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  1. I want to buy a step-on door stopper for my bedroom doors but dun know which size to buy. I was told by self-fix, there is a 4 inch one and a 6 inch one. different brand. the 4inch one is less metal than the 6 inch one. the 6 inch one is completely stainless steel except for the rubber bit. which shld I buy? how do I know which size fits? thanks in advance!
  2. I have wooden toilet doors noticed that the bottom of the doors have peeling wood. The paint has come out too. I think it's the result of water against the bottom of the doors. I plan to change the doors, but don't want the prob to recur. I've not been able to find water resistent paints suitable for wood. someone suggested varnishing wooden doors to make it more waterproof but he added that varnish is not 100% protectio nagainst water. Does anyone have wooden doors for their toilets? If so, how do we maintain these? Is there any particular door I should buy? Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks for the advice! I went to the DIY shop at Century Square basement yesterday. the guy looked blur when I asked if we had to sand between the layers of varnish.. he said just apply 1 layer! he also said there's no need to add thinner to dilute... then Nippon hotline said only sand once, then apply 3 layers. I told my hb your advice and he'll be buying a piece of wood to try out this weekend! thanks for your help!
  4. thanks for the advice.. we'll prob try it. just not too keen to pay $600 for the antique restorer cos not sure if it's overkill.
  5. I'm interested in using DECT as intercom. Do ALL DECT phones have this function? Is it true that it only intercoms to the base? So all the phones must be plugged in to the base at all times? Can I use phone transfer for this?
  6. Thanks for the advice and the warning about the smell!! GEE! I didnt know there are so many steps to varnishing! I thought it's just sandpapering, then paint the varnish over! I also didn't know we need to sand the surfaces so many times! What thinner do we buy? Just go to DIY shop and buy thinner is it? Also, what spirit do we use? Will DIY know? Finally, the furniture is not laminate.. but can't tell if it's paint. how can I tell? sorry for all the questions.
  7. Not many pieces of furniture. some of them are just a wooden ledge between dining and living room which sits on top of a glass partition (waist height). The biggest is probably a wooden dresser with wooden framed mirror on the wall. The dresser doesn't have legs.. wall mounted. just 1 drawer (pull open type). Total suface area is at most 4 times of that wooden dresser... how long do you think it will take?
  8. Thanks for your advice! I was advised to just sandpaper the wooden surfaces, then paint a coloured varnish over. Nippon Timberlac. However, when I spoke with professional painters, they told me Timberlac and normal manual sandpapering cannot change the wood colour much... is this true? I saw the colour catalogue for Timberlac and apparently there are a wide range of coloured varnishes to choose from. I was advised to use 3 coats of varnish, with 2 hours drying time in between. I was quoted $600 by a professional antique restorer to change colour of some wooden furniture. but subsequently realised that manual sandpapering and painting by Timberlac may acheive the same result (advised by Homefix DIY) but none of the staff at Homefix has personal experience with this.. they could only teach me in theory. Would you have done this before?
  9. I recently bought a home with 1 bedroom on every split level. It's 3.5 stories and makes walking from 1 bedroom to another a hassle. What's the most cost efficient way to have an intercom system so that pple present in a certain room can talk to another, calls can be transferred to another room? I am planning to have singtel broadband (wireless) and planning to install a fax machine in one of the rooms. will this interfer with my plans to have intercom? I understand there is a PABX system, but some DECT cordless phones have similar functions as well. Which is cheaper? Would both systems meet my needs? Do I Need special wiring for PAXB? Thanks in advance!
  10. My wooden furniture (fixtures) look rather old and has scratches. I wish to give them a new lease of life with a fresh coat of varnish, and would also like to change the colour of the furniture to a darker shade of wood. Would it be possible? Nippon has Timberlac (Wood varnish). Any comments on this product? Thanks in advance for any form of advice!
  11. My wooden furniture (fixtures) look rather old and has scratches. I wish to give them a new lease of life with a fresh coat of varnish, and would also like to change the colour of the furniture to a darker shade of wood. Would it be possible? Thanks in advance for any form of advice!