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  1. you can find them in IMM think the shop name is Excel Asia i am not comfortable with this shop though EDIT: oops.. saw that you already bought
  2. look for Mr Low http://www.keysg.com/locks.html very nice man
  3. i am using rain shower with CityGas so far so good i did not set water pressure to the max (midpoint is good enough for me since most times only 1 water point is in use) i also did not set water temperature to the max (midpoint is already very hot, i have no idea how anyone can withstand max) i have never used a storage tank previously so note that my point of view has no relativity the points to consider: there will be inevitable water wastage since the heater works on a "when needed basis" so the flame is only ignited upon turning the mixer on in most instances, the first half bucket will be cold water so if you have a habit of rinsing clothes as you bathe, this water can be put to good use the flame can be extinguished sometimes i do not know the exact cause but suspect it is due to gusts of wind flowing into my service yard you will know when the water suddenly turns cold; then you just turn the knob off then on again to re-ignite the flame
  4. you can also try Sia Huat or Tott or Howard Storage World Song Cho carries mostly stainless steel and requires drilling but the quality is good I think stainless steel has different grades and Song Cho is quite reliable Important if it is to be used in kitchen since frequent exposure to water and condiments can cause chemical reactions
  5. that's strange i bought king size too from dunlopillo and it was able to arrive by lift
  6. living / dining area that's all for now... think my photo taking skills very poor... not doing the work done justice
  7. kitchen service yard... gas dryer is great!!
  8. rainshower.. powered by CityGas.. it works!! but not sure if it meets fellow forummers' standards CityGas pipes in common toilet
  9. Day unknown.. (completed): been without internet for days... when Starhub offered to "transfer my service" for me for free, i thought they only meant cable TV that was my original request but now, both cable TV and internet services are transferred despite setting up the modems and all, i am unable to surf the internet at my new place although laptop shows i am connected via WLAN and signal strength is excellent... think will just quickly post some pictures i have.. house is in a mess though..
  10. the LED clock arrived serach for it on Mass Order at HWZ
  11. have you bought your storage tank? i thought over this a long time too if you have not and dun mind waiting a day or two, i will try to post photos of the piping for my CityGas Gas pipes already installed, plumber will finish up water pipes in a day or two by the way, i have also bought rain shower set despite reading that it is not compatible with CityGas according to Hoe Kee, it can be done as long as water pipe diameter is thick enough.. so i am taking my chances
  12. where's the roadshow?? by Feb, does starhub mean 1st Feb or after CNY??
  13. Day 35 (continued): window grills and toilet doors installed (same supplier) service yard living and bedrooms common toilet door MBR toilet door (bi-fold top hung)
  14. Day 35 (continued): Teka oven and microwave arrived solid surface top and granite sink installed