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    Recent review of the vendors and contractors we used. It was really tough looking out for an ID, we have spent weeks and days going to 6-8 different renovation firms, and usually they quote us $30k-$35k for our project. We then scrolled through the forum and asked for a few contacts from fellow members here, and talked to 4-5 contractors/IDs before deciding on one. Mainly due to the price quoted to us at only around $27k and the contractor was very responsive, we liked him and decided to go with him. His firm is also one of those rare few ones whom offer bank loan as well as in-house loan, but we didn't take it up as we figure out we could save on the interest rates. Renovation started in December 2019 and finished in February 2020. 1) ID/contractor: Wee 8826 9848 He was recommended to us through one of the forum recommendations. The main downside with the contractor is that he needs a high and timely upfront payment, probably because his prices are lower than ID firms. The good thing about Wee is that he is really proactive in our renovation works, suggesting the different layout we should get and what are the things we should do to save more space. We didn't have to chase him since he was proactive, so the whole renovation didn't really get much delayed, except due to Public holidays and Chinese New Year. Me and my hubby is satisfied with his workmanship and because he uses his own factory to do carpentry works, we really have a much simpler time coordinating. We didn't really get him to design anything, but he still provide us with 3D rendering as well as VR view according to our plans prior to start of renovation. For the price, I think it all depends on how much you are doing, as prices are different if you do it ala carte after your whole reno. First, consider all quotations and services offered from the contractors/IDs and then narrow down to 2 to 3 of them that you prefer to work with. Then decide if you need any changes (for example, we asked the ID to remove the electrical works as we got someone else to do, among other things), then ask them to redo the quotations and try to give discounts. See their second quotations for any discounts or if you're lucky and good at negotiating, you can get some goodwill discounts or freebies. 2) Moving services: 4D movers We got 2 lorry to do our moving. Very good service and affordable. $250 per 14ft lorry. They provided boxes and masking tapes. Just have to return the boxes once you unpacked. 3) Aircon installation: Jex Aircon For us, we sourced our own aircon contractor also by the recommendation from fellow members here. Gotten Daikin system 4 at around $4000. 4) Bomb Shelter Racks: from Racks.sg We chose full metal instead of partial wood ones as wood might rot faster than the metal take to rust. 5) Hood, Hob, water heater, and dryer from Rinnai. Look out for city gas promotion and you can get them at a steal at less than $2000 We decided on using instant gas heater instead of storage ones as the time of water heating for storage heater will take quite a while - about 20 to 30 minutes if I recalled properly. Whereas, instant water heater will take up to 2mins max for hot water to flow out. 6) Lights & fans: through taobao and Qoo10 We gotten the smart lights from both taobao and Qoo10, our lights are now functioned by google home and also some through Mihome app. 7) Curtains & bedsheets and cutleries: Akemuichi We went to both outlets at IMM and JB(paradigm mall) to look out for the series that we wanted. Curtains design are not very much left as they are cutting on rolling out curtains in their product series. We gotten the ones just to black out our master bedroom. Their bedsheets are one of the most comfortable ones I've seen, and it's also value for money. Akemuichi(JB) has great range of cutleries, their design looks just as nice as Crates & Barrels but at a cheaper price. 8 )Furniture: Full House We gotten both our sofa and dining table set from them as we wanted to ensure the quality instead of getting them from taobao. Total damage about $1800 9 ) Fridge: Carousell Hubby was scrolling through carousell 1 day and he chanced upon a brand new fridge. It was a Hitachi one with black frame and touchscreen, did a quick search on harvey norman online store and find that a similar one cost almost $1,700. We got it at $700 and $80 delivery fee as we needed manpower to move it. 10) Washing Machine: Harvey Norman They were running a sale, and we managed to get a 8L electrolux one at just around $700 PS: not very good with photography, so I'll just attach a 3D render pic of the design we had.
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    Hi all! I just moved in to my new home at TampinesJ I wish to share my experience on how my renovation process went about. Before getting our keys, me and my hubby started to source for a reliable IDs and contractors. Eventually we did not engage any IDs as we wanted to be an ID for our own home and so decided to engage a contractor instead. We planned and decided on our renovation budget but of cos not everyone can stick to that budget as it can go higher. Although some contractors quoted the renovation package to be less than $40k or $30k, the workmanship did not impress us much and also we were doubtful when they promise us that the quality is there. Our key concern was not about the reno cost alone but a clean and trustable workmanship. We did not mind paying for a little more that are worth the money. By chance, my hubby came across this contractor. We met him and shared our ideas on how we want our home to be. He was so accommodating and agree to most of our ideas. The best part is that when certain proposed ideas were not practical, this contractor informed us immediately and explained the reason. We were impressed as not many contractors would actually be frank with you to say if the ideas are practical as they are only interested in making money and does not want to ‘chase’ the customers away. Hence they tend to agree with most of the ideas given to them. We felt so comfortable liaising with this contractor and to share many ideas with him. Further, he had his own ideas and suggested some which really wow us! His ideas appeared to be more practical and he understand the value of the money put in for a house renovation. We told him our budget and he patiently went through with us the things we wanted. He was straightforward and honest and told us that as much as he can work out within the budget, there were be some instances that based on the quality of a product, we might have to put in extra cash. However he assure us that the quality will be there. We were glad that at least he informed us earlier to mentally prepare that the cost might be more. There were some contractors that we met, happily told us that they can work with our budget but when we told them to add in or change certain things, they increase the price and even told us to that the quality will not be a fantastic one! Why should we pay that much of money if the main requirement (quality) is not even met!! After we collected our key, we brought our contractor to see our house. He told us that our proposed ideas will suit our theme and layout and will turn out to be well. That was so encouraging and we were super excited! He brought us to choose the tiles and offer us many suggestions so that we will not be confuse. The quality of the materials are of high standards and some were of cos pricey but trust me, they are really so beautiful that you just cannot afford to let it go and regret later. I should say that this contractor is very passionate about his job as his goal is to create a home where couples will always love to be in and there should not be no second thoughts or regret in future that because of the budget, we missed out certain details. He also provided some value-added services and try as much as possible to meet our budget. The thing we were impressed was the workmanship! He was sharp when it comes to inspection. Small details such as those that were not neatly done by his men, were mend immediately. We did not check our home often during renovation period since we trusted this contractor to take care of our house well. He will always check with us before doing certain reno works to ensure that we are satisfied. Overall there is no regret in engaging this contractor and his services. We are very much satisfied that the amount was well spent and here we got our dream homeJ. We wanted to share our experiences here because we are really very satisfied with this contractor’s workmanship and reliability. We are sure that some of you will be confuse as to which IDs/contractors to choose from. It’s not a matter of whether the contractors are popular in the market, eventually, it’s the satisfaction and the workmanship that will put you to peaceful sleep. We hope that others will benefit as much as we do and if anyone is interested to engage this contractor, do let me know and I would gladly share his contact details with youJ
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    Had been spying here for the past 2 years and learn quite alot from here . Enjoy reading Reno blog and finally my turn to share , not going for ID but "DIY" my flat with contractors . Waited till grey hair come out and finally receive the SMS from HDB . YEAH ! 080220 ( buy 4D ). Location: Valley Spring Yishun Below is my floorplan ;
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    not sure how long you had been doing "homework" before you started house hunting. but there are various types of sellers in the market ranging from genuine sellers to those just testing market. those testing market would normally have the agents put up a ridiculous price for the house. so don't need to be bothered with them as unless you match the ridiculous asking price, chances of them selling is close to zero. those genuine sellers also fall into various categories : 1. owners who want to sell the house for financial reasons 2. owners who are old and planning to downgrade 3. estate sale if you encounter a owner who is selling for financial reasons, chances are that the house would be sold at valuation or below valuation since they want to get rid of the house ASAP for owners who are old and planning to downgrade, they may let go at or below valuation but their children (adults) may convince them otherwise and ask for higher. sometimes the owners may hold off the sale due to sentimental reasons as they may have stayed in the house for more than half of their lives already. houses undergoing estate sale also have the problems especially if the owner who had passed on has many children. the children will have their own idea on how much to sell the house for and unless the price is agreeable by all the children, chances are the offer will not be accepted even at valuation. of cos there might be additional categories which I've missed out but these are the sellers whom I encountered when I was house hunting years ago. personally I feel that buying a house also depends on whether you are fated to buy the house or not. Prior to purchasing my house, I had made offers for 2 other houses which was undergoing estate sale but my offers were rejected as the sellers were asking for much higher prices. the house which I eventually bought was a house which I had declined to view when the property agent asked if I was interested in it. Fast forward a few weeks later, I contacted the agent again to view the house with the intention of just viewing for fun. But my wife and I like the house location and potential for rebuilt and we ending up buying the house. As for the 2 other houses that our offers were rejected, they were sold 8 months later at about the prices which we had made the offer for earlier but was still lower than the asking price the sellers were holding out for. if you choose to buy a house at above valuation, do note that you will need to top up the difference in cash as you can't take bank loan for this. this extra cash will end up eating into your budget for renovation.
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    Date : 040220 Officially go hunting for tiles after some search in Goggle . I have also shortlist the below 3 contractors for the tiling works . Visit Balestier Hafary and did not browse around .Straight approach the sales staff for my selected tiles which was posted in their FB . Nordik wood gold grip rett Was expensive at $6.50, l like the long length but heard about the lippage for using long tiles .. Anyone can share ? Walk pass LSH and saw some cheaper tiles , maybe will use them for toilet .
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    Sorry i just wanted to post this for fun. There is something really very Special and Magical about being able to bake your very own loaf of bread in the kitchen of your very own HOME.❤️
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    After getting my resale flat, I started looking around for reliable interior designers. The first interior designer was recommended by a close friend. The suggested renovation was ‘luxurious’ and the quotation was way beyond my budget. The second interior designing firm was recommended by my housing agent. The quotation was close to my budget but the materials quoted were not of good quality. Hence, I continued to look around. While reading posts in the forum, I chanced upon Renoguyz. Nic was often mentioned and people complimented him for his professionalism. I decided to call him to find out more. I sent my floor plan to him and he asked some questions. About half an hour later, he sent me his quotations. It was within my budget despite the fact that I wanted the most expensive Belgium vinyl for the flooring. The carpentry charges were also reasonable and was lower than the first two quotations. I decided to meet Nic at my resale flat. Nic came to my new flat in his usual T-shirt and shorts. Like what many people had commented, he looked “blur”. In actual fact, he was not and would give feasible suggestions like sink support for the kitchen and some other renovation tips. I was convinced that he would be my interior designer cum contractor. After a brief discussion, we adjourned to choose the toilet tiles at Hafary. After that, we proceeded to choose the other fixtures (ceiling fan, lights, sinks, taps, toilet bowls etc.) in one of the shop in Geylang. I chose the same items which I had chosen with the previous interior designer. The shocking fact was, the cost was much lower! I realised that the previous interior designer had taken me to buy stuff at Balestier that were much overpriced! Nic told me this shop is not the cheapest in Singapore, but they provide good services if i need any exchanges/replacement, without the need to receive goods and check for any cracks. Nic will settle everything. I was very happy then as due to work hectic, i have 1 stress lesser. Soon, renovation started. Along the way, I would text Nic if I wanted changes to be made in the house. He was accommodating most of the time but if he felt that my ideas were no good, he would not hesitate to let me know. Sometimes, he would comment that I was “very Auntie” as my ideas could be very conventional.
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    There are minor hiccups along the way but Nick solved those issues. He would update me the issues, the rectification cost incur, if any. The carpentry works i have absolutely no complain with its workmanship. My family and friends thumbs up for the workmanship. The whole renovation cost less than 40.
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    Yes we did and you are right. We are selling back to the grid. I lucked out because I found a really good guy to do this work. He has a lot of passion in getting the job done right and best cost. I’m very happy with him. PM me if you like his contact.
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    What impressed me though, was the quality of the existing carpentry! you can be sure, after looking at the photos of the bathrooms, that the tenants didn't take particular care of the flat! Yet the carpentry was solidly built and stood the test of time! I didn't have to change the wardrobes in the three bedrooms, any of the existing cabinets, the study table or the kitchen! Just some slight remodeling of the kitchen, and some dismantling of built-in furnitures we no longer needed in the bedrooms and to accommodate 3 kids! It felt wasteful really to rip out such solidly-built stuff! I am SOOO thankful I found a good and reliable carpenter 16 years ago; he used top quality materials and his workmanship was great! To me, value is NOT about getting the cheapest price. It is getting good and lasting quality at a reasonable price. That is what I got with Yeo, my carpenter of 16 years, whom I have engaged on and off over the years, and of course I used him again when I decided to renovate and move in! Who else could I trust? And who knew the place better than him? After all he built my entire flat in the beginning! And by a pure stroke of luck, he turned out to be my neighbour so he knew the layout very VERY well and checked on his workers' workmanship every night! As a further testament, I recognise one of the workers from 16 years ago!!! So this time round, to show my appreciation and also cos he's the "old-school, not techie type", I decided to share him with all of you! Scroll behind for his contact! These are old pictures of my initial reno 16 years ago. We did our place in resort style. Some call it modern Asian style!
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    Hall is done!! Kompacplus is in. Niceeeee!
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    Contents Page/Helpful Links NEW!! UPDATED -- Our Home 3.5 years Later - Here -- Budgeting for your BTO, how much should you spend? - Here 1. Our Chosen Contractor + Reasons why - Here 2. Color Schemes we considered - Here 3. $9000 for all appliances! Only $930 for Hood and Induction Hob! - Here 4. $99 bathtub! - Here 5. Taobao purchases - Round 1! Stainless steel bathroom stuff for cheapssss! - Here 6. Taobao purchases - Round 2! $300 Sofa! $200 recliner! - Here 7. Our 3-D drawings! ALOT of carpentry for $25k! - Here 8. Our Renovation Begins! Bath Tub and Hafary! - Here 9. Carpentry: The Study! - Here 10. Carpentry: My Custom Built Table! - Here 11. Carpentry - Workmanship!! - Here 12. Taobao - Things you: MUST buy, CAN buy, DON'T buy! - Here 13. Final Pictures of our Home - GOODbuy! (haha) a. Study - Here b. Living Room - Here c. Kitchen - Here d. Bedroom 1 - Here e. Master Bedroom - Here f. Toilets - Here g. Final budget + Our moving company + Sofa pictures! - Here 14. Things that could have gone better - Lessons we learnt when dealing with contractors - Here 1+1=3 in our 4 Room BTO I refused, refused, refused to apply for a BTO before the hubbs proposed - no way was I going to go down the way of a 'HDB-proposal'. Practical? Not very, but maybe I'm just a old romantic at heart. So yes, he proposed, I said yes, we got engaged, married, and only THEN, did we send out our first application for a HDB flat. That was in 2012. We lucked out and got an excellent queue number for our choice estate in Tampines upon our first application. Fast forward 2.5 years, and here we are, proud new owners of a BTO fresh off the factory floor. Perhaps the timing was just perfect - our little couplehood has since, grown to include a pint-sized dictator, which means that we need not worry about how we would have to redesign the house when the little one comes along. Now that little Z is here, he is part of our plans. (Maybe it would be more apt to say that our plans are centred around him!) Hence, the first steps towards building our cosy little nook, for our family of three. Our Design Inspirations Here are some images of designs that inspired us: Too many people doing Scandinavian these days. We like the simplicity, but don't want to be mainstream lah. So we thought about it, and quite liked Zen. My ideal study! I absolutely LOVE to work from a bed, hence the L-shaped bedside table is a really awesome design feature. We also want to keep Ah boy's room clean and neat.
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    @d3n@nerrad@matchalatte, I feel like i am so suay! Not once but twice. yes holding off payment for now, and not really mentioning this for now. We don't want to sour the r/s as reno walks is still undergoing, and he was still nice in other areas... maybe when it's time for the final payment, we will then confront him again. pray it will go well man. Updates 1st coat of painting done, they will come and touch up i think, nearer to end of renovation. Carpentry mostly installed, awaiting my quartz table top to be measured. Box up all done. Curtains chosen. Left tiling of brick wall on my dining area... My taobao items came, mostly hits! Loving my green wall. Colour is less vibrant and more muted in reality. There's my husband holding the tapestry, considering to put here. Love this pink wall as well. It's like vintage rose if i am not wrong. not the vibrant sweety kind of pink. anyway i only painted the wall near the window, and the vanity area. after putting the blinds, doubt i will be seeing much of this pink >.< Bedroom accent wall chosen colour. Nippon Gray Knight. Love this! Kitchen taken at night! Sorry, no lights installed in kitchen and dining area yet ,so a little dim. yellow, because of the living room track lights. You cant really see the marble wall tiles from here though with the poor lighting. Overall, quite satisfied. A part of me wished my blue was darker. Oh well, note to myself in the next reno, always trust my own tastes. I was contemplating a darker blue actually but i changed my mind after Husband's and Contractor M persuasion. This is still beautiful. Actually what i think will make it perfect is the shaker style cabinets... HAHA. but never mind, decision made not to have shaker style, and i will not eat my words. Now awaiting the ledge area (facing dining area) to be tiled with brick wall tiles, and with my iquartz, it should be ready!!