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  1. Can u provide me with ur email.. I m unable o PM u.. System wont alllow.. Thanks!

  2. it depends on the sales staff. you must see them walk to the computer to check their cost price then they will work out the margin to match the price. They need to maintain certain margin to match, most time ..close but still cannot make it.
  3. we were told curtains from europe actually not all fabric from Europe is good, they have lousy and cheap product too. Trader just go there and snap up the *tiao tu* product at good price and sell at a premium here same got to the *european tiles*. The most important is that the fabric is not too stiff and sag, it is a curtain after all and must be able to stand the test of time. What's the point of spending on a Rolex when you do not know how to appreciate the mechanism while a Casio give you more accurate timing. just my 2 cents worth. My Mum did her curtain 10+ years back and the quality is still good till now. For my new house i am going back to the same old aunty to make for me.
  4. me too, planned to be on 24 july. waz timing you guys intend to break open ?
  5. Bosch 28444 was going for 1450 before, wonder if it is still the same. consider the additinal 150 rebate.
  6. Welcome to JE, the land with hardly any new HDB developement. Ya we have a hard time too looking for flat in JE. My crazy neighbour also 5rm asking for 70k COV..isn't that madness for JE 5rm? In the end he mange to sell it for close to 60K.
  7. Both are class A energy and water saving, both using Brushless DC motors, both have leak proof system, both have many complicated washing programs, Electrolux- 3 cycle of wash, made in Italy, 5yrs warrenty for rubber gasket, 10 degree tilted drum and the main selling point - TIME MANAGER. Bosch - 2 cycle of wash, made in Germany Both are equal as good. 2year warrenty but i pay for another 3 yrs so total 5 yrs of worry free.
  8. totally agreed, this is one thing too late to regret.
  9. Very hard la not to get non-MIC stuff. especially for those tap, tiles, WC. No gurantee too for country of origin, from what i understand. Make in China but QC is Germany company, item will be passed as Made in Germany -perhaps only the gasket is made in Germany. Nowaday almost everything have china footprint, may it be a small little chip to the whole machine.
  10. ya better ask. i also out of gentleman agreement let them stay longer also he reduce the COV from 35 to 33 for us.. Sound so "great" isn't it. Well is an impressive lesson learn!. Trust nobody except black & white. Nevertheless, i am in the mids of renovation now. My baby should be ready in 2 weeks time. . Ps. how to post picture here?
  11. yes,, agreed with you waiting time is torture. especially when agreeing on extending stay for seller. i extended total 3mths. Dream house become nightmare as seller did not bother to maintain and simple "bo chap". Feel like changing the letter box key and throw away all his letters.
  12. Hi All, thanks for all the reply, i have switch side to electrolux 14991 prior making the final payment yesterday. Have not consider electrolux in the first place as the Italian one (14991) are very expansive (up to 1999). Now having GSS and bundle with a very good vacum cleaner making it worth while. With 2 years warranty and 5 years on gasket while Bosch only give 1. You can also trade in the vacum cleaner with Kong Tai at 280, making it cost only $1270, with still free toaster and 1kg of washing powder, for Bosch it is 1300 after 150 rebate. Both are class A energy and water saving, both using Brushless DC motors, both have leak proof system, both have many complicated washing programs, both are european made. The choice is yours.
  13. Hi bro, your ceiling fan and lighting arrangement, any problem with shadow effect? are the light too near to the fan ?
  14. [quote name='JS21' date='Dec 26 2007, 04:38 PM' post='247376' *Red granite was chosen because the poison in it is able to counter the negativities of the burial ground. * waz rubbish.!