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  1. agree on this. totally given it a miss. ill advised and take it or leave it attitude. choose at your own discretion
  2. Any feed back on hitachi or Mitsubishi? Looking at the japan made multi door ones
  3. Hihi. Anyone able to provide more recent updates on Miele washer and dryer? What's the promotion package now? is the customer service as bad as before? wouls you recommend the 2 in one?
  4. helo anyone has used Nam Soon Timber decking? any feedback after installation?
  5. i saw there's only these 3 sizes from the sole distributor, ts brought from D*S?
  6. Hi hi. Any one ant to recommend me any reputable Brands for hydraulic storage beds? I bought the bed but haven't found any storage systems.. Thx!!
  7. Hi hi. Could I get ur contractor name? In addition would like to check if ur using a hydraulic system for ur bed? Could u pm me the contractor name n the system if ur using it?
  8. looks bad man.. Could you pm me yr contractor name and the designer contact to avoid? Thx
  9. hhii anyone has got feedback on 82? Hows their IDs and service like?
  10. any recent works done by them? any feedback and who to avoid? could u pm me? tia