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  1. How about Polyclinic above NTUC? Cheap but must wait a long time.
  2. Hey, long time no hear from you....haven't visited Renotalk for a long time. Er, what is water hammering? You going to break down a wall or something?
  3. Actually the cleaners are just going through the motion. for example, last evening they spray the floor, supposely to 'clean' it, however, everyone knows that if it is still wet, then whoever walks past will leave their prints and blacken it. So it become worst when they clean like that, after it finally dries, there are pockets of dark surfaces. The proper way is to use steam and pressure (they are only using pressure) to spray it to dislodge the dirt, then sweep the dirty water away, use a clean mop to leave as dry a surface as possible. Direct people to walk on one side, and finally clean up that side. But well, I guess the cleaner are 'just' doing their job. Until the next minister visit that is, then it will be clean for inspection...
  4. Can't post at facebook, don't know why...anyway. If those who can post at facebook can help me post this message there, 1 day to D day The 219B flag was fixed. Now I saw FOUR more, all facing into the garden. 221A 16th floor, 220A 6th floor, 221B 12th floor and one at 221C (forgot which floor). Can someone living near those slip them a note or something? I haven't spotted any facing to the tracks or towards Shop N Save side....
  5. I can sell drinks and snacks by the side....cheering cost a bit more
  6. Actually with the mentality of some of my neighbours, I can understand why the area is so dirty. I sometimes see the cleaner 'mop' the lift floors, usually at the early mornings when many people go to work (WTF). He uses a wet mop and go around the area. ie Not train how to mop floor. So end up only pushing dirty water around. EVEN if he successfully mop the lift clean, before it is dry, the next resident that goes in will leave the dirty shoe mark there. On the common area, he comes around and spray water here and there. When he left, the dirty marks are still there. I clean my common area too, I will wait till nobody is around then nalpam the area with detergent, then just mop up the dirty water, rinse with another round of clean water then mop up again. When dry, it is very clean. Now, this is WHERE the frustrating part comes in, my neighbours one time observed what I was doing and asked me why so kapoh and do the government job? they say if dirty just complain and the town council will come clean again. Okay, so from then on I just mop the area around my door, leaving a very obviously clean rectangle. The two neighbours ones are constantly dirty with dark black marks because they heck care. The neighbour children also goes around kicking the walls and leaving their small shoe prints there. I saw the malay boys that always hang around the garden in the late nights, drinking, and then they will throw the empty cans into the bushes. One of these days we will all die from dengue because of their kind contribution. So when can we finally be able to fine them, like MRT finally tried after keeping an eye closed for over 10 years and the eating problem keep escalating?
  7. Its a common ploy, I encountered one case when I was staying in whampoa in the evening where this indian girl brought the baby along and asked for $10 to send the baby to KKH. She claims hubby is still working hard to earn enough money before can come back so ask us for help and then will return us. I stayed there for over 30 years and haven't seen this indian family before in my block lol so I asked to go with her to her unit and look see. The indian young lady keeps giving excuses...before I wanted to close the door, my old mum being so kind hearted quickly poke a $10 note out so the indian lady grab and walked off.... My mum keeps saying aiya poor thing, even if not real just a small sum only. But imagine one block 15 floor 3 seperate wings, each $10, thats about $150x3 = $450 easy money in one night of operation.
  8. Even BEFORE at bedok, M1 is the worst amongst the 3 (google it and you will know). I got singnet and starhub last year and both was super bad because of the signal strength. Worst is my Starhub 7.2 Mbps which can't even beat the Singnet 1Mbps one (lol). used it for 2 months and went to Starhub bang table. Starhub claim this, claim that and even stressed 'up' to 7.2Mbps a few times. I asked them to show me ONE place in Singapore where they can hit 7.2Mbps and I will drop my complain... End up they allowed me to end the 2 years contract without penalty (lol). So BO, I don't think M1 3 stooges can win sparky....at bedok or anyplace in Singapore...try bang table.
  9. I started a Group card for Linear Greeners to sign for the 20 June 2009 party B-) It's in facebook, but if you have not joined facebook, you can sign by clicking here http://apps.facebook.com/groupcards/c/94CzzSEp5Uv Save you well wishes for your home in history....
  10. Interesting view, but besides using wood for doors to the toilet, what other material? My door already start to show signs of breaking down because my son plays with water and spray the door daily.
  11. I changed mine long ago during renovation. I bought the $25 kit from Self-Fix (saw some available at Simei the other day, another outlet is at Marine Parade but that one normally no stock). There are several difficulities a) The back of the water tank is 'glued' to the toilet wall using the white sealant. Although they are soft, but it takes a while to scrap, use a screwdriver as level and tear the watertank away. This is because the worker has applied a lot of it behind the watertank. b) Why? Because the water tank is NOT level with the base (lousy design), so the worker applied tons of 'remedy' to make sure that the water don't flow out from the gap. There are two rubber pads at the back of water tank, one at joint surface between seat and tank and so on. c) After I completed the swap, due to the problem a and b above, about 1 month I have to adjust the sealing by tightening the two side screws below the seat (you can see them now if you go to the toilet). This is because the poor sealing/expansin/water pressure/seating pressure/usuage and whatever casues leak and dripping. Although small, but you can hear the drip drip once in a while. After about 6 yo 7 adjustments, the leak stopped as the seat finally agree with the base. Beside above, the swap is simple, there are only a few components, so what you take out, just reverse the order when you put them back.
  12. This evening around 10.30 pm the RC people came door to door selling the 20th June $3 ticket....where is my 1st 200 signup freebie? I bought 2 tickets
  13. It's here again...PC Show......so any new owners can wait and I'm sure there will be lots of electronics stuff for 'hourly' specials there.
  14. The posion like useless leh. I bought the china brand "Superior Ants and Cockroaches killer", yellow box, small rectangular pellets with yellow powderly stuff....no effect (ants don't eat)...so I got the branded name Baygon Ants Bait station ($5+), also useles (ants don't even go near). End up fed up bought NTUC spray (oil based) and napalm the place. Hope the oil will let the insecticide stay there longer to break the ants pattern. My neighbour worst, her ants crawl up from the window side...sigh I now training my boy boy to use water gun filled with soap. I played it when I was young so now teaching him. Quite fun, you spray the ant and because the soap stick to them, they will run and run then run out of air...die sticking to the wall (cruel but effective). So if he become expert I can rent his services out and he will be one happy worker bee...
  15. Bye bye bug day.... Today since morning 9 am see some workers spraying insecticide and fuming on the tree tops, on the bush, on the ground, on me and baby (walking to bus stop so can't avoid the fume even when the worker saw us and stopped) So I guess the catepillars are smart and had crawled into our home before the eviction action Lets hope they got the ants colony climbing up 220B. (Shawn, any ants got into your home? They are coming up the crack around pipe behind stairwell).