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  1. Yeah, my colleague bought this from Molecule about $100+ and it spoilt after 1 yr. She swear she won't spend so much on 2 sticks from Molecule again, super not durable:)
  2. Use 3M plastic racks like the Caddy Rack, very sturdy and durable. I use them in my home and in my parents place. My dad used to be very skeptical about these plastic racks with suction cups to hold them cos they usually cannot support the weight but 3M changed his view! Now he loves it:) none of the problems u mention happen with these racks
  3. Yes, thats the one. My good friend in the renovation industry recommended it to us, it works even for big pictures. Just need more of it.
  4. Hi, I have some sea shells which are pretty new (displayed inside glass console previously, and now not suitable for my new house chinese decor. If you want them, I can let you have them free but collection will be at my place at CCK. Email me at lillianwong78@yahoo.com.sg if you are keen. Sculpture and art painting stuff, try my recommendation at Arab Street, a shop call Kim's Art. I love their home decor stuff, but abit modern chinese/ zen style.
  5. Hi, Not sure about the framing part but for the sticking on walls, try using 3M's velcro tapes. They are removeable and doesn't stain your walls when removing. Stick one side to your frame and the other half to the wall. They will be tagged together with velcro and when you wanna remove, very easy. I use it for all my paintings in my house, even big oil paintings. Really strong, hope this helps. Good luck with your decorations:)
  6. Agreed! I detest TKY for how he conducts his business, his personal values and beliefs! Cannot even manage his personal life, how to manage others?! Will never spend a cent on him
  7. Quoting from the FS books I have read, bathrooms/ toilets are the most bad FS spots of the house. Hence, we should always put them in low light. i.e close the doors when not in use, refrain from too much decoration etc. I have come across some owners who convert their toilets to washer/dryer rooms, particularly in condos. Think should be perfectly alright ba...
  8. From the FS books, good facing depends on your personal Kua. Different individuals may have different Kua and this means we may have different good facing personally. For the facing of your house, have to see the picture to determine because many people mistaken the facade of their house as the facing. It does not mean that the facing of the unit is the same facing of your main door, although sometimes they can be the same.
  9. Hi, I am not a FSM, just someone who has been reading up on this subject through books. According to Lilian Too and Joey Yap's FS books, its good to have mirrors only in the dining room. This symbolises a dining table full of spread, much to eat etc. Its a no-no to have mirrors in the rooms, especially MBR though. HTHs!
  10. Not really actually, I only had built in for kitchen,master bedroom wardrobe, a feature wall cum shoe rack hidding bomb shelter, and master bathroom with simple vanity top and shower screen. Thats about all I have. But I guess we repainted the house in Feb this year, and the place looks new and neat cos only 2 of us staying. Not very near MRT too, about 10mins walk? I guess we are just plain lucky to find someone who likes our place enough to offer that price. And my agent, probably considered good to secure that price. If u ask me, I definitely wun pay this price!
  11. Erm...actually I juz sold my 5rm flat at Yew Tee area. My valuation was $372k, but I sold it for $428k. I guess it depends on which side you are standing at. As a buyer, we would find the high COV ridiculous... But as a seller, I would say 'Good job, agent!' The fact is, the foreigners who are cash rich are driving the COV up the roof. Its a structural issue that Singaporeans are facing...