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  1. upon reading all the above complaints on their horrendous experiences, i cant help but to share mine too. I was more fortunate though, to be able to escape from their clutches. One day in may 2008, i visited their booth and was given a quotation on the spot according to my reno requirements. The quotation was one of the most reasonable among the ones that i previously got and i was tempted. Altho i knew i would not sign up with any ID firm on impulse, i was somehow persuaded by them. Few weeks later, i called them to enquire on my 3D drawings which were expected to be done ard that time, the response i got was i had to "queue". The worst thing is, they claimed that their high tech computer (exact words used) can only produce 2 sets of 3D drawings each day!! Lame excuse, i asked ard and nobody has ever heard of that! That sparked a need for me to research on the co's background and i realised they were only incorporated few months back, with no HDB license (meaning either they renovate illegally or they sub-contract my reno). Comparing their payment schedule (95% upfront) ard gives me the jitter to engage them as my ID firm. So i struck an argreement with them to use the deposit to install a shower screen for me. Owing to some obviously inexperienced calculations, i was quoted a well below market price for that job, so i tot just as well. Another several weeks later (i had already engaged another ID by then) when they were supposed to install the screen, they discovered that the price they quoted were lower than the cost and requested me to retrieve my deposit so that they need not incur a loss to perform the job. This ended my torment chasing so many times after them for only a simple installation. Usually they do pick up my calls but its quite often that i hear "im in a meeting" and 'we are busy in Expo" too. To me, the co's priority is in securing more jobs at the Expo and they are obviously short-handed in terms of perm staff to manage the projects secured. Make a trip to their company premises, u will discover that they are located in a secular industrial building, where there are a few carpenters below (which cud b where they sub-con ur job to). Definitely a co i wud never NEVER recommend to anyone who wants to renovate with a peace of mind.
  2. Initially wanted to get a Panasonic, then realised it is made in Malaysia, and the heating element also. currently using a redring, more than 10 yrs liao and stil but market like no more redring eyeing 707 water heaters now, seem like their reviews are the best.
  3. does tat mean that if cable is spoiled need to take everything out if not cant use anymore?
  4. where is Franke? actually to me, it doesn matter where is is manufactured, as long as it is of quality. maybe we can scrutinise the sink to see if its inscripted with "made in xxx"
  5. im also intending to get Bellari's sink this weekend, their prices are quite reasonable, and design is nice. not too sure where it is made tho, but it is the only place that i been so far selling sinks with built-in bin.
  6. u have a very cute basin so r u gonna custom make ur console or buy in e end?
  7. received the following quotation from my electrician (prices based on unit price) Supply lighting point 35 Installation of light 10 Supply conceal lighting point 45 Supply looping lighting point 20 Supply 13amp power point 65 Supply hob & hood power pt with indicator switch 100 Shift lighting point with conceal 30
  8. those are floor tiles right, hmm not exactly rough to the feet, just that it has slight groovings thus the surface. as we wud be cooking rather often so we were advised to use non-slip tiles, easier maintenance (cos no shine haha) and of cos, safety first. kitchen tiles laid out as shown (grouting pending) living room tiling works in process kitchen entrance - alignment of tiles
  9. i like the champagne colour wall too.
  10. thanks thanks. just back from visiting our site, will post more pic later! that ID found it old fashioned,, which we did not second at all. my intial plan is to have a low settee there for wearing shoes, but my present ID designed it beside the shoe cabinet for us, so fiance suggested placing a water feature at that corner, whereas i tot it wil be nice to have a standing lamp there will post more pic when uploaded!
  11. our reno started loh!! this fella here knocked away our door kerb, so that his wheelbarrows of sand can be pushed in wif less effort. what we get from paying >1k for haulage services our floor tiles for living area - cant wait to see its polished shine on my floor after completion of tiling works! our kitchen tiles
  12. thanks angel81, we like our foyer glass too. Makes the place brighter. one of the first ID we went to actually suggested us to build a display cabinet there to hide the glass blocks u can guess that we did not even shortlist him in e end. dear neighbour, haven been hearing from u leh. hows ur unpacking doing? the pic u refering to is the dresser ledge on the other side of the MBR, but im removing that from my final works. yes our bedroom floorings will be using laminated floorings. hey i wanna drop by ur place too, if u see me at my place (which has begun reno), feel free to approach me ok! Harlow, Thanks alot. very curious with the outcome as well, dunno how is it gonna look.
  13. u got a unique dining light, may i know how much u spent on that? ur light at MBR, does it have crystals? the reflection on the ceiling symbolises sunshine rays, nice!