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  1. Premium german brand Miele has a combi-steam oven, with the lastest moisture plus function. This is the website http://www.miele.sg/sg/domestic/products/s...combi_16125.htm
  2. Miele is right-hinged.. But its not cheap though..
  3. Dear Sir, I'm only stating my opinion on the matter, and my opinionated based judgement that miele are the best around is also just that. I'm sorry that my fervour for miele has so offended u like so many others before u. I dont think the crux of the matter is whether im a miele employeee, just because i loved the washers so much, but whether the arguments that paying so much for a miele is worth it. In an opinion-based forum, im just stating the reasons y i think miele is the best currently in the market. I derived alot from forums like moneysavingexpert.com and washerhelp.co.uk The technicians over there have rated miele as the best washing machine brand to buy unbiasly, so they must be miele employees as well?The case is that in the UK, some ppl find external repairs on their faulty appliances, and there is a body to regulate that. In fact washerhelp should hate miele because they can't repair miele washers as miele has did a synchronisation on their machines so that no external repairman can do repairs except miele's own technicians. But in concluding that they hate this practice, they acknowledged that Miele is still the only manufacturer to build a really quality washing machine, not engaging in price wars with other manufacturers to sell a cheaper washer, ultimately buying each other out in an eventuality that alot of brands are owned by the few same companies. Maybe u can check out this article..http://www.washerhelp.co.uk/reviews/miele-overview.html On the question that whether im a miele employee or not, i shall just leave it to ur own conclusions..
  4. Actually all front- loaders are not supposed to handle coins, screws and sharp objects.. Whether its a miele or any other brands. The previous experiences where nothing happened, i can only constitute them to luck. And i guess the warranties really do not cover user faults. However i am dishearten to hear of ur bad experience with the customer service, and i fully agree that if u buy a pricey product, a fully satisfactory after-sales service is a must.
  5. Hi sir, To answer ur question, maybe let me clarified that there are customers using a miele for more than 20 yrs, but there are a few lemons as well. So its not a question of lifespan worthiness , by dividing into how many cheap washers can u buy. Miele is all about gentle laundry care, superior built quality, ease of use and environmentally friendliness. Yes, i believe miele, under normal usage can easily last 20 yrs, or its claims for that will be a laughing stock across the world. People who know this brand synonyms them with quality. It dont come easy, or else , how can they be so independant, family- owned for 111 yrs?Things u threw into a laundry room are not meant to be a fashion statement. They are not ur lumborghinis or bmws, just a washing machine. But why do people who wants quality go for miele? Why not subscribe to ur point of view and buy cheap machines and replace them every yr? The answer is the same. Quality. Peace of mind that the delicate laundry will come out fine. Less hand-washing of silks, wools . Perfect customer care, the knowledge that all spare parts are guaranteed available for 15 yrs after end of production.Do u know that few brands in the market offer that guarantee? Do u know that all miele machines come with a PC update facility that offers customer an update of programs should a better program or washing rythm be developed in future? Yes a cheap machine can cost as low as $300 odd. But i doubt u'll be throwing in ur cashmere wool in to wash? u'll be deciding what goes into a washing machine and what can't. Then there are machines that dont break down completely, just that it needs alot of service calls, to replace so much parts untill replacing the faulty parts cost more than the machines that u will replace it with a frown eventually.. In all fairness, i doubt miele is a super machine that will never break down. Its still electrical, anything can happen,, It might be a gd value for some, and not a necessity for some. But do pardon me, its very unfair to and dismissive to equate the best washing machine in the market, with these simple mathematical evaluations on its value.
  6. It is the intelligent washing rythm taking place.The water usage for miele is so incredibly low, alot of people are not used to it, esp when they have just migrated from a asian top loader. Its because ur cottons are alreadty soaked, it makes use of the lifting of the clothes by the lifter bars to actually induce the rythm effect. Don't worry, the washing rythm is patented, that means ur clothes will come out cleaner, regardless od the amount of water use. however if u r still uncomfortable, u can use the add water function on the side bars as well. If in doubt call the customer hotline, they will b able to answer to ur queries.Hope this helps.
  7. Sub-zero is one of the best brands for fridges , and also one of the most expensive in the market. They specialises only in fridges and wine coolers. I think its hard to get discounts for these high-end brands... U can check out Gaggenau and also the miele mastercool range too,equally as nice. Miele just launched the exclusive Mastercool range in sg.
  8. For all other miele posts, this blog has been digged out by some users wherever they want to bash up this brand. I must say they r quite efficient because by googling the name miele on the web, this is the only unhappy blog ive managed to find... As a business, i've believed all businesses received complaints, i wouldnt say miele is perfect. But surprisingly in the whole wide web, u google all the complaints of any major consumer brands, see whether there is anyone without complaints? I did an experiment, lets say a korean electronics brand, the pages come up to more than 10. There u have it.. I might be unhappy with miele one day. But services aside, i will still say, no other brand come close so far in terms of quality and technology.
  9. u can get a gd miele for around sgd$500 or less. the cheapest dyson costs around sgd $600. I didnt say dyson is crap or else it wouldnt cost so much, but for canister models, i prefer a miele.Dyson preyed on the no running costs hype, but if i'm allegic, i dun believe a hepa filter can b permanent. and also, the sponge filter needs only to b washed? Wouldnt the sponge thin out over time? And for built quality, do u know that Miele is 100% made in germany, by itself, with 80% in house parts, whereas for an expensive dyson, the motor is made by a singapore company, while the parts are made in johore, malaysia? The reason why i think allergy sufferers are more suitable using miele is because of the 100% sealed system a miele provides. Ultimately u r still releasing allergens to the atmosphere when u empty the bin in a bagless vacuum cleaner. Some ppl are happy with it, because they dun suffer from allergies. My mum is happy with the broom, even though allergens are being passed from corners to corners when she sweeps the floor. There is a water-based brand called "rainbow" which is magnificent. The lady came by, did a free cleaning at my place. I was impressed. But the price tag is around $3k. Some ppl swear by it, it lasts long, clean well. But some are stumped by the price tag, some are fed up with the maintenance, and some hate the sound and weight. That is why there r so many brands for u to choose from. But ultimately, what is the quality u r loking at? For me, it must b an effective, hepa-sealed vacuum, quiet, easy to handle and durable. Thats why is Miele is the choice when u compared all other brands.
  10. latest dishwasher test on gadget show! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mf_vd-FIExw...;feature=search
  11. U need to do that only when u seldom use hot water washes, and also u use detergent or softeners with oil-based, fat contents. U just need to do a wash with an empty load , prefably a cottons program and set the temp to 95 deg. That will do!
  12. Hi kohpee, Great!I've pm u the contacts!He's in urgent need of the dryer.
  13. Hi Dave, u r right, miele is by far the most expensive brand in the market. Thats why when miele launched promotion sets like these, and the previous homecare series, it is usually snapped up very fast. Because if u've studied miele's brand history, they hardly have any discounts and promotions. They are widely regarded as the best domestic brand in the market,( references: which? consumer body, watchdog in uk has rated miele the best brand for the 3rd consecutive yr), as well as one of the most expensive, due to its stringent built qualities( a washer is expected to last up to 20yrs) , gentlest laundry care,( its patented honeycomb drum can even wash roses in a delicate program and the petals stay intact, which means ur silks, cashmeres can b safely put in to wash), and also its environment care. It has the lowest water and energy consumption in the market.Every miele parts are guaranteed availability to service and replace 15yrs after end of production. So, u see... $4388 for a package instead of the usual $6k plus for a normal miele set, that sets the mind thinking.. Buy a Bmw at toyota prices, or buy the most expensive hyundai...
  14. The new miele promo is a commemorative set celebrating miele's 111th anniversary. It comprises the latest 7kg honeycomb washer and condensor dryer. It has the latest patented automatic plus function for mixed load and it come bundled together with a dryer basket, for bulky items like shoes, etc.. and also a set of miele care detergents. The total price is $4388! This is by far the best promo miele have due to the bigger drum capacity and functions are aplenty, compared to the last homecare series. However there are only limited sets, if im not wrong miele only brings in about 300 sets for this promotion, and orders are on a first come- first serve basis, and cannot b kept for more than 3 mths upon ordering. I will suggest u all to hurry if interested in buying this set. You can read more about miele at my miele washer thread..