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    This is the price i got for renovating my home Sharing of this price is for forumer to aware of direct electrical pricing. Don't let your contractor/id to over price you Lighting point $45 Switch Point (with big gang switch)$40 Single Power Point $80 Double Power Point $90 Data Point $110 Hood point $120 Oven point $120 Air con point $120 Heater Point $120 Installation Down light $15 Ceiling light $20 Hanging light $30 Cove light $20 Ceiling fan with light $55 Conseal Work (Hacking and make good with plastering) From $80 to $150 depends on length per conceal ptn This is the most reasonable price i got after getting more then 15 quote from id/contractor Think this is the contractor cost, i got this price because my contractor got his own team of electrician, at time he even hand on the job himself. Despite offering me at a bargain, his workmanship and coordination of work is fully satisfied by me and hubby. Anyone wish to have his contact, can pm me (I'll do my best to reply asap)
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    Always check the service company before you buy any home products. Akaz International Pte Ltd service Hobz and their service is terrible. They are never on time. They made me wait at home and did not appear. Not one time but a few time. They are disorganized and very rude to customer. They do not care if you have waited at home for them. They says to be considerate, just wait at home. The best part was the staff did not appear, they do not even bother to call to say that they are not coming. Very extremely poor service and rude company. Please, i advise that we check the service company before we buy anything. It is the worst experience. Do not get anything that is connected to Akaz Interntional. Thank you.
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    JS Carpentry: Wei Jie (project manager/designer) has been unresponsive. We hired JS to build a new kitchen. The team damaged our gas pipe during hacking, and we only found out through CityGas. Despite calling Wei Jie, he has been difficult to reach. The team of contractors (hackers, electrician, plumber) have not been punctual throughout the renovation. The hackers did not lay protective sheets and we're now delayed because of the damage done to our gas pipes. Irresponsible project manager and team of subcontractors. Wei Jie called back and told us to remove this feedback. Disappointing and stressful.
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    Thanks Jackwolf for the word of advice
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