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  1. All sections are operating, except the seafood section is closed. 2nd level is open if you need some tidbits and beer during those midnight soccer games. Heard that the shop space, next to the lift serving the MSCP is owned by one of the supermarket chain. Well, human traffic is not high there and its hard to operate business there. But there seem to have alot of people in both the beauty salon / spa & manicure / pedicure shop. The handicraft school not so many students there and the shop selling clothes behind the manicure / pedicure shop, hardly got any customers there. Not only the property tax increase, the utilities is also increasing. My bill add up to $200+ for last month, heart pain leh. have to pay hard-earned money for the utilities bill........ Everything is increasing but the pay remains the same
  2. NTUC is also operating 24hrs. Good leh.... At first, i thought the pink issue is because I did not wash throughly. So what's the solution to this issue? Since there were break-ins to some of the units in our estate 1yr ago, anyone knows how's the security level like in our estate now?
  3. I only got ants problems so far. They seem to exit through the kitchen power sockets and back to the sockets. Tried to using those type of powder for killing the ants but no use. Any good ideas?
  4. I do agree with u that it is very subjective. Most often its the end user who will either benefit or complain. End users are the sufferers of the ill-designs. I did feedback that the passageway between the void deck of 219C and the MSCP is causing a nuisance to the residents, esp the eldery, disabled or those who strollers / prams as it is being blocked off. Another issue is that the passageway in front of 219C towards the main road, it is being built but is blocked off too, causing those who need to acess to the main road to walk a longer distance. Most of my neighbours said that they had complained to the ECTC but no actions had been taken by them. BTW, are you a lawyer or any law enforcer or someone working in any of the stat boards? How come u know so much abt the Penal code, CONQUAS etc? Its so "alien" and lengthy to us. Summarise possible?
  5. Am wondering whether complain got use or not. My neighbour, an uncle said he complained a few times but nothing happens. Another thing is that, did anyone noticed that the linkway from the blk 219 carpark to blk 219C was blocked? But the side of the linkway is not blocked. How ironical? Then in the 1st place build the linkway for what? Imagine those old folks in wheelchairs and those with toddlers in strollers/prams, they will have to make a big detour to access to the blocks. And what if it rains? The blocked linkway will defeat the purpose of being a shelter / shortcut from the carpark lor.
  6. Neo Garden was good till I recently tried its food during the CNY. Food was fresh, good and hot. After the buffet, there were some leftover and we packed it up and kept in the fridge. The beehoon turned bad, it became sticky and had a foul smell when we reheated it. The rest of the dishes were ok.
  7. Paiseh ah, what's the contact number to HDB regrading the crack line? How come its very dusty when they repair it? How do they repair it? Not put the plastering on the wall?
  8. I discovered a crack at the wall in my living room. Who can we complain to since Jovi had moved out of our estate already? Any idea? Thanks in advance.
  9. Din see any mozzies around but there are other types of small flies around.
  10. This happens at my MBR toilet too. It occurs without fail every night at about 11pm.
  11. Not cheated. Cos he did ever mentioned that if he were to come back our estate again, he will charge transport cost even though there are a couple of units doing together. He claims that when he did mine, that is the last day he will be in our estate since he was there for 3months doing a mass welding for the units in LG. So mine is the so called special offer price lor.
  12. Hi all, I did mine for $15 per joint x 6 joints, by the same person (Mr Kor). He say actually 6 joints will be enough but there are people who want extra protection and did all 9 joints. He really fast in removing the old welds. Its really sad to see the closure of the last cinema in Bedok, even though I had not patronised it. So our nearest cinema is in Tampines (Shaw - Century Sqaure and GV- Tampines Mall). With the new mall coming up beside LG, hopefully there will be a new cinema in it. Keep our fingers crossed ba.
  13. Hi, its true that corner is quite dark if there is no light there. Probably u can consider the light that i have. Its cheap, good, nice design and easy to maintain. If you can't remember, u may want t drop by my place again to take a look. Haha, me 2 levels above ur unit only.
  14. Hey, my maxonline and cable TV are up. Fixed line is up too but no phone. Haha.
  15. No leh, they din give us the report leh. The technical guy keeps saying its the HDB pple doing the testing leh. We did called up Jovi to check on this issue. And we gets kicked around like a ball. HDB say not their pple, its SH pple. SH say not their pple is subcontract to HDB contractor... Sian. Our cable point only got shift one of it. The rest remains the same. The shifting was completed when they came up for the activation and testing. The SH also went downstairs to chekc on the signal strength. Came back and told us the same thing. The strength is very weak. As such, this should be the problem for the entire block. But one weird thing, is my neighbour still can watch the sports channel on the TV (believed to be from SCV lor).....