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  1. Hi, I have a Bosch Stainless steel Build-in Microwave oven HMT35M653B For Sale at S$680 cash and carry. Have been using it for slighly a years plus and to be honest it has been use less than 10 times. View to believe. For more detail, please check http://www.bosch-home.com.sg/products/cooking/microwave-ovens/HMT35M653B.html?source=browse Retail price is at S$1699. http://www.courts.com.sg/Products/PID-IP032562(Courts)/Home-Appliances/Kitchen-Appliances/Microwave-Ovens/With-Grill/BOSCH-BUILTIN-MICROWAVE-1180W-HMT35M653B Interested please contact me at 91000521. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I have a brand new toilet bowl for sale as mention above for S$180 cash and carry. Reason for selling cause the size doesnt fit my outlet so selling it off. For more detailed spec, please check on http://www.inno.com.my/product.php?id_product=115 Interested please contact me at 91000521. Thanks
  3. This seem to be a tough problem no one able to reply or advise. Am I the only face such situation? Anyone can help?
  4. Hi guys, Really unlucky to engage this bunch of jokers (H0me Interi0r PTE LTD) to do my Reno. I will kick aside all other woes first but now I am facing a big problem and would like to seek everyone advise. This bunch of jokers simply take their time to do up my Reno. Everyday giving new excuses in delaying the work. First they flood my house. Now the project coordinator in charge has been fire by the company and now I am stranded without any help. Call up the firm and the manager and all they just ask me is wait. They are telling me they need a week to appoint someone to take over this project. The plus point is the boss never reveal himself. They is no way you are able to seek address from the boss. He is just like a hidden character in a computer game. My house start Reno since last year 16 Dec till now still not finish. Bear in mind, mine is a 5 rm hdb and not a bungalow. the worst part is the contract never state any date they should finish cause when I ask them, they mention no one will dare to commit a date that's y I take this as a norm. The project coordinator did mention it should complete by 3rd week of feb but due to lots of excuses and the flooding incident, I am stranded now. Hope any kind souls out there can shed some light and advise what i should do. As of now, i still have no place to stay and renting house out there which cost me quite a fair bit. Really "sway" Please help!
  5. It's the I'd. Cause all the contractor is under their care. The furniture man spoil the pipe while fixing the cabinet. Just worry I'd play punk
  6. Hi bros and siss, Just checking, if during a midst of a renovation and the contractor burst the water pipe due to negligence and flood the entire house, damage part of the stuff I have in the house, can we make any claim against the company? What would be your recommendation to go about it? Thanks
  7. Hi guys, Just got my new house and surprising is the the day what i got the ket i went up and see and i got a big shock. Pieces of celing has fell off. I did go up for final inspection berfore the 2nd appointment and everything seem pretty all right. right now 2nd appointmenet over and i am the new owner. is there anything i can do to fight for some compensation? Really dun feel good to purchase a new flat and find the celing dropping off. its something like this link except not so bad --> http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-image-blue-room-ceiling-stucco-peeling-off--image9055591 but can see the metal pieces. pls enlighten me Thanks
  8. Hi guys, Just got my new flat and has already apply for reno under the previous owner 3 weeks ago. Till today, it is still pending for HDB to give the green light to proceed. But the most vomit blood is, they ask tons of stupid question that makes my blood boil. What i want is to knock down a few wall and erect some walls as the previous owner has done too much crappy changes which i want to revert back to the original floorplan. i really dun understand whats wrong to revert back to the orignal layout and have to give me a hardtime. Any one can shed some light what should i do to speed this up? Thanks