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  1. hmm..no update on 4-rod iron wind chimes; which shop in Chinatown? as running out of time to walk the whole street of Smith street & Pagoda street le can anybody advise specifically which shop...
  2. Not sure if your situation is the same as mine...if i move my mattress the day before auspicious move-in date, where am i suppose to sleep sorry if this question abit duh
  3. i see..need to get for my place too ^o^
  4. May I know how much did u pay for it? if it's a gift, u probably won't know hee
  5. thank ahh... looking at our reno timeline, if (reno work) everything on schedule, yrs should be in time to start. Stay in touch!
  6. Reno starts 21 Mar...sigh, this day (a Sunday) an auspicious date to start work. So will knock the ceramic floor myself first, symbolise 开工!! yeah
  7. managed to trace similar post http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php?s=...st&p=461167
  8. thanks...similar flat layout. Toilet layout - like Goobii, I may consider to omit shower screen; my concern being space constraint.
  9. Hihi, Reno starting soon...decided to carry out captioned topic. Checked with ID - merge of 2 toilets not done before. pls let me know if you hv gone thru this stage (managed to obtain HDB permit) & any post-reno issue(s) on this merge? Many thanks in adv!
  10. I would like to have Mr Chew's contact too. Tks in adv
  11. oh dear...i just got a black glass tv console too (from Morris Lifestyle). Want to know the solution too
  12. my renovation will start Mar 21..another 2 more weeks (coz this date is auspicious to start lor). Yet to submit HDB approval (by ID note). Hopefully they will approve by hacking of wall between the 2 toilets. Which I heard from Michael hv not done before.
  13. Hey bro, I need the contact too. Pls pm me. Wow, so many kopi treat liao...