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  1. Hi Everyone, I tried to pte msg Mr. Chong for help but seems like his inbox is full. Just wondering if anyone have any experience or able to offer help? Renovation works for my unit has been done and now going thru' some final amendments. Occupants Male: DOB 31 March 1982 - Dog, my husband Female: DOB 12 May 1984 - Rat, myself We've only registered marriage but not yet for the customary and banquet. One complicated thing would be that my Father passed away on 7 May this year... so my Grandma was saying maybe it is better we 'move in' before my Dad's 100 days which is 14 Aug. As we checked the regular Chinese calendar to find dates before 14 Aug, we spotted the date 10-Aug as it does not 冲 either Dog or Rat and it states suitable for "入宅". Is this information sufficient or do we need to consider other factors before we go ahead? I've heard need to consider main door direction, timing, etc... how do I tell what is my main door direction? I'm looking at my floorplan with the compass.. but I don't know how to go about reading the direction. There is also the concerns that Chinese 7th month is coming (20-Aug) etc so we are kind of rushing to get the procedures done. But we have not bought most of the furniture, except only the sofa arrived. Is it okay to '进火' when not all furnitures are up? Does anyone have any kind advise to offer?
  2. i wait very long liao still no reply fr HDB regarding downpayment de... lol... as long as nvr pay dw pymt i feel **** insecured~~~
  3. it's already a week into 2009!! but i feel as normal as ever... zzzzz monday blues =P
  4. oh no how? Cannot go home late? I really **** scared cos I've kena pervert before in my own neighbourhood in CCK area.... from thatd ay onwards... everytime i go home a bit later my heart naturally beats faster... I got one thing i always do... before i step into the lift if I'm home late.. i will leave one foot out of the lift instead of going all the way in. Until i make sure no one else following me den my that foot will step in and quickly close the door lift... hahaha i dunno if u all knw what im talkin abt... maybe i can demo next time lol. yes u can see i'm still so paranoid even though the incident happened some time back.. Thats why i feel my new house to be the void deck SO DARK. Once i went recce without my fiance... it was 2pm +... but still its so like ulu. I dun like the part the lifts still like warehouse like that... inside all those posters and ads... very ah long style... opps i talk alot... but i very scared la!!! Shd i go learn kung fu???? ahahaha
  5. hi all! Thks so much for the warm welcome... but i think im probably the most chui one...cos i haven even paid downpayment...faint... still waitin for 2nd appt with hdb cos we havinm some cock ups with the additional grant appln. Erm about the ceiling i mean downstairs la... the void decks.. i haven been inside my unit so i dunnoe~~ i only seen the one at Habitat Forum... do until so nice... entice ppl hehehehe.. u all sound so pro leh.. live 79 too long liao maybe... lol! By the time i ask u all abt the reno part, i think will be 1-2yrs later... lol I haven even ROM, at most, HDB will allow to drag how long to produce cert??
  6. I'm at B, 90sqm!!! I was there yesterday to recce the place again =P... somehow I just find the void deck areas esp near the lift abit dark and ulu (at 6 plus in the evening before the lights on)... How is the safety here in TPY central 79? From far the flats look okay.. when one enters, realize its abit overwhelming... ceilings high and all... I abit scared leh if next time go home alone ~~
  7. wow ain't this one of the more popular thread in this forum? Nice to meet ya all! I'm a Blk79 soon-to-be... so how's it here? It will be ther first time i'm stayin somewhere so near to MRT!