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  1. Hi there,

    I saw your message on renotalk. I would like to know on which ID has you awarded your renovation for the 3 room flat to? Also how much you spent on the renovation? Are you able to share the details with me??



  2. Reno will commence tmr...finger crossed...
  3. Thanks...wifey and i wanted a boutique hotel concept or at least close to one... Finger crossed on the actual results and hoping for a trouble-free reno...
  4. Thanks Diva...sure hopes all will turn out well
  5. Updated 3D diagrams after selection of colur themes and tiles @ Hafary. Due to budget constraint, we only choose tiles that cost not more than $2.40psf...unless stike toto or 4D... But must admit Hafary is pretty cool and hav a hugh collection of materials that suits your individual preferences and budgets. Still awaiting diagram for the kiddos room. Just rcv news that the application for hacking of kitchen wall hav been approved...
  6. Cool...as tiles are one of the most exp portion of the reno...hope we can get good bargains...
  7. Gd day Waiya, Hope the journey is smooth and free of hicucps... Mine is @ AMK ave 10, will upload the flr plan and current presentation stages of the flat in a moment... Njoy
  8. Thanks...sure hope so... Gonna bring wifey and kiddos to select tiles @ Hafary Defu this afternoon
  9. Gonna embarke on the reno journey for my resale 3rm flat in a few weeks time...just gotten some 3D drawings: 3D diagrams Floor Plan Pre-reno pics (album): Link to Pre-Reno Album Quite a major revamps...hope things will turn out well...so far the experiences with the ID (YM Creation) have been awesome thus far...prices quoted are reasonable as well... will updates the progresses...