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  1. Supersimon> Wah you still in Renotalk... very active le you.. You remember me boh?? Hahahha Maybe forget me liao.. cause MIA for so so long.
  2. Hi Butters.... they will do cement of the frame for the window to fit in nicely... after install the windows & grills... they will patch up around the window wall. Every window will have that.. depend you have how many windows.
  3. Windows & Grills Completed Only 3 person came to remove and install the windows & grill for the whole day on 1 Oct 2010. Reach at 10.30AM and finish at 4.30PM. All the workers did not took their lunch so that they can finish their job ASAP... which incl of my hub too who is the supervisor of the day. Patch work was done on the frame of the windows & grills..... No painting is done thou... so that means that we have to find time to do painting on the affected wall. Which have not beed done till now. Photo of the windows and grills... I will find time to do it ASAP.. I hope New Washing Machine Bought Our 2 years old of Samsung Washing Machine of WA95VP have giving out noises during the spin cycle. 1yr ago when the warranty is still ongoing we got the technician and have a check but he could not find anything... than he say change the motor for us since moto still got warranty *even thou motor is still in working condition* Imagin on every wash during spining time the washing gives out a "Eeeeee" sound... so most of the time we try to wash early so that no to disturb the others I call to Samsung to check on the transportation price and it S$70 just for the transportation fee... thats pretty ex. I had no intention to change the washing machine untill hub say since we are at Redhill can go to Hong Liang and check out... So we got Sharp ES-A900 a 9kgs washing machine. Price at S$480 incl GST and delivery. Not sure if its cheap as we did not do any homework before hand. Here is the new washing machine:
  4. We will be doing our windows and grills fm Jit Sheng, Total Damage S$4800 incl of GST, HDB permits, floor protection and minimal dust as the person in charge say so sayang if no need to do can or not... cause he felt so painful for our nicely reno place... we say got to go le... cause its very bad liao. We will be doing the whole house windows as follows: Living Room: 4 or 5 panel 180 degree type (powder coated dark brown) Study/Cozy Area: 3 panel 180 degree type (powder coated dark brown) http://www.jitsheng.com/index.php Bedroom 2 & 3: 4 panel sliding type (normal aluminum oxidize - the dark brown colour) MBR: 2 panel casement & 1 panel casement (normal aluminum oxidize - the dark brown colour) Service balcony: 4 panel sliding type (normal aluminum oxidize - the dark brown colour) Windows to be flush with the walls as much as possible. Expected date Windows & Grills change: 1st Oct 2010.
  5. Thanks Hippobb.... at least I know the contractor are not offering sky high price. windows & grills are very very ex to do.. now I know its ex... think I got to spent the rest of the day wiping the windows and talking to it..
  6. Hippobb> No worries just have to pour out my thoughts here... cause once something breakdown or got problem it look like the house going to fall apart *mayba I too kua zhang already* The elect I dun want to put my hands into in since my hub say small issue.. wait big issue than he kan chong la Now we are looking into redoing our windows and grills... btw did you do up your windows and grills?? May I know how much??? Cause I ask around no answer le..
  7. Siao liao if I have to go thru that and the amount to be spent :S I dun think my hub want to go thru this.. unless it really is a problem.. like every week trip or trip a few time before elect can generate. First time I heard PUB pple come in for testing of elect le... aiyo I feel very sad for my house after hearing this from you :'(
  8. Hi Duckie, Welcome to RT. Nice place you have I saw your quote for the "All windows, including installation: $1800" did you do grills? Cause I am about to do my house windows but ex sia the windows.
  9. Aiyo will become fat again.. if start baking... cupcakes la I do... *hmmm yum yum*
  10. Hippobb, No le PUB did not come to our place for testing. Ours is a resale flat.... I dun know if you are refering to only new or resale flat that need to do the electrical testing. For our case after we move in 1 mth later than got trip. If I count... maybe trip 5 to 6 time since we move in. Its a once in a blue moon case. Our contract did not indicate the PUB testing and our contractor is no where to be found.. MIA. So asking him to come back is not possible. So you mean that if we want to solve this got to ask PUB pple to come and check than get electrician to fix it than PUB pple recheck again one more time??
  11. If you all have been following my T-Blog, I did highlight that we have some problem with our elect. We call up an electrician and he explain to us the real problem Problem 1: Power Trip in a bluemoon when we swith off the switches, mainly it come from the living room only. Due to: PLC lights. Yes its PLC lights thats the cause there is something in the PLC light which will cause power trip. So cannot do much on this but at least we know the real reason. Problem 2: Portable Oven when started to use and in heating mode the power trip. Due to: The oven itself... Yes less useage of the oven will cause the house power to trip. Its due to the water vapour in the oven itself so if we use the oven everytime than there will not be such problem. At lease we found a good electrician who is willing to explain the facts to us and not wasting each others time and spending $$ for no reason. Those who need Lic. Electrician can go to http://elise.ema.gov.sg/elise/homepage_public_menu.jsp Search under "Search Lic Worker" than click "Electrical Worker who offers services to consumer" can still see the electrician's photo too
  12. Very nice le just fit onto your wall space nicely show your hub this post LOL... hahah Oh I got the estimated quote for the windows and grills from Jit Sheng.... so ex S$5300 not incl of GST. We will be doing the whole house windows as follows: Living Room: 4 or 5 panel 180 degree type (powder coated dark brown) Study/Cozy Area: 3 panel 180 degree type (powder coated dark brown) http://www.jitsheng.com/index.php Bedroom 2 & 3: 4 panel sliding type (normal aluminum oxidize - the dark brown colour) MBR: 2 panel casement & 1 panel casement (normal aluminum oxidize - the dark brown colour) Service balcony: 4 panel sliding type (normal aluminum oxidize - the dark brown colour) May I know is this the normal price??
  13. Butters> You want to mead your wall??? Very troulbsome de le... plaster liao than got to pain the whole wall again
  14. Hahah actually a few forumer ask the contact of Middle fm me than I sent to them... I think spread and spread LOL Mr Yeak ah.. Its Rondy's ID... heard than he is very very bz so I will drop him.
  15. Hi Hippobb, so qiao ah Ya Middle service and quality is very good until now I have been in contact with them... my 2 SIL recently made curtain with them
  16. Hmmm mine very secure le... maybe I should take a photo of the current window grills and let you see if the same Must have grills la cannot don't have grills I open the windows and pull back the windows I also scard I fall down one day You buy liao ah... whahaha I should not show u mine hor... now u waste $$ for the decal Well sometimes got to find something to so if not very sian at home le
  17. Hey butters glad to see you here... hope you are doing good. Ya lor cause the common bathroom, kitchen & windows + grills we did not redo during our reno. No $$ mah... so no choice now that can do... I tell my ah lao that either do it at 1 go but we have to see got enough $ or not... if not enough than got to do in stages the 1st got to do is the windows and grills.... cause that one the rubber tubing gone le.. and old. Than CNY coming soon got to have some cash to pao ang pao too.. so cannot anyhow spent Wall crack ah... there is one time Indonesia got earthquick than I saw a huge crack on my wall *super sian* that wall last time got door and the ex owner patch up so bound to have the hairline crack. I think unless u bandage the hairline crack *with a sort of bandage netting for mending wall or celing* than plaster it...
  18. If you say your grills are pertruding out most likely is like mine... but it look okie to me le... We wanted to change the windows cause got 2 case of window leaking... the very first time is at our MBR... we put silicon all around the window rubber black tubing so no water came in anymore... 2nd time is just recently.. it was raining heavily usually we did not ledge our windows so we just do the normal closing.. just put the windows inwards and secure it with the window "L" shape looking lock... came back at night than I saw a pond of small water on the floor... than did some CSI... found that the wind blow open the window than some water came in.... so basically that one our fault. I did some check the black rubber tubing around the window could no longer be use... cause I can see algae in the black tubing under the strong sunlight.... If I change the windows only I would also need to patch up the sides of the affected area so I think painting also is a must for at least the wall of the windows.
  19. Hi Feimei, Sorry than only now I reply to you.. cause did not log in very time I have sent a PM to you regarding the wall decal, yes your wall have to be even to paste the decals up if not its very difficult for the decal to cling onto the wall with uneven surface. I think I going for a 2nd wave of reno very soon le we wanted to redo our whole house windows & grills, kitchen & common bathroom area.... Now starting to get quotation... so now I am back to zero again
  20. Its been sometime and our DIY corner is all done up. Totally forgotten to update here.. so as promise here are the photo Our custom made dining chair cushion: Our final DIY look: Decal Close Up:
  21. Haha I dun really recommend my dad to the forum la later pple say I use forum to make $$$. Anyway my dad just retired this year. I still get advise from him if I want to do something to the house... just a call away for me and I learnt. Good to know the basics thou. For our house my hub is a Christian so did not get my dad to audit... but since I am the FSM's daughter I know some on my fingertips my dad came to visit my place and he say "good good... hmm ok ok" so I pass with flying colours LOL Whahaha Well after sunsets it will be more "ying" evil so not recommend to have audit... + if you are concern or yor family members are concern than get it change... well you are paying them a service to make u happy mah... so make the $$ worth while. Hehehe Har 2 payments ah... my dad last time offer 1 price (not incl of items recommended to buy) He will go 2 visit... some times only 1 will do. Than he will draw a floorplan layout with the furniture layout... colour of the house & room to your ba zhi. Give you dates to move in & reno all in the packake.
  22. Really strange le cause my dad is a FSM and he told me that not surpose to do audit after the sunset. So I think if you are concern on this its best that you take the day slot.
  23. Oh good find you have there I never go to gmarket to see their stuff LOL.. but anyway I buy liao now its on its want to us I will keep Gmarket in mind
  24. Here is the image for the DIY (it come in stages )
  25. I buy mine from Decorette le S$70.. hmmm dun know if its ex or not... we found one from US but after calculating Decorette is still cheaper incl of shipping. You got the same one ah... so qiao We got the measurement for the website at Decorette it states 60" wide x 22" high. We believe thats its from the tip of the Eiffel tower to the bottom of Eiffel tower... so its rather big for my wall which we are going to paste.. remember I have a wall depression (wonder if I spell correct) where we install the OpenNet. Diaso go sell this kind of decal ah...