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    Finally got a contractor willing to move my laundry rack. My ID d not want to do it.
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    3D drawing of my kitchen. Looks bigger than actual. Won't b seeing it take shape any time soon. Workers r stuck in Malaysia.
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    it's not about better. it's about how much power you need for your house. for example, a 32A induction cooker would draw 7.36KVA of power (at max). so if the house has a single phase 100A 230V supply, the maximum available power is 23KVA which would mean there is only 15.64KVA available for other appliances like aircon, water heater, etc. But for a house with 3 phase 60A 400V supply, the appliances with heavy loading can be spread evenly across the 3 phases, eg: induction cooker is on brown phase, water heater on black phase, ducted aircon on grey phase. with a total available power of 41KVA, there's also slightly more room for installation of appliances which need higher current draw.
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    13 Mar to 22 Mar – Hacking, Masonry and Piping works On 13 Mar, my renovation officially starts. The wall that separate my bedroom and living was hacked away to make room for my TV cabinet. The aircon piping done and toilet door sealed up. 50mm kitchen cabinet plinth and shower kerb done too. One bad news is, my ID told me that my project will be delayed due to the current situation (COVID-19 + Malaysia lockdown). As their carpenters are all Malaysian and their carpentry work are all done in Malaysia before they bring it out to install. Currently there’s only 14 carpenters are here to support 60-ish IDs and their projects. Will have to see how things goes and plan along the way. 😟 Before / After Wall between my room and living room hacked and the toilet entrance from my bedroom sealed. Aircon piping position for living room and bedroom. I have decided to group my toilet bowl and the shower together as my wet area. Shower kerb created to split them apart and tiles for toilet done. Kitchen cabinet plinth erected. Previous Topic Next Topic Back to Content Page
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    check with your contractor and SP on whether SINGLE PHASE 100A requires inspection or not. I may be wrong here as I know THREE phase 100A would require inspection. a single phase 100A at 230V will be at 23KVA 3 phase 60A at 400V would be at 41KVA 3 phase 100A at 400A would be at 69KVA from what I read, EMA requires anything more than 45KVA do have annual inspection. so a single phase 100A is only 23KVA so might not require annual inspection. but you need to determine if 100A is sufficient for your usage or not especially if you want to run aircon, induction cookers, etc all at the same time. for solar power sell back to grid, you will need to "pay" a transmission cost. for example if currently SP is selling you electricity at 23 cents per KW, when you sell back to them, the price you get from selling would be about 18 cents per KW after deducting the transmission cost. the numbers I provided are not the exact number but just to illustrate the point of transmission costs. since you are doing up your house now, just provision for an isolator for future use if you do not want to install solar panels now. else next time have to run wires would be more messy.
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    It takes around 8-10 years to break even and it’s not so easy but ask the sellers to take you through. As for 63a, this thread may help