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    Hi, You can call 92712863 for Ah Zi (hokkien speaking) to enquire for the repainting of your detach house. Let him know you were referred by me. Btw, he is a good friend of mine, very reliable and very competitive price. He is in this business for 30 years. Regards, Simon Choo
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    Hi MetalTab, Read a few of your postings about positive compliments of your builder. I'm in the very early stage of scouting for a builder to do A&A for my newly bought 2 storey semi-d. Intend to add another storey (2.5 storey) and change the exterior design of the old house. May I know what did you do to your inter? Saw you said that you reconstruct. Reconstruct same as rebuild? Mind me asking how much did you paid to get your new house reconstructed? Will be much appreciated if you can recommend me your builder. Thank you. Regards, cymon
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    hi, need to buy ceiling fans for my resale hdb flat.. Can you please forward me your latest catalog with prices? Can I install 56 inch fan in a 2.8m by 4m common room? Thanks!
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