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  2. I am renting out the flat to family/students/working professional. Spacious living room with dining table. House is air-condition, refrigeration and washing machine available on request. Bed frames (four bed frame/beds and one bunk bed available on request) are available or you move in yours. Only lock out one of the common room. A few minutes walk to bus stop. 3 bus stops away to Toa Payoh Interchange/MRT and 3 bus stops away to Potong Pasir MRT station from Jalan Toa Payoh bus stop. There is GIANT supermarket and coffee shop just one block away and few minutes walk to wet market to Toa Payoh Lorong 7. Looking to rent out at $2000 for the unit to family, students or working professional. Maximum 6 tenants allowed. Living Room Dining area Kitchen Common Bedroom Master Bedroom Please email me with your details (rental for family, student, working professional, nationality, number of tenants, tenants detail) at klmok68@hotmail.com
  3. From Amazon to 65daigou is very fast...about 2 -3 days. The sea freight would be slightly about $100+ for my 30 inch sink if without discount and the 30% refund I was given.
  4. I have got my sink from Amazon China and shipped back through 65daigou via sea freight. I took the 15% shipping discount and they were late on ETA for 2 - 3 days and got another 30% refund on the shipping fee. All in all cost about $360 for the 32 inch sink and shipping. Now just waiting for my renovation to start.
  5. Look good and begining to feel ichy hand to get one for my house. I have search around for cheapest shipping alternative and come down to two alternative: 1. Sign up for VPOST and wait for shipping promotion (like 20% shipping discount currently having with SAFRA member) and get SEA freight shipping which cost so much lesser, but will need to wait 35 - 40 days for shipment to arrive. While checking on the free global shipping for the item with CS, CS only offer a $10 gift card that can be apply to this item. 2. Saw they sell this model under Amazon China site as well (not sure if we can use our credit card to purchase or not) and cost of the item is roughly the same (after some conversion...china is cheaper by SGD$24). I look at 65daigou for sea shipment. The estimated shipping cost is around SGD$66 - 70 and additional $8 for local delivery to your house. The shipping time is around 8 - 14 days. If that add up to less than SGD$400, then we may not even need to pay import tax for it.