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  1. Hi, Thanks so much.... i shall make a trip one day to take a look. Do they sell the whole bedroom set?
  2. Hi, I've tried searching but i am not sure whether it is safe to purchase online from other countries. DO you have any good experience? I will feel more safe if it is a singapore website or shop where i can see the physical thing.
  3. hi, i am looking for furniture for my 2 years old girl. Anyone has any idea where i can get nice and cheap bedroom set? Thanks
  4. Hi, have anyone bought any storage bed from absolute bedding? was their service or quality good? thanks
  5. Hi, i am interested. pls email me at nataliegoh81@yahoo.com.sg. Thank you.
  6. Hi, i have some queries tat i hope someone can help me. Scenario: If i bought a resale flat for 200k. The valuation is 300k. i intend to sell it away as moving to a new hdb flat. how much can i get back? what are the things that i need to pay? let say i used 100k from cpf and using a bank loan?Do i need to pay the outstanding bank loan or paid by the buyer? thank you! hope someone can enlighten me.