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    I actually had some mould problem in my master bedroom and i gave the HCL89 from http://hcl89.byethost10.com a try as it seems to give the best promise to get rid of the mould from what i read around and after i had used the HCL89 about a year back the mould in my master bedroom has completely disappeared and has never appeared again Its a product worth the try because for me it got rid of my mould issue permanently and it would probably help as it did for me as well
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    I hope this information will be useful to all homeowners who wish to save cost on home renovation works. Just as any other couples, we approached a few interior designers to build our dream home. To be frank, we were quite disappointed with their proposed ideas and design. Im proud to say we were the designers for our own home but of course with the help and advice from our contractor. Since we had to keep within our budget (arrival of our baby around the same time), we decided to do the renovation with a contractor after hearing from friends that it is possible to have a wow home makeover and save significant savings too. Information on renovation ideas are also readily available online. We were very much involved during the whole process. We invested our time on phone calls and checks to ensure evrything goes as plan such as the correct colours, design and layout as discussed with our contractors. Here are some of our house's photos in progress and the outcome. Im unable to upload all the completed photos due to size. All the best in planning your dream home!
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    Actually you are right on this, i once dropped some wax on my tiles in my previous home, it was really impossible to remove
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    Actually no wax can be rather difficult to remove from tiles as it sticks to the tile's enamel
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    You can use something called HCL89 to clean your homogeneous tiles. What it does is it cleans the homogeneous tiles and helps to remove stains/restore it to its original self I usually get it from http://hcl89.byethost10.com or http://hcl89.atwebpages.com One thing i like about it is that it creates a protection on the homogeneous tiles so that it will always remain new Hope this helps you out
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    Not sure if it is appropriate to share my story of my landed rebuild here in this forum. But I guess its the piece of vital information that all house owners like me need and will just like to share some experience I gained in my rebuilding journey. Being new landed home owners, my family bought a old semi detached house which was 1 storey high around Jalan Kuras, most of you should know that these houses definitely come at a steal because of it being relatively old and just 1 storey high. However, it definitely needed a reconstruction as it was not spacious enough to hold my big family. After the transaction was done and receiving the keys, the next step was definitely to call for a tender for my new home. It was indeed a tough job, D&B contractors and small scale contractors turned up for my interview and each submitting their pricing. There were about 11-12 contractors whom visited the site walkabout, prices ranging from $1.1million to $1.3million. These prices were abit steep and due to the preliminaries I have to set aside to the main contractors whom will help to manage the sub-contractors. Besides, from my new neighbor whom did his reconstruction 2 years before me had a nightmare with his main contractor whom owed all the subcontractors even after being paid by the owner in full progress payment. As we can see from this industry, the main contractors are like the "big brother" in the process, they are paid by the owners and can also choose to cut payment off from the sub-contractors and sometimes even refusing to pay them altogether. This leads to a vicious cycle where they sub-contractors will lead to poor quality and workmanship for all the works done. Even when these main contractors earn big profit, they will sometimes even abandon the project. The end results was us homeowners who paid for our house and yet get defective works all around. After hearing these horror stories from my new neighbor, I begin to consider doing the reconstruction my own way, by myself. I sourced for my own Architect and Consultant, where after 3 months of submission, the structural and architectural drawings were out. This was where I sourced for my own "sub-contractors". I appointed my main structural contractor as my builder to apply from BCA, as he was a qualified general builder. The main structural contractor was referred to me by my friend whom studied in civil engineering in ntu, this contractor was a young man whom had a father and son combination for the entire of my project, and they were in this industry for more 21 years and completed numerous landed projects all around Singapore. This further gave me assurance as the number of years and experiences with a proven track record was definitely what I was looking for. Guideline on Total Cost and Duration of my work: 1)Architecture Fee: $41,100 2) Consultant: $52,700--> 3 Months to release of approved drawings from BCA 2) Demolition Of Existing 1 Storey Corner Terrace: $21,100--> 3.5 Weeks (Actual quoted price: $25,000) 3) Excavation and foundation works: $60,000---> 2 months (Actual quoted price: $70,900) 4) Structural Works: $320,900--> 4-5 months (Actual quoted price: $330,000) 5) Plumbing Works: $50,800--> together with structural works (Actual quoted price: $68,200) 6) Electrical Works: $40,00-->together with structural works (Actual quoted price: $48,900) 7) Interior Designing and Finishing: $118,600---> 3-4 months (Actual quoted price: $140,100) Total cost: $705,200 , Actual Quoted Price: $776,900, Total Savings: $71,700 Actual Savings from handling the whole projects: $1,100,000-$705,200= $394,800 I basically have to keep track of the timeline I have given to each contractors and pop by 3-4 days in the afternoon to make sure that all these contractors have their man at work each and every day where the progress are up to date. This basically saved me the money for hiring project managers, as smaller building projects need not have an expensive project manager to be on site everyday. These were all the savings when I skipped the steps of hiring a main contractor to cover the whole work, and the relentless haggering the prices from each individual contractors. A savings in the housing cost, is a savings towards my future. As what the old saying " A penny saved is a penny earned."
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    Parquet seems to always turn out this way although it may look rather nice but there is alot of maintenance going into parquet floorings too
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    Mold always occurs in areas with high moisture especially in toilets or rooms that are near toilets
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    I noticed this as well, it very hard to try to find other types of woods
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    Was having some issues about the homogeneous tiles in my bedroom as the grouts had become blackened and the tiles were becoming dull and I had used the HCL89 from http://hcl89.byethost10.com and it really helped to clean my tiles, recommended.
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    The wood becomes like that because of moisture, so if you are using wood/homogeneous tiles do use a tile sealer You can seal your tiles by using something called HCL89. I usually get it from http://hcl89.byethost10.com or http://hcl89.atwebpages.com What it does is that it removes any stains as well as polishes your tiles and seals it. The tile sealer is important because it prevents moisture from damaging your tiles in the long run Hope this helps you out
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    I don't know why but i seem to like click viny alot, lol
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    I think should be homogeneous in my opinion
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    I too have some mold in my room area and the HCL89 product from http://hcl89.byethost10.com looks rather promising and i also intend to use it as i feel that the mold in my room area is spreading
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    Hahaha, good one, that really made my day, lol
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    This is the price i got for renovating my home Sharing of this price is for forumer to aware of direct electrical pricing. Don't let your contractor/id to over price you Lighting point $45 Switch Point (with big gang switch)$40 Single Power Point $80 Double Power Point $90 Data Point $110 Hood point $120 Oven point $120 Air con point $120 Heater Point $120 Installation Down light $15 Ceiling light $20 Hanging light $30 Cove light $20 Ceiling fan with light $55 Conseal Work (Hacking and make good with plastering) From $80 to $150 depends on length per conceal ptn This is the most reasonable price i got after getting more then 15 quote from id/contractor Think this is the contractor cost, i got this price because my contractor got his own team of electrician, at time he even hand on the job himself. Despite offering me at a bargain, his workmanship and coordination of work is fully satisfied by me and hubby. Anyone wish to have his contact, can pm me (I'll do my best to reply asap)
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    Prices of renovating a house is now cheaper in Singapore,depends on who we engage. Looking around and surveying around alot of IDs Firm,all quotation was on slightly high side,so me and my hubby decided to look for contractors. We asked our families members ,relatives and friends and finally met up with one contractor,he did for my cousin house He said quoted my BTO flat at a total amount of $12,300 He also ask us to buy things from Taobao to save money Really appreciate the help he gave us,i attached the picture and also items i purchased from and also where i purchased from. Just to share around with people
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    While many people think scams target only certain groups of individuals, the truth is anyone can be a victim of a scam. We are all at risk. Scammers can turn a renovation into a financial nightmare! That's why it is important that everyone stays informed and vigilant against scams. Man in $1.6m renovation scam given 5½ years' jail Man joins wife in jail after cheating homeowners, subcontractors of almost S$1.7m Renovation Scam: How to Avoid Getting Scammed
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    The Definitive Kitchen Guide 2018; A biblical guide on kitchen design and renovation! Everything from DIY to immaculate self centered design choices, we’ve got you covered. Check out our roundup on all the “HOW-TOs” to your kitchen curiosities. HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST STONE FOR YOUR KITCHEN Which natural stone is actually the best option for the kitchen countertop? Check out this to know 8 Pros and Cons of materials used in making the countertop. Choosing installations for your kitchen that could give rise to a contemporary aura has always been a challenge. In fact, the most significant elements in the kitchen are the ones easily neglected. Back in the days, the kitchen was always designed to be a confined and isolated space. Today, people want a spacious and comfortable kitchen not only for cooking, but to allow a better flow in spatial change between the rooms of the house. Contemporary kitchens are the trend to follow and it is what the world is looking at right now. A minimalist layout with the simplicity of the color choices for the room defines a contemporary room. But to create a functional and modern kitchen is not as easy as it sound. Here are a few essential elements to emphasize while designing your desired contemporary kitchen. COUNTERTOPS Your countertop covers most of the surfaces in your kitchen. So it plays a big role in the overall design and the functionality of the kitchen. A high quality of countertop will not only make your kitchen chores more enjoyable, but also liven up your kitchen with style. Great countertop surfaces such as the high density quartz stones also possess intrinsic characteristics of being non-porous (thus resistant to harmful bacteria), making it a safe hygienic choice for your family, especially if you have small children. Credits: Tedid.com.sg WALLS The walls contribute the base color of the room. So the choice of color is critical, a slight change in color will leave the room with a totally different visual impact. Light colors are typically used as the base color to provide the simplicity and minimalism. But there are people who prefer to give some sophistication to the walls with the choice of wood series walls. Aside from the visual aspect, the qualities we find in kitchen walls are their resistance to stains and moisture. It is important to choose walls with a warm, appealing ambiance while being sustainable. FLOORING Like other elements in the kitchen, the qualities we desire for the flooring are also its resistance to moisture, scratches, and stains. The practical usage of the floor is important but it does not have to be dull and boring. With the right pattern and color of flooring, it will give your kitchen a refreshing and clean look. The color of the floor decides the mood of the room. Darker colors prompt a more classic presence while lighter colors achieve the effect of minimalism. In addition, the right flooring allows a smoother interconnection between the rooms in your home. Credits: Decorpad.com CABINETS Both cabinets and countertops act as the highlights of the room, bringing a strong visual impact. The choice of colors for the cabinets and countertops are usually countered to further strengthen the visual shock and create the contemporary atmosphere. Black and white are mostly preferred, but the combination of gray or dark brown wooden series and white also produces an impressive yet welcoming ambiance. Practically speaking, storage is the main purpose of installing cabinets. Although some might neglect the usage of the cabinets and care only for the appearance, but they will soon realize its importance when they want some basic parameters to separate wines from knives. SINK Any chef or home cook will know that the pre and post cooking take most of the time. So a practically designed sink will really come in handy during food preparation and cleaning. The maintenance aspect is what we should be considering while choosing a sink for your kitchen. The sink must be easy to clean and does not retain moisture, hindering the growth of algae and clotting of dirt in hard to reach spots. The appearance of the sink must also be modern to match with the whole room. A coupled marble or quartz countertop for the sink will be a perfect choice for a contemporary kitchen. Overall, the sink has to be spic and span, as well as stylish and sophisticated at all times. Before designing your kitchen, the first thing you should do is budgeting. Fridge and cabinets are what you really need. But if you cook very often, go for the best installations, and take that as an investment in yourself and your family. A feature wall or an accent wall is a wall that’s made to look unique from the rest of the house. Through the use of a wide range of materials, feature walls are an amazing way of making a space feel truly special, embodying the persona of the homeowner that few other ways can. HOW TO GET THE RIGHT WALLS FOR YOUR KITCHEN & HOME 1. WOOD VENEERS FEATURE WALL Made from thin slices of wood glued onto a core panel, wood veneers have always been a favorite with homeowners looking for a warm and natural look. The quality and durability of wood veneers vary a lot depending on the material used. Some individuals prefer wood veneers because of its low ecological impact and non-toxicity (unless treated). Credits: Wood veneer feature wall, 27estore.com 2. WALLPAPERS FEATURE WALL The most inexpensive option on our list, wallpapers are highly customizable and can be used to fit a wide variety of styles. Some wallpapers even come with textures and do a decent job at mimicking more expensive materials. Wallpapers today are made using a number of techniques including gravure printing, surface printing, rotary printing and digital printing. Exceptionally high-quality prints, sometimes called graphic panels, can look really impressive. There are a few downsides to wallpaper, however. Fancy as they are, wallpapers look pretty dull compared to other materials. To make matters worse, wallpapers don’t stand up well to moisture and hot climates and will start peeling or fading quickly. 3. MARBLE FEATURE WALL Elegant and classy, thin slabs or bricks of marble are the perfect feature wall material for kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms. Marble gives off a clean but dramatic look that’s impossible to achieve through any other way. The catch? High-quality marble is expensive and requires special maintenance to keep its shine going. Goes well with ceramic bathrooms. 4. SLATE/STONE VENEER FEATURE WALL Stone veneers are made by either pouring a lightweight concrete into a polymer base which is then coloured to look like real stone, or manufactured by layering a thin piece of stone onto a composite base. They are relatively inexpensive compared to natural stone and come in a variety of designs and colours. The disadvantages? Stone veneers aren’t as tough as natural stone, and eco-conscious individuals will not be happy with the amount of waste that’s associated with its production. 5. FIBER METAL FEATURE WALL Typically made by bonding metal layers to a composite base, fiber metal panel laminates combine high durability into a shiny package and are highly resistant to metal fatigue, impact, corrosion and fire. Fiber metal panels are also lightweight which helps them stay attached to the walls better. 6. SOLID PHENOLIC PANELS Made from paper soaked in heat-resistant resins and reinforced with cellulose fibres under high pressure, solid phenolic panels are a solid choice that will not disappoint. Non-porous and resistant to damage from moisture and heat exposure and affordable, solid phenolic panels are the go-to choice for practicality. In addition, solid phenolic panels are excellent noise barriers and provide a decent level of noise reduction in closely packed apartment spaces. 7. FABRIC FEATURE WALL Often overlooked by the average homeowner, fabrics are another highly customizable option that can be super personalized. Sharing some similarities to wallpaper, fabrics vary greatly in cost, aesthetics and durability depending on its type. Keep in mind that fabrics, however, that fabrics can be difficult to clean if they get dirty and have a tendency to grow moldy if exposed to moisture and humidity (the number one reason why it’s not too popular here). 8. VENETIAN PLASTER FINISH Made from a mixture of slaked lime and marble dust, Venetian plaster finishes, when done right, look absolutely stunning. The material attaches itself well to drywall, wood, tile, cement or brick walls and dries to a solid hardness. It is also easy to maintain: plaster dries quickly and its color comes from the pigments mixed into itwhich doesn’t fade like paint does. Non-toxic and all-natural, plaster is also eco-friendly choice that’s naturally insulating and anti-bacterial with its high pH. Feel free to give us a call or email for any inquiries! Visit SevenKonzept to get services and tips of Interior Designs. HOW TO ARRANGE YOUR KITCHEN NEATLY You’ve gone through the hassle of hunting, designing, and bargaining for the perfect kitchen top. You enjoy cooking and baking for your family every day, and showing off your gorgeous kitchen to your friends and relatives during their short visits and special occasions. But we both know there’s the other side of the coin… the tiring housekeeping to keep your luxury kitchen top in perfect condition always. Well, if you’ve been spending too much time and energy daily trying to keep your kitchen spick-and-span, here are 13 nifty storage hacks to keep your kitchen top tidy and beautiful always… 1. SPICE SHELVES UNDER YOUR UPPER CABINETS If you cook frequently, one of the biggest sources of clutter on your kitchen top would be the spices. Instead of scattering them around, or just chucking them into a drawer, you can actually have a simple shelving to store them right under your upper cabinets. This way, you’re making full use of the empty space between the upper kitchen cabinets and your kitchen top. It is so much easier to reach them while you’re busy cooking — and in fact, when placed nicely, they’ll become part of your “kitchen decoration” too. 2. CURTAIN ROD WITH HOOKS FOR KITCHEN UTENSILS Now, this is a handy kitchen storage hack we love. You can DIY this very easily by repurposing an old curtain rod and some simple hooks to hang your arsenal of kitchen utensils, and even some mini pots and pans. It’s a great way to save space on your kitchen top and make full use of your kitchen backsplash. Plus, it’s definitely easier to grab the utensils you want from the hooks – than from a messy bunch in a dish basket (whether it is to rush a quick meal, to fend off a villain – or to intimidate your mischievous kids). 3. FLOATING SHELVES AT THE SIDE OF YOUR KITCHEN CABINETS This is one mini kitchen storage hack that most homeowners would not think of — the simple additions offloating shelves at the side of your lovely kitchen cabinets, whether you have a minimalist or luxury kitchen cabinet set. In fact, when done properly, these floating shelves can truly beautify your kitchen cabinet. While giving you highly useful storage space, whether it’s for your cooking pots and pans, spices, recipe books. Or even just for you to place some pots of greenery for a soothing ambience (or even some art pieces to give your kitchen more character). Now, if you’re renovating or remodeling your kitchen soon, be sure to include this in your design… and let your friends and loved ones marvel at your ingenuity! 4. PULL-OUT UTENSIL BIN Know that awkward and irritating space at the corner of your L-shape cabinet? Well, you can actually make good use of this pesky corner by building a pull-out utensil bin. No more blood-boiling moments of struggling to reach for your stuff in the dark corner, no more accumulation of dust and infestation of cockroaches… because now you’ll be happy to keep your frequently-used utensils there. 5. KITCHEN CABINET LAZY SUSAN Another alternative of fully utilizing your pesky L-shape kitchen cabinet corner is to use the Lazy Susan there to store your cookware for easy retrieval. We’ve known a number of homeowners who prefer to hide their cookware than displaying them, whether it’s placing them on the kitchen top or hanging them on hooks. Of course, instead of storing your cookware, you can choose to keep other stuff like your dry goods here (but no tidbits, please — you wouldn’t want to risk the invasion by rodents, insects… and of course, your sneaky little kids). 6. THE HANDY WIDE SHALLOW BASKET Well, sometimes keeping things stupid and simple is the best way to go. No need for fancy ideas to show your organizational prowess, or European designer racks to show off your taste for great style. That said, having a simple rattan or bamboo wide shallow basket on your kitchen top allows to you chuck your frequently-used utensils, spices, and garnishing all in one place. Besides being a quick and easy storage, this nifty basket can also add a rustic feel to your kitchen. 7. OVER-THE-SINK DISH RACKS This next kitchen storage hack can literally save your time (and your family’s lives). Besides saving you prep space on your kitchen countertop, these elegant over-the-sink dish racks can eliminate the hassle of wiping the dishes and ,of course, you’ll have fewer chances of breaking any dishes. More importantly, (now this is the life-saving part) you wouldn’t have a mosquito infestation problem (compared to chucking your dishes in a regular rack on your countertop). 8. KITCHEN WINDOW SHELVES This next storage hack is another mini ingenuity. But use this only if you have another window or a back door for fire escape ya… Because it involves installing a few shelves inside your kitchen windows to provide extra storage spacefor your cookware and dishes. This hack alone can save you tons of space on your kitchen countertop — you’ll love this if you’re a minimalist. In fact, it is a splendid addition if you have some beautiful china or fancy European cookware you wish to flaunt. If you have little kids, these simple shelves can drastically reduce the chances of them playing with your fragile dishes and causing a havoc when you’re not looking. 9. KITCHEN ISLAND WITH OPEN STORAGE If you are planning to have a kitchen island, make full use of the space by installing shelves inside the island — so you can stash your cookware, recipe books, and other kitchen items easily. You can even place your favorite tropical fruits like bananas, pineapples, watermelons, or dragon fruits there, to encourage your kids to love fruits more and also add a touch of nature (and splashes of colors) to liven up your kitchen. 10. KITCHEN APPLIANCE GARAGE If you have quite a few appliances such as the coffee maker, blender, mixer, or toaster, then you should consider installing an appliance garage. Because this mini garage will help keep your kitchen top clutter-free in no time, and it’s always wise to keep these dangerous appliances from your kids. You can choose to conceal them entirely — or if you have a small kitchen, go for the classy translucent design which will make your kitchen look more spacious. 11. OVER-THE-SINK CHOPPING BOARD This is a no-brainer for savvy housewives, but it’s worth a mention since it’s a great hack to expand your countertop space, albeit temporarily. There are a variety of designs for this type of large over-the-sink chopping board, and you can get them easily (and cheaply) online from Amazon or Aliexpress. 12. ADDITIONAL SHELVING FOR MICROWAVE OVEN This is another useful hack to free up more space on your kitchen top… the perfect placement of something that you don’t use that much (though some may say it’s something they can’t live without) – the microwave oven. As most of us rarely fill up our upper cabinets, it’s a wise move to allocate a small portion of it for the microwave oven. It looks great, you get to look smart for using this hack, and your little kids won’t have the chance to put any metal cutlers inside and blow up your kitchen! 13. MAGNETIC KNIFE STRIP Ok, we’re down to the final kitchen storage hack here – the magnetic knife strip. This is a great way to avoid bacteria infestation (compared to keeping your knives in a wooden knife block). Plus, it’ll look super cool on your gorgeous kitchen backsplash. And best of all, it’s so much easier to grab (and return) your knives. Just make sure you place them at asafe height where your children cannot reach them. Alright then, we hope you’ve enjoyed (and will be using) some of these hacks to free up more space on your kitchen top and in your kitchen cabinets. Now you can keep your kitchen clutter-free and beautiful always with much less effort (and frustrations). That means more time and energy for tender loving care ya! If you need any super cool advice on home improvement, kitchen renovation, countertop selection, marble polishing, or anything at all… feel free to contact our friendly kitchen top consultants at Stone Amperor. We’re always here for you ya! We are excited to announce the launch of our customer loyalty program that comes with some awesome perks you’ll love. Hit us up at +65 8816 4404, or visit us at Primz Bizhub #02-06 to find out more today
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    Great workmanship and reliable contractor. Renovation Journey Within our budget. Cheers Renovation Forum. Sharing is Caring
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    Don't waste your time with baking soda as it will just make things worse as its simply an old wife's tale and for bleach try not to use that as it can damage your tile's enamel permanently
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    Here's the man himself if anyone's interested! Good service, very professional and responsible, and even vacuumed after!
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    I'm so excited to finally get my digital smart lock! Ordered online and got Mr Lee to install. Was hesitating for a long time cos my gate was stiff after changing a few broken latches and repainting the gate. Didn't know how to fix the problem. Thought it'd be silly to fix a new lock on a creaky stiff gate! Well, Mr Lee detected the problem straight away and fixed it without additional charge! I'm super chuffed my gate is now sooo smooth, swings out silently, and I don't have to play tug-of-war with it anymore! It's also fun to swipe my finger to unlock the gate almost instantaneously! No more carrying bunches of keys!
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    Bathroom Reno Hack and retile was my 1st option to redo the bathrooms but it'll cost 5 digits for 2 bathrooms.... Overlay was another and it was half the price. I've no experience with tiling but I've heard many people say there's a possibility tiles will pop up over time and overlaid tiles are not as durable... Then, I came across an article on EPOXY PAINTING Intrigued, I decided to find out more. You can Google "epoxy painting" or "polyurethane painting". It was almost perfect! I had no cracks on my tiles, they were just discoloured, stained, porous, and I hated the original light blue anyway! So painting seemed a good and very affordable way to change the colour and waterproof the tiles at the same time! Here's what I found out: epoxy painting is waterproof, mould-proof, doesn't discolour etc! In my painter's text to me: "polyuretane epoxy paint is weatherproof and waterprooof.very durable.use for painting ships and metal bridges..can wash with detergent,clorox everyday..can last long for toilets except cannot push or pull heavy furniture on the paint coz it can scratch.." So for $370/bathroom, walls and floor, what more could one ask for? My total cost for 2 bathrooms came up to $3000 including all WC, basins, cabinets, shower sets, lights etc. Basically changed everything except the heater as it was still good and this brand with stainless steel tank is now defunct (it's so good, nobody changed their waters heaters!) Oh btw, I had a great plumber. Really nice young chap and affordable & reasonable rates too. Fixed up everything in my bathroom incl WC, wash basin, cabinet, mirror, except the lights, shower which we DIY-ed using existing holes, and towel racks which my carpenter fixed. If anyone needs, here's his contact. Alvin: 9247 7110
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    how expensive is expensive? just to give you a guage, SI should cost between 2.5k to 3k (before GST) for a small landed house project for 1 single borehole. again depends on the scope which the PE determines. yes you can get on your own. but the problem is who is going to provide the scope of work, determine where to drill and also make the decision of when to stop the boring/drilling. normally the SI contractor will check with the PE on whether the drilling is enough or not to stop as the PE will then based on what is given in the SI report to design the foundations of the house. I can give you names of companies to contact but without a scope of work, it is pointless. I can tell you my real life experience that PE1 gave a scope of work to a SI company to quote and the quote was a 5 digit figure. I got another PE2 to give another scope or work and asked the same SI company to quote based on the scope given by PE2 and the price came back to be about 3K before GST. in construction projects, the PE is as important as the architect when it comes to scoping the project. if the PE is used to handling huge projects, they may give a scope of work which is normal to them for big projects and thus the cost for SI will also go up. also after that, the PE may decide to go for piling for the job which would also lead to higher costs. however if a PE has much experience in handling small housing jobs, the scope of work for the SI company will correspond to what is needed for a small landed house. this PE may also design a foundation based on just footings instead of piling if the soil condition allows for footings. the cost difference between footings and piling will be tens of thousand of dollars. if you feel the SI quoted is expensive, get the scope of work and then us that to ask other SI companies for quotations. also, ask your architect how experience is the PE in handling small housing jobs and if possible, maybe change another PE who is used to doing these small housing jobs. to be honest, I think many PEs will just go for piling as foundation as this is something which would hardly go wrong regardless of what type of soil conditions. however this also leads to the house being over-engineered as well as brings up the overall construction cost.
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    from PUB's code of practice, "All new developments shall be served by an internal sanitary plumbing and drainage system. This internal sanitary plumbing and drainage system shall be connected to public sewers by an internal drain-line maintained by the owner or occupier of the development " since your neighbour's IC is not public, you can't connect to theirs. how "high" is the quote given by your contractor? all new sewerage works must be designed and tested properly as mandated by PUB. you won't want the case where the sewerage backflows and floods your IC and then leaks into your house right? if you are going to save money and use your neighbour's sewer line, if the flooding occurs from your neighbor and goes into your house from the shared IC, are you going to sue your neighbor for damages? I guess the only way for you to avoid doing this is to not do a reconstruction of your house. I would say count yourself lucky that you bought this house instead of your neighbour's house. Cos if you had bought your neighbour's house, you will still have to maintain the sewer connection for this particular house until the house is redeveloped.
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    So the tiling work begins and I think it was very well done. I even looked at the spacing in between the tiles and they are really very straight. I got regular updates from my contractor and I didnt really need to go down though I still did. But I went down for only 15 minutes. And he just told me that the drawing will be out pretty soon.
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    There's a lot of tiny bugs on my walls. No matter how much I clean the walls the bugs jus keep appearing. Can anyone tell me what's wrong and what can be done? Is it the paint?
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    I don’t think have anything off the shelf that can do what you want. But it is technically possible with some custom IOT hardware to interface with the gate hardware. For me, I just purchased a set of video doorbell with 4 video monitors and it also comes with electrical lock for gate with a remote controller to unlock the gate or can use the video monitor or video door bell (with access key/card) to unlock. All are hardwired from inside the house to gate. Entire setup cost me less than $500 from AliExpress.
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    embarked on yet another DIY project. this is the service yard, and also my baking area! i painted this part of the wall a darker grey, i also needed something to hang my baking utensils, tart rings etc. was contemplating between a pegboard and this, decided on the latter since it was cheap (yes, daiso again!) and fuss free. i do like how it looks and im really happy with it. its missing a little something though, fairy lights perhaps? haha
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    Coloured grouts may be nice but when it comes to maintaining these grouts it becomes difficult
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    i feel the lift-up storage place to be under the bed is not well designed. if want to take out things have to remove the mattress to gain access. then everytime if want to take things have to repeat this process. very troublesome and not so practical.
  34. 1 point
    i stays beside the TPE which is only 30m from my Living Rm and 2nd Bedroom Window. Bought this place 9 years ago and the expressway noise was still bearable at that time as there was a nice piece of empty land used by childrens to fly kites and football games during the evening on the other side of the TPE. In recent years HDB took over the land and contructed multiple new blocks of flats right up to the expressway while LTA has embarked on the TPE widening immediately after. It was a nightmare for us to be hit by the double whammy of noise from the TPE construction as well as reflected expressway noise from the newly built HdB flats. I have installed special ceiling to floor accoustic absorbent curtains that costs over $600 per window, but it only cuts noise by about 10% and blocks 100% of sunlight. Frustrated, i have approached 3 big name soundproof windows contractors. All of them proposed to hack and replace my current large and bright sliding windows with uPVC casement windows with ugly thick white frames and a much smaller double glazed windows. The end result will be sort of like peering out from the porthole of a cruise ship and turn our bright airy living room into a submarine which both me and spouse totally hated. After researching further online, i noticed that there’s another way to do it , i.e. by installing a “secondary” soundproof double glazed casement windows behind the original HDB sliding windows. The drawback it that i will lose the grilles which we currently have but i will not need to hack off the existing windows and is able to maintain the current window’s outlook externally and internally. I called up a few contractors for a survey but most of them is not able to do what i wanted. Finally i found GrillesNGlass’s Alex which he willingly dropped by to do some measurements. Alex took 10days to fabricate the windows and had it installed in about 1hour. Not much dust as his guys only needed to drill a few holes. With the original HDB windows shut, the new secondary soundproof windows managed to cut the noise up to 85% in my case. During the evening, when the previously installed accoustic absorbent curtains is drawn, the noise was cut to almost 95%. I’m a very happy camper, will recommend GrillsNGlass if you intend to do the same.
  35. 1 point
    You can also use something called HCL89 to restore your tiles back to its original self I usually get it from http://hcl89.byethost10.com or http://hcl89.atwebpages.com For me i find this the most effective in restoring your tiles back in situations like these My 2 cents
  36. 1 point
    Correct those green wool are similar to steel wool will just make the issue worse
  37. 1 point
    Had a similar issue in the past so far the only thing that managed to work for me was something called HCL89. It had managed to clean my tiles and restore them to their original self One good thing i like about it is that creates a protection layer that helps prevent my tiles from getting too overly dirty I usually get it from http://hcl89.byethost10.com or http://hcl89.atwebpages.com Hope this helps you out
  38. 1 point
    Rental management software for real estate properties can include end-to-end functionality such as marketing, rental applications, tenant screening, property management, payment processing, and accounting.
  39. 1 point
    As the old drying rack on the ceiling has been removed, I installed a foldaway drying rack in the kitchen. This drying rack has a total length 4.2m of clothes hanging line. But it is not strong enough to hold heavy clothes like wet jeans. Do take note that kitchen windows have been changed to Bestview windows with invisible grille to bring in more sunlight.
  40. 1 point
    @matchalatte i think trunking and hacking is independent as long as your trunking pipes are not going on the wall you want to hack! my beam is in the middle of 2 walls, hence the length of the aircon is restricted! @Viv14344 hehehe i love them too, hope they look as nice on my home too! A small peeve. saw some cigarette butts on my home on several occasions. Must be the hackers and aircon people. Told contractor M about that and he said he will put up a no smoking sign and remind workers not to smoke in the home.Look at what he drew for me! so cute! I guess i am just being anal, i don't want my floor tiles to be laid with the cigarette butts underneath forever, not being able to see the daylight forever. Let's hope i don't see this again! Laminates Galore i practically koped back all the catalogues that contractor M has from his office. He uses EDL and Jennings. Didn't really hear of them before. Guess i am only exposed to Lamitak that is like widely used in renotalk. But i am quite impressed with EDL. I get to order sample laminates from their website (See below) and they do a door delivery the next working day free of charge! YAY. Don't really have to make my way to Sungei Kadut their office to see the laminates, though i think the sample size will be in bigger pieces there. Settled this for my Kitchen! Upper cabinet (style white), and lower cabinet (bleu vif) Both in matte. I know, kill me right now, matt laminate in kitchen, especially the blue one is face palm. I did a greasy fingerprint test on the sample, and yes, as expected, there's a greasy mark. Never mind, going close 1 eye because i love blue and i love this colour combination for my kitchen. Not going to be so anal about this. At most i shall just wipe it after every cookout session. In fact i was contemplating over lamitak nautical laminate but contractor M advised against it, as he said it's too dark, and will look like almost black at different angles and time of the day. Praying this blue will be perfect. I seriously only have a few shades of blue in my brain that i can accept. For style white, it's an off-white laminate that he recommended. he says that off-white laminate will not turn yellow over time. Yes, this colour combination will go super well with shaker cabinets, but i guess i am not going for it for 2 reasons. 1. the kind of shaker i want - wood trimmings is quite pricey. 2. trap more oil within the shaker style cabinets Now just need to crack my brain over my bathroom vanity and wardrobe laminates. probably going for some woody laminates. The husband, shared a concern with me, which i found valid (and the concern is in my title). He feels hard to imagine how our house will look like, because he is someone who likes to copy (and he likes the scandi, muji style) where he say things are uniformed. all white, all wood, etc. But for our house, he has seen some of my ideas and buys thus far, from lights that look country-style to antique etc, a persian rug i am eyeing, that herringbone console that i bought from commune, and a green wall!!, he cannot imagine. To be honest, i can't imagine that much too, and that there isn't a focal theme for our house. i can only assure him that the elements that are uniformed is that the house is still mainly white, and wood.
  41. 1 point
    Been a silent lurker for a while, and really got a lot of inspos and useful feedback from you guys so decided to contribute! What a funny theme i have right? Even i am unsure how it will turn out since we are engaging a contractor and not an ID, so i dont get to see those autocad drawings. However, my contractor draws very nicely too with his trusty pen and paper, so for now i am still hopeful i will get my desired home! Some of the major works i will be doing 1. Hacking away my kitchen wall. this was an ongoing debate between my husband and I. Hacking the wall really makes the area more spacious. we don't cook, neither do we know how to cook. However, i do have those dream one day i can be whipping up delicious meals that my mum does, and i think my husband think that this cooking activity is more of playtime rather than really filling up our stomachs because he claimed it's expensive and time consuming to cook for 2, and there are so many food choices near us. I have also heard of stories of friends telling me that even frying an egg is disastrous in an open concept kitchen. the whole living room gets oily too Nonetheless, i pat myself on the back on the decision finally made and hope i don't regret. 2. Tiling my living room, passage way, and 3 bedrooms with wood-like tiles! 8K went into here, and i just had to choose my made in italy tiles 3. Converting 1 room into a wardrobe. Due to those structural walls in the wrong places in the house, i basically cannot hack any rooms. So i guess i can't call my room a walk in wardrobe. At best, i can only call it a changing room. my dad is even worse, he calls it a storeroom for clothes. 4. Building a 5 feet vanity cabinet at the master bedroom toilet with quartz top. This is another ouch cost! But i just cannot withstand solid surface top and the potential stains it will give me 5. My master bedroom toilet door. Not sure if you can see from my floor plan, but the layout of the masterbedroom toilet is horrendous!! we can't even build a swing door for the shower area due to the HDB given door that obstructs all space. So off the door goes!! one of the saddest thing my husband witnessed. He hates to pay money to remove existing stuff and pay money to rebuilt it. So he is shaking his head in helplessness at my 2 vanity basin and the bathroom door all removed! Wont really share my quote here, as this contractor is from a friend recommendation and i think i had a better price, and i dont wish to share till i really see for myself the quality of his carpentry! But you can see some of his drawings below! Really not bad right!! (Yes, i am having a dark green wall- and i think i am going blind from choosing all the green)
  42. 1 point
    Plan to use the HCL89 from http://hcl89.byethost10.com for the after renovation cleaning for my brother's new flat. Product looks rather good, and did some testing on a small area and product works rather well. Will keep you guys posted after i use it to to clean my brother's flat after the renovation
  43. 1 point
    Sharing you the most unique furniture store in Singapore, enabling you to own things never seen in Asia before. Möbler sells only Scandinavian vintage and antique furniture. Come to our showroom in Balestier or check: www.moblersingapore.com.
  44. 1 point
    With the new entrance, I lost my storeroom but gained a new bedroom. In order to provide an alternative storage space, a new W2300xD600xH2000mm storage cabinet was created at the wall of the new bedroom. Please refer to the 3D drawings above.
  45. 1 point
    Varying! Time to update your reno progress! MsBunny has updated her blog so is your turn!
  46. 1 point
    I am quite familiar with SCT process. Some advice:- - Be precise. Sue the right contracting party. Check the quotation, invoice etc. For businesses & companies, you can do a free ACRA search. - Be clear. Know exactly what you want: refund or reduction in price. Don't go with only a vague idea. Nobody is not going to help you and you will end up confused. - Be concise. Limit your case to no more than 2 pages and go straight to the point. Don't tell a super long grandmother story because the mediator or registrar is going to switch off after you go on and on. Forget about the irrelevant irritating other things that have no impact on the actual issue at hand. No point telling about how you waited 3 hours for him, how he dirtied your floor, how you could have got cheaper elsewhere... Go straight to the point. He promised, you paid, he did not deliver. - Be prepared. Verbal evidence is quite useless before the SCT. You said, he said: who is the Registrar going to believe? Try to get documentary evidence: quotation, contract, photographs, SMS, whatsapp. - Be realistic and practical. At the end of the day, be prepared to compromise a little. You may not be able to get back 100% of what you paid. Just accept it and move on. Treat it as lesson learnt or just bad luck. My last SCT experience was posted here. I actually tried to talk nicely to the shop & supplier were so arrogant that I simply had to teach them a lesson. I offered a very reasonable solution to them but they came back with a ridiculous offer that left me with no choice. Still, I would urge all of you try to resolve disputes amicably if possible before proceeding to SCT.
  47. 1 point
    Hi, I want to share my experience with all. Last year Feb 2013, I started my house reconstruction project. Its a inter corner terrace and I did a complete tear down and rebuild. It cost me about $275 psf based on GFA. Its 2.5 levels, 20m by1.8M swimming pool, with widening of gate entrance. Cost includes, central aircon, kitchen, sanitary ware, auto gate, flooring, plumbing works, staircase, security cctv and intercom. My house is TOP already but many things are left unfinished. The defects are many, water leaking at windows due to no waterproofing, windows seals broken, auto gate broken, painting only done 1 coat, bathrooms leaking, water heater burned, 3 years old water heater installed instead of brand new, no warranty documents provided, no verification from architect, architect / engineer caught lying on contract costing supporting contractor, ....... and the list goes on. I am now in the process of taking legal action against my architect / engineer and main contractor. I also just found out that my main contractor has been sued before in Jan this year by another client of his. Things I learnt the very very painful way. 1 MAKE SURE ARCHITECT/ CONTRACTOR and MAIN CONTRACTOR do not know each other. Its better that you find both parties yourselves. 2 When architect / engineer tenders out the project, you should on your own source for contractors to bid and if the contractors you do not know bid a lower price, you must check carefully and understand why. 3 make sure the quotations are easy to compare, meaning the scope of supply and pricing are presented in the exactly the same format. This will help you as the layman to make comparisons on the price variance. 4 read the contract prepared by the architect / engineer carefully and thoroughly. Points to note: - late completion penalty per day should be $1,000 as per industry standard. - start date may not be the contract sign date. Start date is the date whereby BCA issues the approval for project to start work. - whats is the definition of completion date. This is important because penalty starts from completion date. As much as possible, avoid certificate of practical completion as completion date. Instead use TOP, or use a fixed date based on your completion date requirement. - define what is the definition of PC sum. If PC sum is not used or 100% used up, will balance be deducted from the contract lump sum value. - if you buy PC sum items by yourself and deduct this against the contract sum, will the contractor charge you a time and attendance fee and how much. Industry practice is 5%. This is to cover the contractor to take over delivery of items and be responsible for damages if any. 5 You will need to have close supervision when the building structure is finished and the contractor starts to do the tiling. From here on, you need to be at site everyday if possible. 6 if your house already has singtel fibre optic (open net) connection in place, inform architect / engineer and contractor to protect and maintain the connection when doing the construction. This will cost you at least $5K to be paid to singtel if you asked them to come and relay the fibre. 7 make sure you are on site to check the materials being used for your house are as per contract specifications. Ask for certificates of authenticity or quality as this should be included in the contract requirements. 8 Make sure your architect / engineer present to you the certification of the progress works, material authenticity and quality is in accordance to the work schedule and contract specifications. MAKE SURE you keep a copy of this certification. 9 MAKE SURE YOU KEEP SOLID DOCUMENTATION ON ALL CORRESPONDENCES WITH ALL PARTIES INCLUDING BCA, NEA, URA, LTA. 10 When communicating with architect / engineer and main contractor, always document, especially changes against drawings, contract, costing...etc 11 Make sure your main contractor has good coordination and control over his sub contractors. This is very important and critical to your completion time and quality of finish because the house construction works according to the various trades coordination. For example, plumbing works before tiling, sanitary ware after tiling, aircon before ceiling and flooring, ceiling before wood flooring.... You will be able to know how good your main contractor is by being on site to see the sub contractors present. 12 the following sub contractors are usually involved in a reconstruct project. civil and building works, tiling, plumbing, wood flooring, staircase, windows and doors and glass, painting, auto gate, security, swimming pool, swimming pool system, aircon, kitchen, and electrician. On separate topic, renovation vs A&A vs Reconstruct. 1 Renovate is cheapest. No change in structure outside. Reshape internal of house. 2 A&A. Change in house structure but no change to super structure meaning foundation, pillar and floor remains the same. 3 tear down everything and rebuild. Differences A&A cannot change height of ceiling, and GFA remains largely the same. Cost is about 70% of reconstruct. Time to completion is faster. Reconstruct means major GFA. You can maximise this in accordance to BCA. Height of ceiling changes. More costs involved and more submissions to BCA, URA and NEA and LTA also involved if changes to gate and boundary walls. Also you will need to build a bomb shelter. If you want the names of architect / engineer and main contractor NOT TO ENGAGE, pm me.
  48. 1 point
    Another link from member ncs1999 for Alvin Aw from Matrix concept http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/45215-cck-5i-plats/
  49. 1 point
    On the topic of roof tiles, since it was being brought up, someone asked what would I do? Let me share my thought process how I came to the decision to replace them. For roof tiles, there are few options: 1) You can keep it as it is and don't do anything if it does not leak which one of my neighbour did when he renovated his house. This appeared to save a lot of $, but after he moved in, a few months later, the roof leaks, and he now got headache. Because all his furnitures, bed, wardrobes all in, by replacing roof, there will be lots of disturbance. By the way, his roof and mine are more than 25 years old. 2) If some parts are leaking, thinking of just replacing the defective parts, but can't be sure other parts will be defective soon, since these roof tiles are same 'age' and subject to the same weather conditions, if some parts are deteriorating, others will soon follow. 3) Change the entire roof to the full piece metal composite type of modern roof - nice and reliable, but very high cost, because the structures supporting it will need to be changed. The high cost killed the idea. These type of full piece metal composite roof will be suitable for new built where the new structures can be designed for it, not suited for A&A. 4)One of the cheapest method is retain the same roof, and apply coating. Cost is cheap, about 25%~30% when compared to replacing the entire roof with new clay type of roof. However, personally, i am of the opinion that coating - (where the tiles are washed, then sealer is applied, then about 2 layers of membrance is sprayed using power jet spray) will not last as long as replacing the new roof, obvious warranty is lesser,and now only rely on the top membrane coating to protect against sun and rain. OK if there is limited budget. But risk is surely higher than new roof. 5)Last but not least, total replacement, using clay type of roof. Since my previous was concrete roof, which had cracked, turned porous, and infected with fungus and algae, and throughout the years, the concrete had become 'brittle'. Replace with the proven clay roof, as it has high heat resistance, (and unlike metal, which can be noisy if rain falls,) clay is quite 'sound -proofing'. and can use back the same batten and truss, only when take out the old concrete tiles, then can check and replace those batten which were defective, cost is much controlled. And at the same time, replace the insulation and secure with a new wire mesh, + false ceiling later on, now we can sleep in peace...... Old roof: new roof:
  50. 1 point
    Hi Folks, Just thought to share the work done by Alvin for my 3rm house, as I noticed there's not much reviews given to Alvin and especially for those whom might have approach him and wants to "see" his work. Like Cain mentioned: My hubby & I faced the same doubt, when we compared his quote to 3 other IDs. Well, we are not disappointed lor and was extremely satisfied with Alvin's sincerity to do-up our house, especially since ours is only a 3rm (which I felt most other IDs are not interested to do such a small project) + the quality materials we had and well-done worksmanship. A Little Background: Our house is aged at 40+ yrs old and being the only 2ND owner of the house, I'm sure most of you can imagine the "retro-ness" of the house. The entire house concept is designed by Alvin once he knows what kind of lifestyle we want. Anyway, I've done up a clip for our memory @ + to "show-off" also... No worries - It's not a virus....
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