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  1. alamak..the poll says "DUN buy aircon fr....coy" i tot is buy from whichc oy hehe n i click on hongtar ok i shall share my experience here..their service onli 1 word "GOOD" i chk wif gaincity,major stores, b4 i went to hongtar to enquiry on the aircon i wanted..i find the prices are on par and eventually i go to hongtar after seeing many positive remarks abt it in forums and the salesgal,grace veri helpful n friendly. the technical ppl came to my hse 1wk b4 installation to discuss wif my id on the running of the pipes,wirings. 1 ting gd abt them is they will put in effort to ensure minimization of ugly wirings showing out so i can save on box up costs. the day they did the wiring ,onli my id is around thus the next day i went over to see,very satisfied the wiring tat i m afraid to show out at the partition ceiling was routed through the storeroom fr my bedroom 2 to my master bedroom. my aircon was installed last yr november. they jus called 2wks ago to consult us whether we nd any servicing,fyi they give us two free servicing vouchers. overall, very satisfied customer of hong tar
  2. hi, my washer is toshiba 7.5kg. bought at kangtai for $299