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  1. i agree with you. to me, trip and ring are both equally impt.
  2. i ONLY take birdnest sometimes. i don't take everyday. can't afford the luxury of birdnest too often. not born beauty. just don't know why i don't like to makeup. i find it troublesome and will damage the skin. i prefer to let my skin to breathe rather than suffocate them with all those chemicals. i also don't have particular facial wash or whatever facial products. i just use those normal facial wash which can be found at supermarket. but i believe by drinking a lot of water will help you to have good complexion.
  3. i just realised actually you also can add birdnest into the milk.
  4. i see. usually, most houses deco don't go well with cny deco but just to add to the festive mood lor. anyway, hanging cny deco is just for a short while. after cny then will remove the deco liao.
  5. you mean this girl left you b'cos you didn't buy her the 4k ring?? so materialistic meh? erm, i think this is not the way lor. during courtship days, hubby didn't buy me any ring at all. only ROM, hubby bought me a ROM ring. recently, he just bought me a more than 10k ring. see, i must wait until now then got a 10k ring. i also didn't ditch my hubby last time.
  6. i never use all these facial or whatever products before. i never ever make-up too. i only trust taking tonic such as birdnest. drinking water is very impt too.
  7. maybe teenagers are still young so both the s**** and eggs are very fertile therefore can anyhow anyhow conceive. as men and women are getting older, their s**** and eggs will be less fertile. i love to drink milk (refer to milk powder). i drink every morning and before sleep. i don't drink coffee at all. all the while, milk is good for the body therefore i don't believe milk will lower the chances of pregnancy.
  8. how come your hubby doesn't like cny deco? usually, chinese like to deco the house during cny mah.