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  1. Hi, thanks for sharing your experience. Maybe not all clothes are suitable for tumble-drying. Have to read the laundry-care label for each clothing.
  2. Download the user manuals (mostly PDF files) from their respective sites, if you can. You will really get a clearer picture of the washing programs featured and how it operates. It may help you with your decision. Because, ultimately, you are the one who will be using the programs for the machine you buy. No point buying something whose operations/programs don't suit your lifestyle and your needs, frankly. Since you wanted to choose between Bosch and LG, here they are... For Bosch product catalogues and instruction manuals: http://www.bosch-home.com/sg/quick-links/catalogues.html https://portal.bsh-partner.com/service2(bD1..._manual_new.htm For LG: http://sg.lge.com/ http://sg.lge.com/proddivergent.do?actType...amp;parentId=06
  3. Yup, Miele uses cast-iron weights. The "grrrung grrung grrrung" sounds scary for my LG, perhaps 'cause this was my 1st time buying and using a front-loading washer, so thanks for explaining the "imbalance" thingy.
  4. I don't recommend a washer-dryer. If you need a dryer, buy a separate tumble dryer. You can read up Lapena's posts on the reasons why. Miele is supposedly supreme, but the limited local 1-year warranty makes some people think twice. If I were you, I won't buy a Samsung washer. I just have doubts on Samsung making good washers... My friend is using a Thomson front-loading washer, made in France. She's using for years, and it's still going strong. It takes a really long time to wash a full load. It takes at least 2 hours, but the clothes come out very clean. Well, that's her verdict for it. You can visit http://www.rinaelectrical.com.sg/ to view the Thomson washing machine catalog, if you're interested. My next target would be to try out Thomson. Recalling back, it was the very 1st brand that my parents used at their old house, before they bought a SHARP (it sucks!) top loader, followed by a Toshiba top-loader made in Japan (lasted till now). In fact, my parents' very old Thomson washer didn't spoil; my mum just didn't want to bend or kneel down anymore to compromise the low door height of a front-loader. She's getting quite old, and her joints are painful. Right now, I'm using LG F1422TD. Only 2 weeks of using it, and I already experienced some things unsatisfying about the motor... Whenever I perform the Duvet Program (for 8kg load) with its preset max 800rpm spin speed for duvet, the drum will suddenly sound like as if it's going to "grrrung grrung grrrung" out of the machine! And that is during the start of the spin! It feels like as if the machine is going to give way. I'm trying my best to describe it here, pardon my use of words. Maybe I should one day take a video of it and post it up? Quite a number of times, my spouse even turned his head towards the direction of the terrible sounds and asked: "What the * H E L L * is going on with the washer!?" However, after the beginning LOUD and HEAVY "grrrung grrung grrrung" sounds which echo from our kitchen towards the hallway, it will later spin more quietly and smoothly. There on, it will stay that way till the end of spin, followed by a very cute end-of-cycle melodious tune. My washer feet were properly levelled across the washing machine base, shipping bolts removed. Vibrations are minimal, barely noticed! Yet, the sounds, well, not as "silent" as the Harvey Norman salesman had said though. I don't see why the machine still sounds like as if it were going to "explode", at the start of each spin. Especially when there's a full load inside. With small load such as 2Kg, the machine is fine, not noisy and scary. I've tried spinning at the minimum 400rpm for the Duvet Program, in the hope not to strain the motor. But the clothes came out wet and heavy! It will take a longer time for the clothes to dry. So I had to choose to spin at the already-preset 800rpm for the Duvet Program. At least, my clothes won't come out wet and limpy. But the drawback is that I notice my washer will "grrrung grrung grrrung" heavily at the 800rpm spin for Duvet. As for the 1400rpm spin speed, I would only dare use it for a load below 2Kg. In my perspective, it's too stressful for the motor to spin a heavy load at 1400rpm. I still want my washer intact! What I wrote here, is purely based on my experience with the F1422TD washer. It may not be the case with all other LG Direct-Drive models. Since it stated a 10-year warranty for the motor, I hope it lives up to its claim. So far, I don't have any more problems with the initial metallic stench I mentioned before. It's gone, which I did by running the Cotton 60-degree program, with half scoop of my powdered detergent. The tub became sparkling clean with a nice fresh scent after. No mold problems, either!
  5. You're a queer person. What my spouse thinks is his business, and what I think is my business. Whichever brand we will plan to buy in future, is solely between me and my spouse only!!
  6. No washer is 100% perfect. The best is to bring the dirty laundry to the laundromat or laundry shops, hence no complaint/warranty/malfunction/maintenance/repair/usage issues, regarding a washer at home. The only issue, is the various trips, the amount spent for such services and whether the shops have done a satisfactory job for you. If not, hand-wash it yourself. That is it. Internet and forums are full of both true and fake opinions and reviews for different washers. Ultimately, who can we really trust? This is a dilemma. The only way to know whether something is suitable for you or whether something works for you, is to buy and try it out yourself. Because only after you try/use it yourself, then you will know whether it is what you truly want, whether it matches your needs and expectations. Good luck!!
  7. This site from Star Furniture Group at http://www.starfurn.com/product.aspx?cat=J...upercat=Bedroom offers a wide range of interesting bedroom set for juniors. I'm not sure if they are safe for 2-year-old yet. Maybe look for those with bedside-support.
  8. LOL, I am merely stating the facts as in what the company should have done to be professional, instead of a non-response. And you think I am defending for them? What a great joke indeed.
  9. Never did I say that I "did not" like my current LG. Never did I want to "apologize" to Miele either. Do not anyhow put words into my mouth. It is true that I like Miele, like most people do. But I cannot get one, due to the fact that my spouse did not want a Miele washer. I am pretty fine, even if I cannot buy a Miele now, or even if I do change my mind not to buy in future. People may change their mind, as time goes past. I just felt that the person was stupid to ask for a refund from Miele Singapore, when it is clear that he had to pay for the repair after the warranty was over. On the other hand, I also think that buying an electrical appliance is sometimes a matter of luck. If it wants to spoil, can we predict it? Then again, this is my very personal opinion. I cannot blame you, if you chose to see my words in a mistaken way.
  10. The Singapore 1-year warranty issue is something to think about, though I myself can't help being impressed by the awesomeness of Miele. Sometimes, when it comes to buying electrical home appliances, it somehow depends on a little stroke of luck too, and perhaps whether you have "fate" with the machine that is delivered to your house. If someone buys a Miele washer, hardly uses it, then suddenly realizes it has problem one day, and it so happens that the local 1-year warranty is over, then the user must be prepared to pay a higher price for repair. After all, this is a "prestigious" machine. The parts are not going to be cheap, either. But if Miele Singapore has at least given an explanation or reply to that person's feedback, maybe he would not have been so pissed off later. Despite this, normally once the warranty period is over, most companies do not bother about how rarely he uses the product, let alone giving a refund of the repair cost (when warranty is over). It is simply not in their policy to do that. For as long as the product has passed its stated warranty, he has to pay for the repair. Some people have owned their Miele washers, without a single fault for several years (and maybe even for a lifetime). Yet there may also be such rare cases, where the machines of unlucky owners "fall sick" in such a short time. Life is funny... It could be a matter of "luck", sometimes (even if not always).
  11. I saw this in another forum: Someone was saying... ******************** By the way anybody who wants to buy a washer that have a big load cos wants to wash comforter or king size quilt, I hope this helps; The sales guy at best denki told me the reason why even miele's high end model( $6k plus)only do 6.5kg is because the higher the load, the hardest it is to do a competent wash! cos over the years it will stress the drums and wear down easily! That is the reason why even miele does not do big load! Its best go to the laundry for king size comforters! I think it makes sense too!! ********************
  12. I heard Crestar Fans really http://www.fancrestar.com.sg/ I also initially wanted to install Crestar Fans for both my living room and kitchen. Because these 2 areas can get a bit too warm, sometimes. Even my parents, who come to visit us once in a while, often mention that our living room (especially) is very warm.
  13. Hi, maybe you can check for latest sales updates at... http://www.tangs.com.sg/ http://twitter.com/TANGS Perhaps, they may have another sale near Chinese New Year in February 2010? I read in another forum that some people are already looking forward to another promotional sales by TANGS, to get a Miele. Because that 2-day sale had been terrific.
  14. Here're some more TV commercials of Miele, the king of washing machines... Miele Washer - Amazing Quality Test: Crash Test The fantastic drum of Miele washer revealed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ilOSVjk2hc
  15. Whoa, $8K! I thought $3K++ is already considered a high price... But for something that is built to last 20~30 years (and who knows, maybe more than 40 years as one user had mentioned about his Miele washer on the internet before), it may have been worth the value. By the time I grow old, perhaps it is still working in tip-top condition!! I think budget is a concern for most (though not all) people. Hope to save up for getting a Miele in future. Till then, I will just patiently wait for my current LG to "retire".