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  1. eg, i type in ngee ann city then takashimaya will appear. then i also can search for shops inside ngee ann city. sometimes, we want to know whether this particular shopping mall has this particular restaurant a not then can search from there lor.
  2. block number? street name? ya lor, GPS can show all these informations mah. GPS also can search for what's nearby (eg, petrol stations, temples, restaurants etc). GPS also can search for shops inside a particular shopping mall (eg, takashimaya).
  3. do you own a car too? then how often you can drive your bf's car? i assume you all dont stay together. GPS can use for walking too? how? bcos our walking speed is slow then how can the GPS get detected? it need certain speed, right?
  4. we dont really like to use credit cards too often. then did your bf paid his car in full? i mean using cash. provided you intend to drive oversea lor. usually, when we travel and we follow tour group. no chance to drive. we also dont like to drive oversea bcos unfamilar with the roads.
  5. ya, there's voice enabled guidance. if portable GPS also has mah. i thought only malaysia and indonesia maps?
  6. if buy those smaller and cheaper cars then can consider pay full in cash. hehe.
  7. of course take loan will incur interest but now all car loans are flat rate liao and quite low liao. if the car cost 100k+ then pay full in cash? i prefer to use the cash to buy a property instead.
  8. built in GPS will look neater as what compassvale mentioned. bring to other countries? only malaysia and probably indonesia lor.
  9. ya lor, cars depreciate every month whether full or not lor. then why paid in full? probably, when you want to sell the car then may get some money back if paid in full. but the money you get back also your money mah.
  10. ya, as i said we can update over the internet (just download the file lor). but we dont really like portable GPS anymore. prefer the built in type. there's another type with the rear mirror and GPS.
  11. the maps can be updated la. aiyo, you dont know meh? just bring to their office and they will update for us or we can update ourselves over the internet. our GPS is the portable type. now, my hb wanted to change to those built in ones (GPS + stero type).
  12. cars depreciate every month so no point paying in full bcos you're making a loss every month. might as well invest the money into something else. we've a GPS in our car. we bought it at IT show 1-2 years ago. we seldom use unless really dont know the roads.
  13. i feel that sweeping is better than vaccum. the floor is more clean after sweeping than vaccum bcos the broom can sweep all the corners. as for car, cars are quite cheap now so probably you can consider getting a smaller car lor.
  14. about 2k per month (included all expenses). but every month there's a slight different (depend on usuage). like what applefreak mentioned, if the car needs maintenance on that particular month.
  15. vacuum 3 times a week is still ok. i sweep the whole house everyday! there're a lot of dust so i must sweep the floor everyday.
  16. we went yesterday and was very crowded. no carpark at all so had to park at raffles city and walked lor. we didnt get anything bcos we no need anything so just went there to see see look look.
  17. to buy a car is easy but to "feed" a car is tough these days (ERP and petrol are the killers now).
  18. i wonder the price for petrol will continue to increase a not? sigh!
  19. ya lor. all petrol prices have increased. so heart pain...
  20. erm, no wheels then i need a lot of effort to move the pail around in the house when mopping. pail with wheels is very impt to me bcos i need to have the pail nearby when i do the mopping. i cant station my pail at one position then i walk back and fro to rinse the mop. the photo in my signature is only my living room and i still have another dining room about the same size as my living room. i will faint if pail without wheels.
  21. initially, i was not used to drive MPV bcos in bbdc i was used to saloon car (the honda civic) but now ok liao. the only difference is MPV has a longer car body. if get golf for OPC is such a waste to park in the carpark to 'rot', manz. this is what i personally think.
  22. we arent going for car racing so if start off a little bit slower its alright. erm, out of topic la. otherwise there might have disputes again. just one post ok. within 1 year is 100%, right. then second year onwards is constant liao. you better check with sookee.
  23. haha. then i also got advantage too bcos for many years i have been sitting in my hb's car. ok la, at least there's advantage lor. my hb said once i'm comfortable to drive MPV then shouldnt have problem to handle saloon cars.
  24. i passed second attempt. but my hb passed first attempt (he passed basic, final and driving all first attempt). but hor, after passed liao and must drive otherwise skill will turn rusty. i've a friend who passed for 3 years liao and never drive so now she has phobia to drive. once i passed and i drove my hb's car liao. moreover, his car is MPV so rather big (in school we used saloon car mah). even my hb also said female drivers are lousy than male drivers. he always "look down" on me lor but he said i'm brave enough to drive bcos some people after passed liao and never dare to drive. some people they purposely entered the yellow box to block you. they're awared of that but just purposely lor.
  25. i have a question. is it most women drivers are lousy?? most men really look down on women drivers.