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  1. Hi please pm the contact numbers too. Thanks in advance.
  2. Deodar, If you do the search function, you may come across some hits on this Ang Mo Kio shop:- S&C furniture dynamics (I forgot full name) Reasonable, same stuff in some furniture shops but prices marked lower
  3. Ezzi-living Gawa Industries IMM shops Fliers in mail box I got mine from gawa industries
  4. gee thanks, haven't read the manual yet... oh oh. will mug soon...
  5. i am happy to post back here... love my washer! & dryer too! mesmerised by the clothes & the washing action. The quick wash 30 is for unsoiled clothes, probably those just worn for a while & those new clothes la. my usual cycle of cotton clothes is about 58 mins (time save function on), which is super fine... one stupid question though, how do you know the weight of our load of clothes? so tough, by "scooping" all the clothes with my arms, I make a very rough estimate.... haiz....
  6. good that you can wait to buy them. I am still thinking very hard about doing up balcony with chennai wood, plants & chair & table. so thought these things can wait.
  7. sounds like great idea, ilmare... saw the canvas print types....impressive. think it is called brilliantprints.com or something. read on the other thread, the on line guarantee goes like if you don't like, don't pay & don't take. Wa!
  8. artois

    Curtains Help

    if you search this forum, you will find other recommendations as well:- . mr chew . MGL curtains . jimmy textiles . some from johor bahru etc etc i got mine from MGL & very happy with them.
  9. I remember buying from Meng Liang 5 years ago & still very satisfied with the TV consol, shoe cabinet, study table & 2 door wardrobe (sliding types). With forum's recommendation, went to S&C & ordered my items. Popped by Meng Liang just to "kaypoh" & compare prices (for curiousity sake)... they quote about $100-200 more perhaps for people to bargain down.... My bedframes came... very happy with the looks of them.
  10. Wa, the living area pic taken since Jan 08! Took you so long to post... Hee hee.. Very impressive done up place. That expensive miller chair u got there, man... thanks for sharing.
  11. TDF!!! the tassle(?) of the dining light really gives the awesome embience! your kitchen is like the kitchen showroom we often see. (minus the kitchen towel, we can post your pic in the magazine oreadi.. LOL) Thanks for the pics!
  12. Wow, real transformation from chinese ching chong style to modern ... well done. balcony area i likey! thanks for sharing with us.
  13. i did the unspeakable (no speak but write here..) thing, browse, shortlisted electrolux & brandt, asked quotes around & then finalise with mega discount store. didn't do the extended warranty though...
  14. nice basin & double runway of lights ****. your lights are super nice, where did u get them? costly?