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  1. Hi hi, Can you pm me Uncle Chew's contact? How is the procedure like? Do I call him to come over to do quotation first? Coz rite now I am sourcing for curtain-maker, wanna get some quote first b4 committing.
  2. Hi hi!!! Am at entry level for hts and only have $1.5k budget for everythg. My frd recommended me Denon DHT-390XP. What do you guys think of this system?
  3. Oh, u mean there's a Hyflux store at Harbour Front? I am thkg of getting the undermount type. My frd just gotten it from the HomeFix store at $588 leh, not sure got if it's after discount or not...
  4. Hi folks! Am looking for a video intercom for my new place, instead of using the pinhole on the main door. The pinhole is so BIG that pple can see from outside whether anybody is inside the house. Any recommendation? Hope to get something below $400, or $300 even better! Thanks un advance! Cheers
  5. Oops, not yet...Will only get it delivered in Oct after reno.
  6. Aiyo, sounds scary leh! How abt I only remove the one facing the side bed head and keep the last mirror at the end of the wardrobe? Or I shd remove both?
  7. Ermmm...think should be ok lah...Coz am single, staying alone and will be getting the WAS28444 too!
  8. Hi all, I need a little advise from all of you. I know it is not good to put mirror in front of the bed. In my new place, I will be building a sliding door wardrobe BESIDES my bed. There're 2 mirrors on the sliding door, ard 60cm each. And each piece of mirror is at the extreme end of the wardrobe, facing the side of the bed. The other side of the bed is windows. Is it ok to have mirrors like this in the bedroom, facing the side of the bed at both ends? Will appreciate your advise! Cheers
  9. Top mount meaning the current sink just sit on the table top? If thats the case can. Just get those that's within your vanity top dimension. But if those semi-recess ones will be abit difficult. Coz you will need to get back the same shape or change the vanity top if i am not wrong.
  10. Hi all, I wanna get a water purification/filtration system for my new flat, to be installed under tha sink. I've heard of Hyflux, 3M etc. Any good ones to recommend? Thanks in advance! Cheers
  11. Hi, have received your msg, thanks! btw, hw many years warranty did they gv you?
  12. Quite ex nw leh...and I am still not used to the reflective screen.
  13. Hi vicenzo70, Thanks for your advise. Are there any shops in Adelphi or elsewhere that u can recommend?
  14. Hi bakchang, Thank you so much!!! Finally i found 1 pax buying it. Was quite worried, not sure is it a gd lcd tv. heard abt the made in jpn panel also, gd gd!!! led abit too ex at this moment.
  15. Hi all, I wanna get a TV for my living room, ard 40-42'. Initially am quite keen to get LED tv but am abit put off by the reflective screen, only edge LED and the price. So have decided to get LCD. The HN staff recommended me Hitachi L42N03A, hard panel. Anybody has used this or heard of any review on this? Will appreciate your advise