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  1. Thanks I still have balance payment and also I have inform them immediately upon receipt. But then the problem here is that they dun bother about me and they dun even call me back despite my call to them. Now how>
  2. I also having problem with the grout line. Black even before handover.. Last saturday me scrub like mad for all grout line but still black but my ID quite good, he will be asking someone to come up and wash the line for me
  3. Anyone can advise? I brought a sofa and coffe table from living story (Fashion Home). When delivered, coffee table ok so no complaint but there is a torn on the sofa which my hubby rejected. We have paid half as deposit for both and now currently both item are at my place. We went down to complaint and demand for a new set of sofa but they say they do not have another set and ask me to accept the torn sofa but willing to give further discount. What u all think i should do? I asked for refund then they say cannot.They did not call us back on the status and now i am stuck
  4. My ID will shift the hanging for clothing away but not yet done.. Yupz from Ikea think someone answer you liao My Reno should be completed soon... Hopefully to show all if u nice nice picture next weekend.... but still like pending a lot of things leh minor touch up here and there. Anyone also face such problem when gg to handover?
  5. Dear all new update pls give some comments... Picture of kitchen Picture of TV console
  6. Me never been to you house, just heard from him only. yup having a problem in my shoe rack. wanted to do something very different so tot of doing an odd shape thing, now asking johnny can or not. He say need to check with carpenter lor, hope it doesn't have to cost much....u move in liao? everything settled? I agreed with you something, Johnny is indeed good in many area except for he is a bit SSLLOOWW..ha ha
  7. Hey ur house look great and familar..oh ur house is the one johnny says a lot of people say very nice one.. Nice house.. me also cracking my head on the shoe cabinet
  8. Hi all, Picture of my master bathroom vanity top n basin.. Place to put all my clothings in....
  9. Hi all, Pictures as follows.. Carpentary on the way finally...
  10. I prefer very black things lor... U think anyway to sell this table? willing to let go at half price
  11. chair plus table 1199.. but now me regret on the table cos me prefer solid black.. The one i brought was black glass
  12. Aroung 600 for queen the second one 899 for queen... U intend to buy? Thanks.. but me having problem with the tables.. Anyone can help on how to make a black glass full black instead?
  13. Nearly brought either 1 of those.. but later give up.. Anyway let u all take a look... Another one... Brought dinning chair today...