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  1. its ok whether dislike or whatever bcos i also dont even know you guys. it doesnt bother me. after all, this is just a forum. numb liao lor with all the "4 police officers" comments.
  2. probably i wont defy my parents' wishes bcos parents only have two in this whole world and moreover they're the ones who brought me up.
  3. my hb's colleague bought the honda fit 08 and its slightly spacious than the older honda fit. it looks nicer too. btw, if you prefer kah motor honda jazz then you've to wait awhile bcos the honda jazz 08 is coming soon. dont forget bodykit does add weight to the car therefore the car will consume more petrol. you're also a fan of honda cars? my hb and me are also honda fans. our current car is a honda and the new car we ordered is also honda.
  4. ang moh and chinese marriage is already very common liao. in life, maybe some people are really fated to be married to other races then if their marriages are not approved by the people around them, then how? once missed the chance then probably no more chance liao.
  5. fit/jazz isnt very powerful but it can save petrol. honda CRV! my hb and my favourite! hehe. this is the car we eyed.
  6. hehe. i sure know its either a fit or jazz. i couldnt confirm which one due to the bodykit.
  7. that's either a fit or jazz, right? i think it isnt getz. either fit or jazz. oh ya! btw, the honda fit has a new facelift and its slightly more spacious. my hb's colleague just bought the new facelift honda fit. i heard the kah motor agent told us the honda jazz new facelift is coming soon.
  8. my MUA didnt keep the eyelashes for me bcos i threw it away after using for 1 time. to save the trouble buying them myself so i got the eyelashes and ampoules from MUA.
  9. oh my gosh! such cars are too small for us. pls dont suggest lorries or vans.
  10. actually, your MUA should have the eyelashes and ampoule but you've to pay for them. i didnt have to get my eyelashes and ampoule bcos my MUA got them (just paid her money).
  11. oh, applefreak is also a tall person huh. usually, tall people may find saloon cars are too small for them. kind of like suffocated. SUV and MPV are just nice for tall people. i mean cars la. not lorry or van etc.
  12. ya, i agreed. 1 pair is really more than enough. you've to keep the shoes inside the shoe box. you cannot anyhow throw them aside bcos wedding shoes usually are either white, cream or silver color mah therefore if you dont keep properly and may turn yellowish easily.
  13. this is the bell chime, right? install indoor. door bell is installed outdoor.
  14. actually, i feel that one pair is good enough liao. during ROM, i bought one pair but turned yellowish (the reason: i dumped it aside) after that so i bought another pair for my AD.
  15. my hb n i hate low cars. that's why sport cars arent our cup of coffee. we will feel suffocate inside a sport car.
  16. erm, how many pairs? i only bought one pair. i used the same shoes for PS and AD bcos after the wedding and i dont wear anymore. i prefer slippers or sandals.
  17. erm, orchard huh. it should have bah.
  18. of course! bcos its more expensive than lexus! !!
  19. this is my bell chime (indoor) we told our electrician to hide the wires inside the false ceiling. that's why when you told me yours have wires and i was puzzled. after that, i checked with my hb and he told me the wires already hid inside the false ceiling. !!
  20. my bell chime (indoor) doesnt have any wires. nice nice one. i forget where my electrician hid the wires liao. probably inside the false ceiling.
  21. huh? you havent fixed doorbell yet? i fixed long ago liao bcos sometimes i cant hear when there's people knocking on my door esp when i'm in the bedroom. !! my doorbell is clipsal but forget what the brand for the bell chime is liao.
  22. shopping mall got. last time i saw tiong bahru plaza also gt.
  23. definitely will drink a lot. my cousin used to drive lexus (think the SUV type) and also drank a lot. those people who can afford such cars and sure also can afford the petrol la.