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  1. opps! quickly take cover bcos there're more "police officers" coming in for duty. change shift liao. ya. there're many jewellery shops have wedding sets. i absolutely agreed with you, babe! i guess only women who hb bought them jewellery will know what i meant. the meaning is totally different lor. dont bother with them who dont understand.
  2. huh? is there such logic meh? if there's an extra angbao box then must use again meh. haha. oh, fifi sure will have such "good life" la. dont worry ok. haha. usually, people who like to give such idea to others and eventually the real scenario will fall upon herself. you pray hard ok. you should start to contribute some better inputs la and dont mess up LL's topic ok.
  3. the wedding shoes you posted previously is quite nice. they should be suitable on your big day! if you're used to wearing higher heel then you may wear them too bcos i dont wear high heel. BS will borrow you their accessories but to me some of them are quite exaggerating lor. therefore, i wore my own accessories. my hb encouraged me to wear my own accessories too bcos he felt that since i have real diamonds then should wear them instead. opps, i cant talk much about diamonds here otherwise "police officer" will come in again. your diamond of course is real la bcos i remember your hb bought you a sookee brilliant rose diamond ring. have you upgraded liao? i heard that the price for diamonds went up again.
  4. then for you since you also wore real diamonds. erm, you bought all your diamonds yourself? then its meaningless liao. personally, i feel that. i dont mean anything hor.
  5. opps. i dont have the intention wor. probably, you've such intention that's why you've such thinking. that's so bad of you lor. anyway, your hb wont minded i guess. let me know when you're going to have your next wedding again next time. then i will give you the angbao box for FREE wor.
  6. oh, you pls dont take it too hard wor. of course, there're people wearing real diamonds. what about you on your AD?
  7. boil the eggs. mix the red coloring powder with a bit of water. dip the boiled eggs into the red coloring water.
  8. there's a shop at chinatown called blissful. they sell all kind of wedding stuff. usually, the hotel will provide angbao boxes. our hotel provided us 2 angbao boxes. we also bought one angbao box from blissful but didnt use at all. its still new with packaging.
  9. i thought wedding and evening gowns are long type. yours are short type huh? my accessories werent those exaggerate ones. i prefer simple but yet elegant ones. my ring, tennis bracelet and earrings are real diamonds. nope, usually when you walk the wedding shoes doesnt show unless you lift up your gown when you are walking. i wore slippers when taking outdoor PS bcos even i wore the wedding shoes also couldnt see lor. comfortable comes first.
  10. COE has started to increase lately.
  11. ya, agreed. usually, the couples wont have ample time for outdoor PS. the time is very rushing lor. have to check in the hotel about 2pm liao lor. i wonder how come LL still has time for outdoor PS?
  12. i dont buy expensive wedding shoes bcos end of the day the shoes will be covered by the wedding and evening gowns. so no point lor. moreover, nobody will really go and notice the shoes. i was more particular about the accessories i were wearing. eg, diamonds bracelet, diamond ring, diamonds earrings etc.
  13. the most deep impression i have is the two plump couples. all of them are so-so only lor.
  14. leen, i get what you meant. actually, i have done some boiling of tonic too but not birdnest.
  15. Zc31, i watched the style wedding program on ch 5 liao. there're too many couples liao. i watched until blur. so far, no comments. !!
  16. hope you can win so that your wedding will be sponsored. btw, which one is you huh? what's your name? so that tomolo i can watch mah.
  17. hey! my hb watched the style wedding on ch 5 last thur. i told him one of the couples is you. haha. which one huh? my hb said the winners will get sponsor for their wedding, is it? sponsor leh, not bad. no need money.
  18. actually, i prefer to boil the birdnest but i dont know how to do leh. my mum knows how to boil birdnest and she said boiling birdnest need a lot of work. hua yan is more expensive bcos its so called premium birdnest. those big bottles birdnest once opened liao and must consume within 7 days.
  19. i ever saw a person who tried to use free hdb tap water outside the corridor. after that, hdb seen to aware of that then hdb removed the tap. haha.
  20. maybe he used the hdb tap water (usually outside the corridor) lor therefore there's free water.
  21. its a burden to own anything that need to pay money la. i always believe buying a car is easy but to feed a car is tough.
  22. that day food fair at suntec city and my hb bought for me eu yan sang concentrated birdnest which cost one bottle about $70+. i prefer to buy at food fair bcos there're some discounts.