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    @apperceive Wall color first! 😬 Gotten the idea From Pinterest. Initially, wanted to match the blue wall with a white bed frame. Couldn’t find one I like so, I switched to wooden frame instead. Took me some time to find this Oak bed.😊 As for the TV console, it’s part of the carpentry work done by the ID company. All my plugs/power points are hidden inside. Will take pics of it and the Aircon trunking when I dropped by this weekend.😀
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    basically someone had screwed up badly. I suppose the water pipes are for your bath tub. if your bath mixer is wall mounted type, the pipes should be hidden in the wall behind the tiles and not exposed like this. the hot water pipes would not be at 100 degrees but I suppose it would be still hot enough to cause some redness to skin if come into contact. the only way to rectify this is to hack away the wall tiles and have the pipes concealed inside the walls. just noticed that even your pipes for the WC are run exposed. if this is a full reno of the toilet, no reasons to leave the pipes exposed as they can be concealed within the brick walls. just for reference, the pipes are concealed within the brick walls by hacking a channel in the bricks. later on tiles are laid over the brick walls hence concealing the pipes. before and after pics below for my house on the concealed pipes
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    I do nothing, Didn't even pick a day. LOL! but that is just me. you got the new layout with additional room! Since you are not using that room as a room, do you want to consider hacking the wall and make your bedroom bigger and more spacious? In the kitchen, in between the island and window, suggest you extend cabinet or low shelve there cos it is useful to have counter top space, make sure there is electricity supply too. Personally, I don't like the bed headboard right beside the window. I would arrange the bed in the other direction. head of the left and foot on the right. Also troublesome to open close windows. my 2 cents.