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  1. Hi,

    I need to tilted my main door as well.

    Do you mind to share the contact of your contractor?

    Did you have to change your door as well?

  2. Hi can you kindly PM me the contact of your FSM please?

  3. i just read that you're using the Vono Back Relaxer mattress so can i have your honest opinion if it's any good ?

    i know it's very firm but the foam layer seems very thin so is it comfortable ?

    also the foam layer feels thin so is it durable ?

    many thanks

  4. Hey bro, glad to c ur Reno looking so good!
  5. Hi yeune!!! Sorry I was MIA for the longest time. =p cos something came up and prevented me from logging on. I will still be MIA-ing cos wun hv much time to log on, sorry. Glad to c another success for edmund. Ur place look smashing! Also glad u got ur curtains.
  6. darkfear, u n ur indecent mind....
  7. hush_girl, my tall cabinet also pushed out but my contractor did not leave a huge gap like what was in the pics for urs. It will be like HDB Officer's waning to you, danger zone, gal....
  8. I'm here.... Darkfear, u need me teach u how to write DIE??!! u shd never call a woman confused esp on the net.... tsk tsk Marsbars, make it dumbo senior ears!!! wahahahaha
  9. i used a 2kg hook for my clock which is less than 1 kg...
  10. bo leh, i stick it in my mbr toilet tiles, smooth ones leh, I also clean before sticking and i waited more than 1 day then i start putting stuff and my stuff weigh less than max weight.... *cry*
  11. i bought the basket for the Shampoo and stuff.... same as my mum's but hers was good and din fall and it's like 6 yrs liao??!!! mine dropped like 2 days??!!
  12. i just used a 3M hook to hang my clock....crossing my fingers...my bathroom 3M accessories dropped jus a couple days into using...disappointed..but my mum's one is fine even yrs after...so dunno wat went wrong....
  13. hi hush_girl, so sorry to read about your troubles with ossify... when i see your pics, first thing on my mind is the motar base seem unusually high.....hmm was it a special request by you or it's decided by ossify? kinda makes it looks a little weird, IMHO... hopefully things can be settled peacefully and nicely for you..dun think too much now, enjoy ur holidays and your new home.
  14. hi froggy, sorry only online now cos was busy the last few days. the DIY decals u did was nice! so i guess u dun need the taobao.com now...haha