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    the timer module can fail after years of use. there's no user replaceable part inside. you can try to bypass by flipping up the cover and pull down the switch from Auto to I. if doesn't work, you can try to swop the timer module with the one on the right side. you need to open the DB cover and then disconnect the wires connected to the timers. remember to turn off the breakers first and confirm there's no electricity flowing by using a test pen. once the wires are disconnected, make sure the wires do not touch anything as you can cause a short. if confirmed timer failed, you can buy a new one online or from electrical component suppliers.
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    then you need to ask yourself what is deemed by "attractive". your 2M estimate based on less than $400psf is because of the calculation of 3.5 storey. based on 2000sqf foot print, the potential built up for 3.5 storey is almost 7000 sqf hence the cost. I think most design and build contractors will exclude all those items. But if you go through an architect to project manage for you, these items can all be part of the tender requirements so contractors will have to quote for them as well. whether a semi-d or detached will be of higher value will depends on your location. you can do a quick search for any properties currently being sold around your area and see how much they are being sold for. comparison criteria would be houses with same number of storey with similar land size and age. construction cost is always going to go up due to inflation and such. So if there is a compelling reason now for you to rebuild and this reason will still be there 5 or 10 years down the road, then you might as well do it now rather than later. at least you will have more years to enjoy the house by doing it earlier. I would suggest you discuss with your partner on what are your long term plans esp the lifestyle after retirement. I think most of us who have kids would like to have at least one kid eventually staying with us even after they get married even though the kids may think otherwise. So if you rebuilt your house to a 7000 sqf house but end up only 2 pax staying there, would you want to stay in an empty house? or are you contented with the size of the current house which may still be big for 2 pax but still manageable. But if the house is going to be your home till you grow old, does the infrastructure allow you to move around easily? we all will grow old and if unfortunately if our legs decided not to work well in future, will we be able to climb up and down the stairs daily if there's no lift in the house? There can be 1001 questions to be asked but these can only be asked and answered by you and your partner. In short, the answers to your plans 15 or 20 years down the road will give you the answer to whether to take the plunge today to rebuilt the house.
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    if there is an intention to flip, then you need to plan out your timeline. landed houses prices will usually go up in the long run. back in late 2000s, an inter-terrace can be bought for 700k+. When the property prices spikes through to 2014, inter-terrace prices were averaging for around 2M. Even though prices came down by about 10% (experts were harping 20% drops) after 2014 till 1st quarter 2017, the prices are still way higher than late 2000s. Today, an inter-terrace starting price is from 2.5M up. My reference is around where I'm currently staying and all based on old inter-terrace houses which are at least 30-40 years old. Also remember that if you sell high, you will also need to buy high if you plan to buy another landed house after you sell your current one. Of cos there's always the option of downgrading to a condo in future if your kids decide not to stay with you and your spouse after they get married. at this point, tender prices are about 30 percent higher than back in 2019. you can see the cost of raw materials (BCA data) from the table below. if you are planning to have a house with 2000sqf foot print, potentially you can have about 5000+sqf built up for a 2.5 storey house. assuming 5000sqf at $400 per sqf, you are looking at a construction cost of about $2M. don't worry too much about what you neighbour might do in future as that is beyond your control. design and build your house to your own personal requirements and preferences. nowadays developers usually max out the entire site to build huge houses and if yours has lots of greenery, it can become a unique selling point also. Do note that if you are intending to convert to a detached house, you are also bound by a site coverage ratio of 50% (40% if within GCB areas). So if you detached your house from your neighbour, your neighbour if he choose to rebuilt will also need to redevelop into a detached house and thus will be bound by this site coverage ratio. As such, you are unlikely to have the huge house and mickey mouse house issue. I think what Pete is trying to say is that if you are planning to flip in the near future, don't spend too much on doing renovations (A&A) as it doesn't add much value to the existing house. rebuilt is another thing on its own
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    You'll need to share more on your budget, number of family members, intended stay etc etc Eg, someone intending to flip should not do too much. Renovations don't add as much value as the owner may perceive.. But if it's your forever home, then a rebuild will make more sense, especially if there are many inhabitants. Talk it through with your spouse, your wallet and then your head... good luck
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    I’ve also been stuck in this zone too ..
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    @leechaorui, I typed a long reply to you but need moderator to approve. so just have to wait
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    Oh, to be honest, I have no idea if creating a company that engages in trade but doesn't pay taxes is possible. Even the non-commercial organizations already operating do not think it would be an option. I also opened a company and tried to implement some steps to exempt me from taxes, but it didn't work. After a friend recommended I create paystubs and analyze my income and expenses, I understood that these taxes exist anyway. So I don't know if there is a solution to this.
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    The corner fan is a good investment, easy to clean as there is no cage. The wind also very strong. I highly recommend it 😀
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    Red outline is the box. Green outline is the SPD. To remove the SPD, unscrew the 4 visible screws at the perimeter of box and out pops the box cover. Then use a Philips P2 to loosen all the cable connections. To remove the SPD: The will be a spring loaded metallic clamp. Use a flat head screw drive to push down the clamp’s recessed hole to loosen the clamp as show in red circle outline The blue rectangle outline is the DIN Rail where the SPD’s clamp latches on to give support. For a Type1+Type2 combi SPD, I will recommend Hager SPA401or DEHN 941310. For around SG$500-$700, is only a fraction of your hi fi setup, not even 3% of an amp. KAM is made in China, too cheap to trust. Do note the KAM is Type3 and you will need a Type3 to protect your setup and needed to be as close as possible to your setup. You can consider DEHN 953205. This is a single phase Type3 SPD. It is about SG$100+ from Amazon. DEHN & Hager mostly made in Germany.
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    The most common household pests are, of course, cockroaches. They are carriers of infections and diseases, multiply extremely quickly and are very tenacious. Cockroaches can go without food for a long time, and also adapt to poisons, so it is difficult to get rid of them even with the help of chemicals. No less common are dust mites — microscopic insects that live on bookshelves, in furniture upholstery, and other dusty places. They often cause allergic reactions and can cause asthma. In fact, I'm very familiar with all this since I've been through it. A couple of years ago, we bought a house that we thought was perfect. After starting repairs there and dismantling the floors, it turned out that it was full of cockroaches. After searching the Internet for a solution, we came across pest control, which helped us. I hope you can solve your problem quickly!
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