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  1. Hi Has any tried the samsung navibot or irobot roomba? any good lobang? any comments? I'm thinking of buying one. Thanks
  2. I think Sentry brand. From Uni Hong Enterprise P/L. Tel: 62983822
  3. I am thinking of getting 1 undercounter. The filter can reduce lead, cycst, chlorine & odor & carbon. $255 incuding installation & addtitional tap. Replacement catriage costs $55. Seems like this is the cheapest so far I can find. Any better deal?
  4. Hey I am thinking of buying this camera bcos of its 27.5mm wide angle & affordable price. Any one is using this camera? Any comment or advice? Thanks
  5. I saw those products selling in NTUC specially used to clean washing machines
  6. Hi I am using samsung washer WF8702. It did not has the function to select the water load (low, medium or high) unlike the top load washer. So I am wondering if it could sense the amount of clothes & supply the appropriate amount of water to wash & rinse. Bcos sometimes I only put in very little clothes like less than 1 kg & am afraid that it is using full load of water (waste water).Have you notice the loud, sharp noise when the drum is spinning dry? Pls advise. Thank you
  7. I am using electrolux 7 kg dryer (non condenser) on top of Samsung 7.5 kg washer. The stacking kit is mostly universal. So far very happy with the dryer cos my clothes go in wet & come out dry. no problem. Was told that the capacity of the dryer should be bigger than the washer as more room is needed to dry thoroughly
  8. Thanks Bong. I have ordered the sms50E12. Can the toddler open the door or press the buttons halfway when washing as it does not has child lock device? How long it takes to finish 1 cycle of washing & drying? Can it use the powder somat detergent instead of tablets? Pls advise.
  9. Hi Anyone tried Electrolux dishwasher? I'm thinking of buying one. Or anyone has reviews/advice to using a dishwasher?