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  1. lol.. sounds like me. except i will just close all windows since the windows have the privacy screens. where u got your curtain from?
  2. sorry for the late reply. just got back to sg recently. the aircon men were from my contractor. i think they did a pretty good job
  3. think better to get one or two more quotations. different materials then different prices. just like the curtain rod can be either wood, aluminum or steel
  4. hello, the dish rack is part of the cabinet cost. thanks we bought it from manhattan collection. the mirror is from the same place as well.
  5. turns out quite nice i think, to me at least. i had a display shelve up in my mbr also
  6. thanks steelze the teardrop latch is just latch the door and to prevent it from swinging to either side. honestly i think without the latch is nicer. as for the force-spring kind, you mean those that will auto close the door slowly?
  7. yup yup the items have arrived. the carpenter will be coming tmr to fix it up for us. hopefully will turn out nice
  8. left it at the old place. no other choices. lol :s
  9. the toilet is looking nice can't wait to see the completed reno
  10. i got the smaller version also. AX-1300 iirc. but so far have not used it yet. did you place your unit at the tabletop as the manual recommended or in a built in cabinet?
  11. thanks sleek my reno cost about 29k excluding wiring. sorry but i don't have a softcopy of my final reno quotation. the only softcopy that i have is the very first quotation which was before we added and changed quite a number of items.
  12. everything is looking good! gotta agree the orange backing is nice btw, we also had our mattress on the floor when we moved. reason being the bed frame couldn't fit into the lift at our old place. so instead of paying them for each level to move down and up, we decided to get a new bed frame. lol
  13. you went back to the same lighting shop? the salesperson didn't inform you about the size initially? i wanted to paint my whole house white also but was afraid of having hand prints on them easily. lol i still like the led switches :x but not really suitable for my unit since the boxes are exposed. need those concealed type like yours to really make it nice they are tearing the mac area? i thought they are gonna tear the area around sushi tei, carl's jr etc.
  14. wooo nice location! congratz! your reno's looking good and looks like it's going on quite smoothly also. but i think your round downlights in the living room is a tad too big. maybe if you don't install so many of them will look nicer? btw, i almost got those led switches also! love them but not friendly to my wallet.
  15. lol me too. still waiting for the items to reach sg