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  1. hi guys for the income ceiling of 8k does it apply to resale flats too? Is there an income ceiling for people who wants to get a HDB flat??
  2. heh the bedsheet is sure country looking!!!!!!!!!!! did u get it from spotlight?? i have a white theme for the bedroom too! hehehe
  3. I paid about $600 for it... I think the new shipment is coming soon. Maybe can call them and ask. I got a white display cabinet from Ikea as well...Ikea has a good collection of white furnitures this season! hehe
  4. Hi Country Lover I saw something similar at Roomyroom before. I think for sales for about $1.5k? Can't remember.. When did u go down? I went down about a month ago and most of the white stuff were gone. I bought a chest of drawer from them back in May. Delivery is prompt. Price wise i don't think is the cheapest. but you can't really find many white country furnitures in Singapore... so no choice i guess. heh.
  5. heh nevermind lah cos once u have the other electrical appliances.. there will be lots of wire running around.. we have every point concealed.. ie no running wire in the entire house at all.. but once u plug in the fridge.. rice cooker etc... sure got wire hahahaha.. bo bian
  6. Hi mine is concealed. The developer concealed the switch and wire inside the cabinet. Cos ontop of my hood is a cabinet.... and everything is inside. But if i open the cabinet can see one wire. ahhahaha Btw... your house looks warm and cozy.. love all the small bits you are putting together!!
  7. Hi countrylover i think the tiles might do the trick.... we shld have a country gathering! go get country decor stuff haahah
  8. Hi Ilovemyhome, the cost of wallpaper per roll will depend on design, texture and material etc. I went to goodrich to check prices.. the cheapest is about $60plus per roll and the expensive ones can be like $100plus.. installation cost which i was quoted was $350 for my MBR.. The cheapest wallpaper i managed to find is from Laura Ashley.. $40 plus per roll. imported from UK so i thought really value for money. but selection or texture not as wide as goodrich.
  9. Hi piggie join u alan and christine to do whaT? hehehehhe ur kitchen looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi vivien i made my curtains pictures public u can go check it out.. http://lurvesunday.multiply.com/photos/album/27
  10. hi duckweed the reno was pretty fast but the unpacking was not hahahaha we are still unpacking and re-arranging the stuff... and some of my furnitures have not arrived yet.. so felt very empty too! hehe but been enjoying the pool.
  11. hi bbin my contractor says can withstand 100kg.. but so far me and hubby (confirm WAY over 100kg) stood on the planks and it didn't collapsed. hahahaha it is water resistant.. cos meant for outdoor usage.
  12. hi duckweed no problem.. can get ur contractor or electrician to fix one switch for u at the planter box / balcony
  13. We have only one big one at the livingroom. I saw my colleauges putting plants at his planter boxes.. the smaller ones..
  14. goh ah bee is at hougang. They actually do cash on delivery. hehe u can order over the phone and pay when deliver. don't have go there physically.