of the sliding doors. any solutions?
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    basically this DIP is telling you this 1. your house (which falls under general development) must be at least 4.0m above the Singapore Height Datum. 2. if your house is already 4.0m above the Singapore Height Datum, then your house must be at least 300mm above the adjacent ground/road level. this 300mm is the level required to prevent water from flowing from the ground/road into your property PUB will give your the MPL (minimum platform level) which your house needs to be built. the MPL is the level where the 1st storey must be location at or above. so now if they tell you your house must be 1m above road level, it means your existing ground/road is only at 3.0m above the Singapore Height Datum. so your 1st storey must be at 1m above road level. anything below this 1m can be considered as a basement if you choose to build a basement. building height of 12m will be computed from this MPL. there is no way you can escape this clause since PUB is unlikely to grant you clearance if your design is below the MPL. if PUB don't give you clearance, URA will not give you PP or WP and BCA won't give you permit so you can't do anything. edit: above the table already has the clause "The Minimum Platform Level for development on the selected area shall not be lower than the highest level shown in the table". so it's take whichever level is highest. the other clause of owner accepting risk is only applicable if there are site constraints. you need to read the DIP in the entire context and not pick and choose which ones you want. quote from my own DIP, "If the minimum platform cannot be complied with due to site constraints or other technical reasons, the owner/developer shall make the following endorsement on the building plan: “The Owner/Developer has given due consideration to PUB’s advice on the minimum platform level and is aware that the lower existing/proposed platform level may subject the development to flood risks”."
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    landed housing zone has only height restrictions, no GFA. height is based on URA envelope design. 3 storey house is able to go up to 15.5m. 2 storey is able to go up to 12m.
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    all questions you asked can be answered by an architect. how much it will cost for site visit I don't know. you will have to do some cold calls to architect firms to find out. floor plan is needed if you need to do the works. it can be bought from BCA. my house plans were from 1958 and are old hand drawn plans which BCA scan into pdf format. just pay $ can buy. but only owner or owner's authorised person can buy from BCA. if you already have a ramp, why don't keep it. it would be better than having to walk up steps especially if you are planning to stay in there till you get old. I think what you have is a single storey house with an attic instead of a 2 storey house. if the existing house is declared as a single storey with attic, then you will need to do a reconstruction to add a full level. but I may be wrong on this so get an architect to advise you on this. if you want, share the location of the house and can see more from google street view of the house.
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    I made the kitchen door less wider to a normal door width by installing a false wall.original dimension is very wide entrance. i put solid pine barn door as the kitchen door. **** heavy by itself but the rolling track helps using it with ease. 2 Reasons y i cover the kitchen is because my neighbor opp can see when i open my main door.I can see theirs too.We are the two only units on the level have such unique '' corner " layout.The rest of the units are facing the corridor.Other reason is i have A/C in the living room. Flooring is a mix of ceramic tiles for door & kitchen entrance leading to the entrance of bathroom while the rest of the entire unit is vinyl flooring. Vinyl doesn't sound as hollow and lightly textured according to the wood grain design. I encountered several issues/problems during renovation like others in this forum.Its really can be a exciting & the same time frustrating experience esp for first timer like myself. Will post more in future.
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    Go to URA Site, scroll to click on "Launch" beside "URA Space" In "URA Space" go to "Control Plan" menu to check" 1) "Landed Housing Area Plan" to see your estate area's maximum building storey & type. 2) "Building Height Plan" which shows AMSL (short for Above Mean Sea Level) There are also other infor that you can check
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    you will need to have 2m set back at the back and sides as well as 7.5m set back at the front. so technically your buildable area becomes 10m x 25.5m which gives you 255sqm for the ground floor. assuming the house is in a 2 storey landed housing zone, you can build another storey plus an attic level above. so if you decide to max out your available floor area is 255sqm (ground floor), 255sqm (2nd storey) and 185sqm (attic). attic is assumed to have a further 3.5m setback both front and back from the building's foot print. of cos if you decide to do a pitched roof for your attic, this area will become bigger if the area under the pitched roof is taken into account. since your architect told you needs to be 1m above ground, it has to be as this means your house is in a low lying area and the house needs to be raised up to prevent flooding. the level above ground is determined based on a relative level which is the Singapore Datum. if your house is below this datum, it will need to be raised above this datum level hence the 1m. BUT the "good" thing is that URA can consider this 1m to be a basement and your building height is then calculated from this 1m level. of cos there are other guidelines which need to be adhered to for this basement. a basement would cost you another 400k to 500k of construction cost. a lot of the money will actually go into providing for Earth Retaining Stabilising Structure (ERSS) which is a temporary structure to prop the ground while it is being excavated. since you are already in a low lying area, this is much more important since you have a high chance of your house being on clay like soil. If you want a basement, the only way is for you to tear down and rebuilt. If you can forgo the basement, then you could build a pool in the existing house within the current 2m setback. of cos if you are planning to dig anything more than 1.5m for the pool, you might need to do ERSS as well to prevent the soil from collapsing during the building of the pool. Budget wise, I guess it depends on if you are doing a reconstruction or new built. a new build could cost you 1.5M without basement. Then again, it depends on what type of finishing you are looking at. if you want to have marble or granite everywhere in the house, be prepared to fork out more money for the natural stone. edit: forgot to mention that you will need to check if there is a public sewer running through your land. if there is and the current house isn't built over the sewer but you wish to build your house over the sewer, you will need to build a RC trench to protect this sewer. This RC trench can cost you about 50k to more than 100k depending on how deep your sewer is and how much it is within your plot.
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    Correct, polishing should be fine but not grinding for ceramic as the ceramic tiles will be scratched