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  1. hi, can u pm me your contractor contact too? thanks in advance!
  2. Can share D of urban design contact with me? I would have like nick to do up my place. Sadly he doesn't do condo according to what he told me. Would like to see if I have chemistry with d considering how u describe him. Thanks n advance!
  3. Is ur place in Cck? I'm supposed to view one of the units he working on in cck which was suppose to have carpentry up by end June, but he did not contact me, n neither did he respond to my msg. Probably cos carpentry not up. Can also pm his contact, in case I got a diff J&E
  4. hi, can share the contacts of J&E with me. If possible also your quote? i also happen to be aiming the same living room from u. if i'm not wrong, this design came from a taiwanese designer. mwerkz@gmail.com thanks in advance!
  5. wow, everything looking good. can you pm me ur contractor contacts? he have an electrician to liase with direct? or you got your own electrician too?
  6. Can emphasize Abit further on this? I believe compactplus is very widely recommended in this forum. Was considering asking my developer to not do my solid top n eventually get my own contractor/id in to do compactplus. But if it's not lasting like u mentioned, than no point to incur this extra cost on my end.
  7. bro, can share with me ur id n name? thanks! i must die die remember not to waste my time looking for them!
  8. wow. in love with ur new toilet tiles! n it really make a diff to ur toilet! money well spent i would say!
  9. icic. thanx! look forward to seeing ur reno progress!