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    Hello! I was deciding between induction and traditional stove as well but decided on old school stove. I was thinking of trying out 1 or 2 of my mum's recipes for kueh kueh (if I ever really try making😁) I was afraid induction cannot do steaming for long hours.... Also never used induction cooker no idea how it's like so I stick to old type. I guess depend on what and how often you cook?
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    to get the most accurate building height, you will need to engage a surveyor to perform a site survey. this means someone would need to climb up to the roof or below the roof with an instrument where another person can use a laser level to determine the height difference between the roof and know points on the ground. of cos the other alternative is just buy from BCA as the building plans will contain this information since after the house is build, as-built drawings need to be submitted to BCA. if you are not intending to add another attic level on top of your existing 3rd storey, then height doesn't really matter. but I guess a survey would still be done by the contractors on the existing building itself DIP and SIP can be purchased now. no need to be owner to buy. one tip for others is that DIP and SIP should be purchased before signing of OTP so that you can decide not to buy the house in the event that the house is affected by drainage reserves and/or has a sewer running through it. cos one you sign the OTP, you would lose your deposit if you decide to back out of the purchase. lateral extension may also require soil investigation, especially on the area where the extension is to be done. however this is determined by the risk appetite of your PE. It is better to pay about 3k for the soil investigation rather than be sorry later when the foundation for the extension fails/sinks due to the lack of soil data for a proper foundation design.
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    I do agreed with you, I selectively pantang type. Will also do the pineapple roll and salt throwing too. 🤣
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    Hello @BunniBoi! I can understand your current feeling. The "agony" of anticipation, logging in regularly hoping to see fresh update of estimated completion date and nothing changes 😧😔 HDB wants your latest update on marital status and ownership of private property, bought or inherited... I really don't know whether hdb will mass send out notifications for particulars update to all owners of the same building project or hdb send out in batches in line with individual key collection date. Nevertheless the Particulars thingy will come before key collection date. HDB only send out email notification for Particulars update but send email AND sms notification for key collection. So if you did give your email address to hdb for contact, you will have to keep an eye on your email inbox. For my case, it was stated Q4 2019. So since September I logged in regularly hoping to see new update. Oct received notification to update particulars, and FINALLY new update stating End of November 2019. Coincidentally, my mum has a friend whose son got an unit in the same area as me and he got his keys in Oct! While in Oct my latest hdb update is end November. So my guess is the estimated date is targeted at the whole building project initially but towards key collection, the update on myhdb page will depend on individual block. Actually l think you can guess whether you will be the earlier batch or later batch in the Quarter by looking at the building progress photos hdb upload to your myhdb page, provided you have been following the photos. For me, the photos showed that while the other blocks in my area are already few storeys high, mine just started foundation. So no wonder others got their unit and started renovation and I was just about to collect keys. Tentatively, no intention to hack anything. Unless upon seeing the actual unit and I felt hacking is necessary. OK, paiseh, above is very long post 😅
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    hehehe i remembered when i was doing my renovation, it was during Lunar Ghost Month imagine that lol. As im the not pantang, but abit pantang type, i did the usual roll pineapple, throw salt procedures etc, but i didn't do any elaborate rituals or anything. So far touch wood, been staying safely and happily for the past 2 years already. Try not to think about it too much ba. If you were advised by your elders (grandparents or parents) to do a procedure, just follow lor as a mark of respect. Superstitions are culturally important, but don't let them rule your life. Just my 2 cents.
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    first, confirm if your house is a 2.5 storey house or a 3 storey house. some layman would think that a 2.5 storey house is a 3 storey house as they look similar from outside but are classified differently. second, check if your house is in what kind of zone. easiest way is to look at the neighbours house to see how many storeys the highest one you see have. the more accurate method is to check URA's landed housing master plan. Assuming that your house is actually a 2.5 storey house is a 2 storey landed housing zone, then you can't built your house upwards anymore. but if your existing house has not been built to it's allowed boundaries, then you could extend your house at the rear and maybe the front (depending on existing house footprint). if your house is a 3 storey house in a 3 storey landed housing zone, then you can add on another attic storey to the house. BUT this is depending on whether the existing house's total height as URA's envelope control only allows a maximum of 15.5m building height for 3 storey landed houses which is lower than the previous 17.7m height for 3 storey houses. so if your existing house already is near or exceed 15.5m, it is unlikely you will be able to add another attic storey above it. if you had already exercised your OTP, you can arrange with the current owners to allow you to engage a surveyor to do a topo survey of the house. this will come out with a proper plan of the existing house as well as the property's boundaries so you can see how much you can build your house to. for inter terrace houses, there is a 2m rear set back and a 7.5m front set back. unless URA has special planning permissions for your estate/area, then the set back might be different. if the seller has the existing house's plans, get a copy from them. else try to see if they are willing to authorise you to purchase a set of building plans from BCA. ONLY building owners or their authorised personnel is allowed to purchase from BCA. even if you had exercised the OTP, you are not the legal owner yet until the completion of sale and purchase so you can't do it now. go to PUB website and purchase a set of DIP and SIP for your house. this will let you know if your house is subjected to drainage reserves and/or whether there is a public sewer line running though your land. drainage reserves will affect your building's setback. if there is a sewer line running through your house, then you cannot build anything near or over the sewer line unless you build an RC trench to protect the sewer. depending on how deep and length of the sewer, this can add a few ten thousands or up to more than 100k for the RC trench. Assuming that you can build another storey, then you may need to perform a soil investigation to check on the existing soil conditions. This will allow the professional engineer to determine whether the house's columns and beams need to be enlarged/strengthened to cater to the additional storey. of cos you will need to find an architect and/or PE to work on your house's submissions. URA only accept submissions from registered architect or PE. then you will also need to find a builder/contractor to build your house. some builders offer all-in-one service but it's up to you to accept this or not. normally they will just get an architect or PE to do the submissions for a small fee. but of cos if anything happens, it's just you against the builder compared to when you engage an architect or PE directly, you have another party to project manage and protect your interest. anyway, above should cover the basic steps needed before starting on the reconstruction. do note that there are quite a number of fees that need to be paid to authorities and such so do buffer at least 20k cash for all the fees.
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    Oh your shower enclosure is probably fine.I was refering to my aircon trunking which lead into the bathroom.The original idea was to do box-up to cover up the trunking, and than lay tiles over the box up.The idea is to hide the aircon trunking which may look ugly.But this is a BAD idea, because if one day my aircon trunking needs to do servicing or replacement,i literally need to tear down the tiles and box up which as you can imagine would be a huge nightmare.Wooden Skirting (as you can see circled in red in the attached picture) is this panel of wood that HDBwill do as an effort to hide any imperfections between the wall and floor tile. Mine was reddish in colour.Some other BTOs may have different colour. I forgot to take it into consideration and should have removed it and replace it with nicer tiles or at least paint it in a black colourwhich will better colour match my apartment's black and white theme. I've since gotten used to it tho, so I guess its alright now. If you opted out of OCS and doing cement screeding, you can do tile skirting like the below example picture instead of wooden skirting which IMO looks nicer and more resistant to wear and tear compared to wooden skirting but of course, it will cost more lah.
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    Thanks for reading. Most of my thoughts are already in what I wrote for the 1 year retrospective posts. Things like wishing my oven was standing height instead of squatting height, wishing I did something about the wooden skirting around my living room etc etc. Here are some tips I'll give to newcomers: - Remember to always plan ahead. This is very important. - Do post any questions you have while renovating, especially in Mmo's 2-roomer thread. It was her good advice that saved me a future headache if I had done Box-up in the bathroom. - If this is your first time doing Renovation, it is better to get an ID instead of Contractor. Instead of needing to liase with multiple people, you only need to liase with the ID to coordinate everything. - If you can do a 3D planning using the Planner 5D software, i highly recommend to do so. Having this 3D Plan doesn't mean your ID gets an easier job, it means he/she is very clear on what is the direction you want in your renovation so there aren't any misunderstandings. (Its also very convenient to show this when you look for your prospective ID) - When you first sit down and talk with your prospective ID, watch out closely for warning flags such as ID forgot the time and date, ID seems very busy attend to other things while talking with you, etc etc. Be especially careful if an ID is a "Yes Man", everything also "Yes". I can't really explain it, but you need to have a "connection" with the ID. - For renovation budget, everyone have their own comfortable zone. For me, I personally feel that my quoted $25k is a max limit for a 2roomer. Anything more, I feel it may be too much. Your mileage may vary of course. Also, always add an additional budget of $5k to your quoted renovation. - Renovation is a very draining and mentally stressful process, especially for 1st timer. You really need to learn how to calm down and assess situation calmly and objectively when things go wrong. My way of calming down was writing the blog lol. Be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster ride. You will feel you have grown as a person after you have completed your renovation.
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    @mytinybtoHello! My new flat did not complete ahead of time but right on the dot. From the very start hdb state my new flat will be expected to complete in Q4 2019. And indeed I was notified to collect keys in December. But I did hear of projects completing ahead. And I was initially hopeful that I can collect keys in June/July but that never happened😅
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    Since Christmas is coming soon, so I thought i'd decorate my Computer area to make it a lil more festive lol. The wire mesh thingy and the wire shelves were from Daiso, and I hanged them up using 3 x 3M Hooks. RGB led strips i bought cheaply from online shopping sites. Decided to not have a traditional big xmas tree and change to a mini one because it takes up less space, easier to store, i think it looks cuter too lol. 😄 Christmas is the perfect excuse to let loose and enjoy an explosion of RGB rainbow colour don'tcha think? hahahaha 😂 Merry Christmas Everyone!! 🎄
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    Encounter very very bad experience with this company, Bad workmanship, very very poor after sales service, scratched windows. They promised to come to rectify, but will never turn up. I made calls after calls, and weeks after weeks, they kept promising, but never turn up giving all sorts of excuses. I regretted choosing Wellmax Metal because of competitive pricing. Should I have read this forum earlier, I wouldn't have made this terrible mistake! It is really a horrible nightmare! Could anyone advise me what to do?