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  1. Currently my 11yr old HDB main gate and main door works. But the previous owner diyed a terrible paint job on them both, there's hardened dribbles and wrinkles here there everywhere. And the paint is white, so the dirt between the paint folds shows up really well. Anyone can advise some methods? I tried scraping some paint folds off myself, but it's **** hard. Are there contractors that will scrape, sand and repaint at a reasonable price? Or better to just change gate and door, especially since I intend to install digital lock as well? If so, got any recommendations that bao ga liao? Or 2 contractors also can, 1 do just the doors and gate, 1 do just the locks. I dun feel like sourcing from 3 different contractors for doors, gate, and lock respectively. I contacted Mydigitallock already, but their service attitude very unenthusiastic, so my hopes on them have dropped a lot.
  2. Can I check how your process of delivery by HongXun goes? My stuff were packed into the container on 10 Mar, then last weekend and this morning I've been trying repeatedly to contact them to ask about the delivery to my place, but Jack is not replying his Wangxin or email... Feeling scared >_< And I tried emailing hx01@chin-hongxun.com to hx07@chin-hongxun.com as well, but the mail bounced back... Feeling even more scared
  3. I just bought 2 toilet bowls from them. Price quite competitive. Sales service ok. However, their plumbers were terrible. For $100 dismantling and installation fee, i get plumbers who cannot be bothered to thoroughly wash away old **** that had somehow fallen outside the collar before installing the new bowl. And treaded ****ty brown water over the entire distance from toilet to main gate. And left the toilet still brown with old ****, debris and packaging material. And they simply injected 2 huge ugly messy dollops of silicone to the back of the water tank to secure it. The gap was 4-5cm, so these 2 silicone dollops were huge and horrendously ugly, so ugly that i have never seen anything as bad in all the toilets i have visited in other people's houses I kept quiet because i wasn't as concerned about the common toilet. Plus i kinda pitied them for having to deal with such **** jobs in their line, but deep down, i was appalled at their sloppy work attitude. Also the whole bowl was cemented down along its edges, and he used 2 washers to prop it up first. And he reused the old water hose for the inside of the new water tank. Anyone can enlighten me if this is normal?
  4. Eh, I'm also looking. Like the woodiness, but not many in Singapore. Taobao got many but dunno is reliable plus shipping will be ex... grrrr, so dilemmic This one quite nice. http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?spm=a1z0d.6639537.1997196601.604.xviOgP&id=14458470111
  5. Cash under valuation, -$27K. Owner urgent to sell because of ABSD, so I tan tio . IMO, it is a very beautiful cluster of blocks that look like condo with condo-like grounds and club nearby, my unit has very good unblocked views from all windows, heat and sound insulated walls and laminated windows, high floor, excellent location, 10 yrs old, good vibe in the place, basic reno but in good condition just the way I prefer it. Drawback is the floorplan with odd shaped rooms, only 90sqm for a 4 room, and very small windows in each room. OMG, this is my virgin post