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  1. I'm interested to buy Sharp SJ-GF60W-A fridge for my new house. Any reviews on this? Or any good 6-door fridge to recommend? Thanks! =)
  2. There's a promotion going on now for Miele S4212...only $508 with several freebies thrown in. Wonder if it is good. Any one owns Miele S4212 and can give some advice? Hubby has seen demos at Courts for Dyson DC19 and likes it. Since it's GSS now, thought we could get some good offers and change our vacuum. Please advise me on which you think is good. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, just gotten a marble top dining table and wanted to know how to protect the marble. Can owners of marble surface furniture kindly advise me? Will there be chips in the event of hard knocks or does it depend on the quality of the marble? Does it need polishing? Thanks. !!
  4. You referring to Amway? I've never tried their water before. I tried Diamond water for ard 2 months already thanks to a friend who will bring me 15 litres once every few days. Hubby and I thought the water was quite good so we wanted to install that. However, there were too many options out there and we can't decide.
  5. Hi, can share what filter you bought? I'm intending to install Diamond water and the spa but scared it's a wrong investment that becomes a white elephant.
  6. The distance between my induction cooker and my sink is only 12cm. Will that suffice? That brings me to another question...I just realised that my oven toaster is just opposite the sink! That's considered fire too is it? Thanks.
  7. I bought their 2 burners hob and one was not working after half a year. Asked for servicing but problem still there. Was quite disappointed so got an Induction cooker instead.
  8. I bought Wii in May and it was FUN!! Many games for girls and my hubby likes too! He's currently enjoying his Resident Evil 4. Very interactive...sometimes play will hands ache. Hee hee...
  9. Hi, one of the burners of my stove is not working so I bought an Induction cooker. Wonder if it's considered Fire when it runs on electricity. Can anyone advise cos I thought of placing it next to sink but water and fire cannot put next to each other right? Can someone pls enlighten me? Thanks!